Construction Update

The Gardens on Rose condominium project (design drawing at left) that was announced well over a year ago is supposed to have a ground-breaking ceremony on Monday at the site on the east side of 20 block Rose St. Whether that will be followed by any actual construction activity remains to be seen, I guess. But for the sake increasing the number of downtown residents one can always hope.

Also, reports are circulating that construction of the new Sheraton hotel has started at the old Superstore site at Dewdney & Albert.  Its design is apparently smiliar to a Sheraton hotel that opened in Saskatoon last year (pictured below).

Author: Gregory Beatty

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5 thoughts on “Construction Update”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice, if on the heels of all the feel good Design Regina talks, we put up something other than flimsy, soulless garbage? C’mon Regina.

  2. The condo tower looks meh, but what’s with the brown bars and the white dots? ugh. A view of the roof of the old Bay, the Holiday Inn, the 12 ave LB? decisions decisions.

    That Motel is Butt Ugly. Can’t Sheraton afford an architect? No vision used once again.
    Is this a sneaky way of starting the takeover of the Dewdeney rail-yard?
    I’d like to see an environmental assessment of the 58 acres done before I’d let people live there.

  3. I believe that Regina experienced an alien attack in the 1980s and all the architects were whisked away.

  4. I think the condo looks fine. This will be a fine addition to that part of downtown if it ever gets built.It’s sure taken many years to get to ground breaking but that doesn’t mean construction is imminent.

    As for the cookie cutter hotel,can’t Sheraton try to tie it in somewhat with the warehouse district? Maybe brick instead of manufactured stone and stucco.Even though it’s not right in the downtown it’s so suburban looking.It will look out of place just like the Wingate on Broad.Who can we complain to?

  5. Compared to the ugly pyramid shaped building beside city hall in Saskatoon, these ones shown in the above pics aren’t an eyesore at all.

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