Coyne On The Conservatives’ Comprised Ethics

In addition, we have had complaints from three separate legal or regulatory bodies – the CRTC, Elections Canada and the Federal Court – over the Conservatives’ refusal to co-operate with, or indeed outright obstruction of, their investigations into various robocall abuses. The most serious of these, it has now been established, would have required access to the Conservatives’ closely guarded voter database. Yet in the face of what would appear, in the best case, to be a massive breach of security, the Conservatives have not only taken no action to find those responsible, but have done their best to frustrate others from doing so.

Above is a quote from an article by Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne that appeared in today’s Leader-Post that more or less serves as an indictment of a federal government in freefall.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. it is a most excellent article, from someone (when i paid more attention to news) who often seemed more on the conservatives’ side than other commentators. not so here. read it, read it, read it!

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