This suggests the federal government is more concerned with pleasing the United States than serving Canadians. From The Toronto Star:

Secret U.S. government cables show a stunning willingness by senior Canadian officials to appease American demands for a U.S.-style copyright law here.

The documents describe Canadian officials as encouraging American lobbying efforts. They also cite cabinet minister Maxime Bernier raising the possibility of showing U.S. officials a draft bill before tabling it in Parliament.

The cables, from the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, even have a policy director for then industry minister Tony Clement suggesting it might help U.S. demands for a tough copyright law if Canada were placed among the worst offenders on an international piracy watch list. Days later, the U.S. placed Canada alongside China and Russia on the list.

The documents, released by WikiLeaks, are the backdrop to a 2010 Conservative copyright bill that virtually adopted the U.S. government’s rigid enforcement of “digital locks” on DVDs, CDs and e-books.

I couldn’t be less surprised by Michael Geists’ column. Copyright laws in the 21st century are an insanely complicated issue and there’s no way our batch of pro-American, fact-averse brick-skulled corporate shills are equipped to handle them.

This is just another example of why it’s a real shame the Conservatives won a majority government. They’re going to do a stunning amount of damage to this country.