After initially denying that they were responsible for robocalls made to Saskatchewan residents this past weekend in the wake of proposed changes to federal electoral boundaries that they regarded as being politically disavantageous, the Conservative Party of Canada admitted today that they did commission the calls (which aren’t to be confused with the robocalls made prior to the May 2011 election where the investigation is still ongoing).

Framed as a push poll with loaded questions designed to sow alarm by suggesting that the switch to dedicated urban and rural ridings would somehow inflame tensions in the province and imperil its future, the campaign was vintage hardball Conservative politics. Characterizing the calls as “abusive and misleading” some recipients, including Wascana Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, have already filed complaints with the Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission about the content and the fact the Conservatives didn’t identify themselves the poll’s sponsor during the calls.

Here’s the CBC report.