Everyone has heard some of the reactions to the Sheepdogs’ Rolling Stone cover story, which the StarPhoenix describes as “salty” in quotes in this headline.

Actually, I must’ve missed the controversy and jumped straight to the reaction to the reactions, as all I’ve seen outside of the Planet S blog post Whitworth linked to in his Six in the Morning have been people saying, “Whatever, it’s rock ‘n’ roll.” Including Saskatoon’s mayor.

The prairie dog shares something in common with Rolling Stone right now. We also have a Saskatoon band on our cover: the Deep Dark Woods, a great folk-rock act who just came out with their fourth album, The Place I Left Behind. (I prefer them over the Sheepdogs, personally.) If you don’t believe me on the “great” part — or if you don’t trust Emmet Matheson, the writer who cooked up the piece — maybe some Pitchfork validation would help.

Not enough? Have a listen for yourself to “Charlie’s (Coming Down)”, an ode to the pub at the bottom of the Plains Hotel that closed down.

Why bring them up now? In Matheson’s story, they wind up talking about Toon Town for a bit:

Being from Saskatchewan, there’s not a lot to do, so playing music is an easy thing to do here. I’d consider that the only advantage. I mean, Saskatoon is kind of the furthest from everything in terms of touring, and that’s what we do. We tour.

It’s a great city, though. There’s a good music scene here.

I’m assuming Matheson cut out all the inflammatory language and drug use that was going on when he talked with the Woods’ Chris Mason. How about it, Emmet? What’s the dirt?

You should go read the cover story here. You should also go to the show — Saturday, August 20 at the Exchange — to get some dirt of your own on the band.