City Of Regina Rescinds White Power Holiday

I bet you didn’t even know we had a white power holiday. Well, we did! October 14-20, European History Month. A month to celebrate Europeans! Real Europeans. You know.

It is both the bad news and the good news at the same time that city officials also didn’t know we had a white supremacist holiday week. And it is decidedly good news that, now that they’ve found out, they’ve committed to cancelling it. But there are two things I want to draw attention to in CKOM’s story!

They Mayor’s office, assuming it was meant to celebrate the contributions of European civilizations to Canada, granted the request.

“I thought this was very much an innocuous request to have a proclamation,” Fougere explained in an interview Tuesday.

The request was made by the Nationalist Party Of Canada. What the Mayor didn’t realize, at least not until News Talk Radio informed him, is that the Nationalist Party is a white supremacy group.

Okay, first, it actually explains how this holiday came into being that nobody at City Hall connected the white supremacist movement to a group calling itself The Nationalist Party. I don’t even know how to joke about that! The premise is the punchline. Also:

“We were hoodwinked on that one,” Fougere admitted.

And apparently nobody’s told the mayor that, you know, probably don’t invoke the mental imagery of hoods when referring to white supremacists.

All racist-ribbing aside, it’s obviously good that the city’s going ahead and rescinding the proclamation, and though Fougere told CKOM he’s taking full responsibility for it, that’s probably an unnecessary gesture. Unless a greasy-haired, pale (and probably non-Aryan) man pressed the request directly into Fougere’s hand from his own clammy, creepily agile hand directly preceding a council meeting, a few people at City Hall had to totally blank on what “European History Month” means.

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5 thoughts on “City Of Regina Rescinds White Power Holiday”

  1. This reminds me of an incident years ago when a clergyman with whom I was working was all set to add a quotation from Lyndon LaRouche to a small publication we were preparing for an anti-poverty group. I nearly fell off my chair. When I told him who the guy was and what he stood for, the Rev was wide-eyed and surprised. This is why you have researchers.

  2. Are you opposed to the concept of a “European History Week” on general principle or only when asked for by racists?

  3. Really, Fougere? Really? You haven’t heard of the BNP, le Front National, the Golden Dawn, or say… The National Socialist Party? You don’t know that “Nationalist” is code for a xenophobic, anti-immigrant, proto-fascist ideology? Dammit Mike, you were supposed to be the more academic successor to the populist Fiacco. Ironically, this ill-conceived proclamation has revealed that council should maybe spend a couple of hours learning the basics of contemporary Europea history.

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