City’s Pool Plan Meets Resistance

At City Hall on Monday, a proposal was floated to close two of Regina’s five outdoor swimming pools. The official city line is that all five — Dewdney, Maple Leaf, Wascana, Regent and Massey — are at a point in their lifecycle where they’re in need of substantial repairs. Closing two would reduce the capital burden, and save on operating costs. The city says some of the savings will be used for a $12 million upgrade to Wascana Pool that would include popular features like spray pads.

The CBC report said outdoor tennis courts would also be looked at with the goal of closing some and upgrading others.

Reginans are already starting to register their discontent with the city’s plan. One of the pools on the chopping block is Maple Leaf, and a Save Maple Leaf Pool Facebook page has been established. Questions are also being raised about the city’s spending priorities in pushing a $278 million sports stadium while cutting back on desperately needed services for everyday Reginans to help them keep fit, active and engaged with their community.

With the above photo, by the way, I’m not sure which pool it is, but I lifted it from the city website.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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5 thoughts on “City’s Pool Plan Meets Resistance”

  1. I simply do not understand why the City thinks that a Spray Pad can replace a swimming pool!! Swimming pools are not just to play in, people actually swim in them, and many of us swim many km per day in an outdoor pool. Swimming is healthy, it uses the entire body, it is a great exercise which keeps health care costs down, this should be seen as a public good!

    Montreal, a most livable city, is proud to have MORE swimming pools than Toronto, and there are always free times, too.

    I only hope that a new Wascana Pool will not be a ‘fun park; with waterslides and spray pads – this would ruin the traditionally tranquil outdoor swimming in nature experience.

    A pool should be for swimming, and outdoor swimming is the best kind of swimming!!

    We need all our outdoor pools! When pools are free for kids, they are always well-used.

  2. The pool pictured is Massey, in Hillsdale next to Campbell Collegiate. 1. It’s disgraceful that both of the pools being considered for landfill are in low-income neighbourhoods. 2. It’s disgraceful at all that we have an admin that wants to close a couple of itty bitty little pools used by hoards of kids in summer time, but feel the need to ply several hundreds of millions into a stadium.

    City priorities: Corporate over community.

    It’s funny that people who care about kids and fitness will be likely be dismissed as having “an agenda” in reasoning to keep pools open, while the men foisting a multi-hundred-million dollar stadium project down your throats will be celebrated as doing *the peoples’ work*.

    I’d MUCH rather pay a couple of dollars more per year to save/fix/replace pools than many more dollars a year to fund a stadium boondoggle.

  3. Think of it this way: Swimming is like reading is like eating well.

    Learning to swim not only nourishes the body and helps to ‘well-round’ you, but learning to swim can save your life & boost your self-esteem.

    By giving kids spray pads, it’s akin to giving them cartoons and processed meats over good quality children’s books and nutritious food.

    Yes, anyone who wants to keep these pools open should be proud to proclaim: “Yes I HAVE AN AGENDA!! It’s kids, fitness, life-saving skills & nutrition! So you’d better tune out now…”

  4. We should be building spray pads in addition to outdoor community pools.

    Unreasonable 3-part bus-shelter rant about outdoor pools, fitness, and swimming skills DONE.

  5. So a $12mil upgrade for a piece of land that is mabye 1 acre, is 3% the cost of an entire coliseum? It will be money well spent.

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