Complaint Filed With CRTC

According to an April 25 press release issued by SCN Matters, an advocacy group formed following the Saskatchewan government’s March 24 decision to close the provincial broadcast company, a complaint has been filed with the CRTC alleging that since SCN’s independent Board of Directors was dismissed without cause, and subsequently replaced by a board consisting of two deputy ministers in the Wall government, SCN has been in violation of its broadcast license.

That license was issued by the CRTC in 1991, and according to the press release, it expressly required that the broadcaster be an independent corporation not directly controlled by the province.

In the complaint, SCN Matters asks the CRTC to rule that any decisions made by the new, non-compliant board related to things like the disposition of SCN assets and transfer of its broadcast license, be considered invalid, and that a legitimate independent caretaker SCN board be appointed pending a full CRTC investigation.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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