Cuban Valentine

Born in Havana, Luis Mario Ochoa moved to Toronto in 1990. His father Luis, Sr. was a professional musician, and before Ochoa left his homeland he studied classical guitar at a conservatory in Havana.┬áSince his arrival in Canada, he’s worked consistently as a musician in different musical groups and has played jazz and roots festivals around the world.

On Sunday Feb. 14 he’s in town with his quartet to play a show called Cuban Valentine that’s co-presented by the Regina Musical Club, New Dance Horizons and the MacKenzie Art Gallery. The concert is part of NDH’s Magdance 3 residency at the MAG and will be held at the MacKenzie at 2 p.m. Following the show, there will be a Latin-flavoured dance party. You can get more information on the NDH website.

I couldn’t find much in the way of good quality video on Luis Mario Ochoa and his group, but here’s some audience shot footage from 2012 to give you a sense of what they sound like:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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