Face it, people who have–at any point–lived in Regina are the bomb.

The latest erstwhile Reginan to do something colossally awesome is Zach Worton. His graphic novel debut The Klondike will hit the shelves in March, and his publisher, Montreal’s Drawn & Quarterly (arguably the most prestigious comics publisher in North America), has posted some preview pages on their blog. Very impressive stuff.

Regina no doubt remembers Zach from his string of chart-topping garage rock bands the Negatives, the Real Slow Drag and the Blackelles. Zach even did some illustration work for prairie dog back in the day. You might say we discovered him. It would be a gross exaggeration, unfair to Zach and the many hours of hard work he’s devoted to his craft. But there are two ways to react to the success of a friend, you can be hideously jealous or you can take undue credit. We like to think we’re taking the high road on this one.