Like Carrie-May, I was pretty pissed off when LEGO came out with their Friends line of toy sets aimed at girls. This is not the kind of crap I want inflicted on my daughter. What’s more, it’s not the kind of toy she’s looking for. I mean, she generally is attracted to stuff that’s pink, a little froofy and contains a horse or two. And she likes telling these domestic dramas with the LEGO she has.

But she also likes to play “Kill the Dark Lord” and “Let’s Fight Crime”. And you could happily alternate between Jane Austen and JRR Tolkien the way she wants if you could combine the Friends sets with other LEGO kits. Except you can’t do that. Because LEGO built the Friends action figures to a different scale than all their other mini figures.

In effect, LEGO has ghettoized their girl’s line of toys. Nice fucking job, LEGO marketing. I hope all your daughters grow up to resent you.

Anyway, I’m pleased at least to find that there are LEGO builders out there who’re making the best of a stupid situation. Such as Mahjqa, who has taken a Friends set and a bunch of other LEGO sets and built this amazing, motorized Tank Girl tank.

You can see some pics of the tank here. And I found this on The Mary Sue.