On Gifford’s Status

UPDATE: as of 3:00, Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is definitely alive, and her doctor is optimistic. Useful links; MSNBC feed here, Salon liveblog here. Also, as of 4:00 I’m stepping away to hug the cat. Talk to you all later.


There are reports she’s still alive. Let’s hope so. Unfortunately, others are definitely not. Welcome to the world of breaking news on the Internet. In the meantime, here’s the New York Post’s interview with Gifford’s father after the shooting.

I’m going to sit back and watch and read rather than typing for awhile. A good news aggregator on this story is the Huffington Post — you can go there for breaking details. And I guess there’s that old-time television thing…

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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2 thoughts on “On Gifford’s Status”

  1. Like all senseless acts of violence, the shooting is very sad. But why is the injured congresswoman more important than the other people who have actually lost their lives?? A child has died, other people who were loved by someone have died, yet all we hear about, or most of what we hear, center on the status of the congresswoman. I hope she recovers of course – she never deserved that. But there are six people who are dead. Can’t the media show its respect to their loved ones?

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