Congrats To Megan

It’s probably not on par with the recent coup that came Weyburn’s way when two former residents (Brendon LaBatte and Brett Jones) were named Most Outstanding Lineman and Most Outstanding Rookie at the CFL Awards Gala in Regina on Nov. 21, but the other day a woman who also has roots in the south-east Saskatchewan city achieved a significant milestone of her own.

The woman’s name is Megan Leach, and she recently released her first music video for the song “Best of Luck”. I don’t know Megan well, but I did do a My Music with her in Prairie DogĀ five or so years ago, and know that she also studied theatre at the University of Regina. For the last several years she’s been living and working in Toronto as a performing artist.

Here’s the video. And a free download of the song, which features Chris Clarke, can be found on SoundCloud:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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