Clipsham Of The NDP

City Councillor Fred Clipsham has been acclaimed as the NDP candidate for Regina Qu’Appelle. Here’s the NDP’s press release.


Regina city councillor, Fred Clipsham, receives New Democrat nod

REGINA – Federal leader Jack Layton today welcomed Regina city councillor, Fred Clipsham, to the New Democrat team. Clipsham was acclaimed as the NDP candidate for Regina Qu’Appelle at the riding association’s nomination meeting held last night.

“Fred will be an excellent candidate – and also an excellent Member of Parliament,” said Layton. “His experience in municipal and provincial affairs, as well as his great work on social and environmental issues, will ensure a strong and well informed voice for Regina Qu’Appelle in Ottawa.”

Clipsham, an economist by training and writer by profession, has won six terms on Regina city council and has served as vice-president of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association. He plans to focus his campaign around issues such as housing, healthcare and building sustainable futures for urban, rural and First Nation communities.

“It’s a real honour to be part of the Federal New Democrat team. I’m eager to get out on the doorstep and to hear from the people in Regina Qu’Appelle,” said Clipsham. “They know you can’t trust Conservatives to stand up for Saskatchewan.  It’s time this riding had a real voice in Ottawa and not just another Harper yes man who takes Saskatchewan for granted.”

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “Clipsham Of The NDP”

  1. Albeit a small one, the elephant in the room is what becomes of his seat on council? Obviously if he wins, he resigns, and hopefully John Conway runs for it and wins. Otherwise, does Fred remain a councillor? Or is this an extended summer vacaish for Mr. Clipsham?

  2. As it happens, Talbot, I broached that subject with Fred when I interviewed him for this issue.

    Apparently that piece is a “web exclusive.”

    In short: Clip keeps representing Ward 3 through an election but if he wins, he’ll have to step down.

    One thing I left out was that, if he wins, the question of whether or not there’s a byelection for his council seat isn’t clear cut. I imagine it would have a lot to do with how close to the municipal election the federal election happens. (The city election is in October of 2012.)

  3. My pom poms are in the air for Mr. Clipsham and Mr. Spooner.

    As far as John Conway goes, fuck him in his overprivledged neck! I hate him with the heat of a nova for his crusade against scholarship money for dead soldier’s kids.

  4. Also, it’s kind of insane, Seanbot. Conway isn’t opposed to support for soldiers kids (which already exists), he’s opposed to war-mongering propaganda. From his article on the topic:

    Project Hero is not about scholarships, since such educational support is already available from the federal government. Project Hero, like the Highway of Heroes, is part of the ongoing propaganda offensive we continue to face from the militaristic, pro-war cabal led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the former Chief of Defence, retired General Hillier. From the beginning, this propaganda offensive sought to silence criticism of the war by equating it with a failure to support our troops fighting on the ground.

    The link is here. He’s not criticizing troops–no one is. He’s criticizing war. I’m with John on this and I’d sign a letter of protest on that scholarship too.

    And your “overprivileged” is ridiculous, Seanbot. John works his ass off.

  5. RM: I should add, Seanbot’s comment falls within my very loose standards for “entertaining squawking”. He’s totally wrong about Conway but I respect the honesty of his sentiment. He’s no troll, our Seanbot. He’s a regular commenter who is just sometimes fantastically silly. I appreciate his contributions.

    p.s. Seanbot you’re totally wrong. :P

  6. I appreciate the comments, Stephen. I know I teeter-tot near troll danger zones, from time to time. And, I know I’m not going to win any popularity contests or have any friend-matches when it comes to the christian religion or the war in Afghanistan on here.

    I have friends that are serving over there, and I don’t know one, that isn’t in it with the best intentions on helping the afghans in their own personal way. Conway’s comments made it sound like they were vicious warmongers with an “I’m a Cunadian and Ima drive my hummer and bomb whoever I want!” attitude.

    Nothing is furthur from the truth. And I will always resent him for that. And that is real Pow Bang talk, Mr. Conway.

  7. John definitely has a certain tone that gets on some readers nerves (others love it), but I think sentences like “The best way to support our troops, and their worried families, is by bringing them home immediately.” sum up his position.

    You can condemn propaganda and warmongering without condemning soldiers who are doing their best to help (and in some cases, probably are helping). John hates the war. He doesn’t despise soldiers.

  8. Mr. Conway’s position on these scholarships notwithstanding, I think it would be keen to have someone on city council who isn’t 1. construction magnate; 2. real estate magnate; 3. supporter of the formers.

  9. A sad day for the federal NDP in Saskatchewan when Regina- Qu’ Appelle’s nomination goes uncontested. Frankly I think Andrew Scheer need not be worried in the slightest about the NDP and unless the Liberals clone Ralph Goodale no threat there either. Truely a sad day for democracy in Saskatchewan and Canada when no one can be bothered to show up and make it a horse race.

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