Dumbnuts Sask. Conservative MP Brags About Defunding Planned Parenthood International

What is this, Tea Party U.S.A.? From CBC:

A Saskatchewan Conservative candidate says the federal government has decided to cut funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, a decision he says influenced by pro-life supporters.

The decision on whether to fund the organization has not yet been announced. But Brad Trost, the incumbent candidate for Saskatoon-Humboldt, told the Saskatchewan ProLife Association’s annual convention last Saturday that anti-abortion supporters who signed petitions played a big role.

In a recording of his speech, obtained by CBC News, Trost can be heard thanking those who had signed the petitions, saying his office was involved in spearheading the petition campaign along with other members of Parliament.

“Let me just tell you, I cannot tell you specifically how we used it, but those petitions were very, very useful and they were part of what we used to defund Planned Parenthood because it has been an absolute disgrace that that organization and several others like it have been receiving one penny of Canadian taxpayers dollars,” Trost told the group to applause.

This MP is not a rouge rogue extremist–this is the attitude of the Stephen Harper Conservatives. They’re riddled with religious kooks* (and don’t get me started on their homophobia).

This is just terrible. If you support this party as it is currently behaving, you clearly oppose woman’s rights and more importantly their health.

You should reconsider your political affiliation this election. Unless you’re comfortable with all the nice, smart, funny people thinking you’re an asshole.

*Get used to this mean term–I’m bringing it back because it’s accurate, memorable shorthand for a certain brand of lunacy the Conservatives are uniquely prone to among political parties. If you are religious and not a kook, I’m not talking about you. “Religious” is the adjective, not the noun. The key word is “kook”.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

16 thoughts on “Dumbnuts Sask. Conservative MP Brags About Defunding Planned Parenthood International”

  1. Le sigh. This is the dude in my riding. Shit’s gonna hit the Twitter fan tomorrow, methinks.

    You know what, though? They are well aware that this dog won’t hunt in Canada, at least not for the majority. It’s why they keep these speeches to private gatherings and are not blethering on and on, Tea Party-like, over FB and Twitter. The cynical bit in me knows too, that part of this is pure posturing, to keep the fundies voting Con and not Christian Heritage (which is much more aligned with the fundie ideology.) Which is not to say that we should brush off the esteemed Mr Trost’s remarks; it’s just that we are not quite at the same stage of lunacy as the States. It behooves us to acknowledge that they are entitled to their beliefs but we must keep vigilant (and not panic) if/when those beliefs start to curtail others’ rights.

    Also I am donating to Planned Parenthood, stat.

  2. Hey, remember when everyone was upset about the G-8 spending report? We were all so innocent back then…last week…

  3. My brother lives in Trost’s riding! I don’t think he’s ever voted before (24 year old) but he asked me about his riding this week so hopefully he will get the vote out.

  4. Oh, and this story is NOWHERE on CTV Saskatoon’s website this am, at least of this posting. Hmmm, eh?

  5. Another of the evil ideological-based decisions by the Contemptitives cutting funding to a deserving group. Remember Kairos? When I went on their website the night their funding cut hit the news, I discovered one of the things they had been lauded for was an insightful study looking at the impact of tarsands development in Alberta on the environment and upstream aboriginal populations. Coincidence? I think not!

  6. This is really upsetting. Even if there’s no imminent threat of health services being cut, I just hate to think of the effects of having this kind of rhetoric become more acceptable.

  7. A little historical perspective is in order, I think, if just to savour the irony.
    Population control for African, Asian and South American countries, sponsored and paid for by western countries and agencies, has been deeply controversial in the not-so-distant past. In the 1970s, programs sponsored by International Planned Parenthood, among others, were condemned as economic and racial genocide; that was the position of the Left at that time (you can look it up), as well as the usual suspects such as the Vatican. Nowadays population control is less emphasised than is women’s access to health services, but the goal is the same: fewer people and less pressure on the earth’s resources, and this is endorsed by the Left at this time.
    Just saying.

  8. Bwauuuugh. Barb. You’ve just made my brain melt a little. I’m not even sure I can respond coherently to that.

    But I can say this, I really don’t care what the “left” thought in the 70s. This is the same left that thought LSD consumption would liberate the mind and usher in an age of peace. The same left that thought soap was a plot by the Man and that Jefferson Airplane was a good band. And this is the same left that sold out every one of its ideals the second it got a job and a bit of power.

    I’m not a member of that left. Especially the part about liking Jefferson Airplane.

  9. Didn’t mean to melt your mind, Paul, even a little, and really, no response is necessary; all I was providing was some perspective and ironic reflection. There are folks who would say that “population control” is to “anti-evolution” as “women’s access to health services” is to “intelligent design”, and who would persistently pose the same question as was posed years before: who is the beneficiary? Just something to think about.
    Not even Grace Slick?!?

  10. Barb: Your comment’s a little tangential but what the hell. I bet we could do a neat feature on overpopulation that touches on that. My guess is that in the 70s, there was a creepy simpatico between the rationalists who were worried about overpopulation, and the racists. Obviously a guy like me isn’t going to blame the sciency-left for the racism that stuck to it’s agenda but the important thing is, it’s interesting.

    (Off topic to the issue of Brad Trost and the Tories pandering to religious extremists, but interesting nonetheless.)

  11. Every rock has spiders and slugs underneath, that’s where they go. Tommy Douglas flirted with eugenics, women were enfranchised thanks largely to the Temperance movement. It’s a complicated, ever-changing world. That’s one of the reasons we need leaders who are willing to look at new information as it becomes available.
    Anyway, these people get all bug-eyed over having to register their firearms but they want to control what goes on inside a woman’s body? COME ON.

    Also, does Brad Trost think this is going to help his career?

  12. Yeah, are you guys going to report on what went down at the USSU candidates’ forum today? If half of what was on Twitter is true, Brad Trost is swinging for the fences here. I mean, he implied that Harper was pro-choice! Insanity! According to Scott Hitchings on Twitter, when it was stated in the Q&A portion that he didn’t respect womens’ rights, Trost just shrugged and nodded. *makes trainwreck noise*

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