For his Pick of the Day, Greg threw the spotlight on Combat Improv. (He also asked about a nickname for me, and so far, I’m partial to “B.J. Honeytongue,” if only because I’m hoping it’s a MASH reference.)

I’d just like to emphasize: this thing is going to be big. I mention it my article, but to expand just a little bit, this is a two-night extravaganza that’ll be a great close-out to their latest season.

Beyond that, Kirsten Rasmussen, who appeared at the last Combat and just finished a great run in the Shumiatcher Sandbox Series, and her Montreal compatriot Brent Skagford will be performing Dick and Honey’s Guide to Successful Living before tonight’s Combat show.

I don’t know much about the show beyond the write-up, which calls it “an intimate look into the private lives of your favourite couple from the 1950’s.” Given how great Rasmussen has been doing while in Regina, I’d say it’ll be great.

Dick and Honey starts at 8 p.m. tonight at the Exchange, followed by Combat Improv. Tomorrow’s Combat Improv show is also at the Exchange and starts at 9 p.m. More information can be found here.