If you’re up on your Craig Finn news — and let’s not kid ourselves, we’re all hanging on his every Minneapolis-referencing word, I’m sure — you’ll know that the Hold Steady singer’s first solo album is named Clear Heart Full Eyes. If you’re hip to one of the best T.V. shows, period, you’ll recognize that as a reference to Friday Night Lights‘ mantra, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Finn talked with Slate about the whole thing, confirming that his album name is a reference to FNL while also making sure to say the record isn’t a concept album about the show. Not a huge revelation, but I wouldn’t have put it past him to make a record about forgotten characters Epyck and Santiago.

The interviewer does bring up one big similarity between Finn’s work and the show: neither shies away from the tribulations of younger characters. Finn replies,

Yeah, I suppose my own songs are about people who are younger. It’s often said you can see what’s funny and amusing and weird about being 19 easier when you’re 35 than when you’re 19. When you’re mired in the middle of it, it’s all kind of terrifying. Nothing seems funny, it all seems really important.

In addition to the joy of a cool dude talking about liking a cool thing, he also drops some info on his new album — out February 1, so mark your calendars — and mentions that the Hold Steady are starting up work on their next one. All good news. Read it for yourself here.