Congrats Are In Order

TatianaI blogged awhile back about the debut of a BBC America SF mini-series starring Tatiana Maslany called Orphan Black. She was born and raised here, and at age 27 is carving out a pretty solid career for herself as an actress.

Quantum Black’s a particularly big challenge for her, though, because in it she plays nine or so versions of the same cloned woman (that’s one version of Sarah above). And earlier today, as other media have reported, she was nominated for a BBC America Critic’s Choice Best Actress in a Drama Award. Claire Danes, Julianna Margulies, Elizabeth Moss and Kerri Russell are the other nominated actresses. So all in all, pretty good company.

So congrats to Tatiana. And congratulations also to Weyburn-born Trenna Keating who’s become something of a sensation in the SF community for her portrayal of the alien Doc Yewll in the ScyFy series Defiance.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Congrats Are In Order”

  1. Good for you Tatiana and Trenna….these two amazing talents were developed here during a time when there was a government that actually supported film and tv production. Young actors growing up in Saskatchewan today go straight to the potash mine/oil fields or move to a centre where cultural activity is encouraged. What a terrible government we have.

  2. It’s a good series: it’s intriguing, it doesn’t insult viewers’ intelligence, it mixes humour in with the horror, and the characters all have depth.

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