City Council Citizen Rage Jamboree

I just got a call from Paul Dechene, who just got home from tonight’s council meeting, which just ended maybe 45 minutes ago. He says tonight’s meeting was slammed by a citizen wrathstorm of unprecedented magnitude (paraphrasing here). HEY, SOME PEOPLE ARE ANGRY ABOUT THE STADIUM. Full-on Hulk-angry, it sounds like. And they were not happy when council approved it. Not at all.

Turnout was the best Dechene’s ever seen, he says. The place was packed. Why, there probably wouldn’t have been room for mayor Fiacco even if he had showed up.

The Leader-Post has a nice, long story here, by the way. Haven’t read it yet.

Council also voted to bring one-way traffic back onto the plaza, which is half-way to the two-way traffic the thing was designed and built to accommodate. Anyway, we’ll have one-way traffic by October.

(Dechene couldn’t get an answer on why we won’t have two-way traffic. Which the plaza was designed for. Arrrgh. Something to ponder as I head home in about 15 minutes and walk past the desolate, traffic-free emptiness of our allegedly mixed-use plaza.)

Anyhoo, Dechene asked me to post this because he can’t. He has hours of writing and transcribing to do.

But he SPECIFICALLY asked, nay, ORDERED me to ask any readers who were at the meeting tonight to post their thoughts in the comment section.

Please do–I want to read what you guys thought about tonight!

And I bet Pat Fiacco does too. Wherever he is.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “City Council Citizen Rage Jamboree”

  1. I thought it was kind of a shame. Two and a half hours worth of articulate, well-informed, passionate speeches were nearly undone by the unrestrained threats and accusations volleyed at specific council members after the meeting. I understand the frustration of the people that were there but to be yelling over a crowd of booing people that a specific councillor is “done for” seems like a little much for a public meeting.

    But I guess you can’t blame people when they’re convinced that stadium construction equates to the pillaging of the common man.

  2. And to be clear (God, using politician phrases already, and not even elected yet), I’m not against a stadium, I just happen to think it has to be my Lancaster Park proposal, or a renovated Taylor Field until we can get there. We have a few other burning issues that need media, citizen, and Council’s focus first, like putting roofs over the heads of every citizen living here. We could fill more than half of the pot holes on Grant Road and Grant Dr. too, as an example also. Maybe shredded, old stadium plans would provide enough raw material for that task?

  3. In the LP article, they spelled my name wrong the second time, and is this a mistake?
    “$15 million in sponsorship revenue”

    It was $25M last I heard, or 9% of the capital cost as I calculated it last week.

  4. Pat Fiacco oh ya that guy.. what does he do?

    Youtube yer fav version of “London Calling” now..

  5. You’d think that Mayor Pat Fiaco and the others 3 MIA councilors should be there since this is deemed a big issue. Other commitments like summer vacations and London Olympics were all planned well in advance.

    Wasn’t there an executive meeting (not available to the public) last week where they all did a vote in advance to see where they were at? Then they already knew there was a consensus among all of them for this stadium.

    Let’s say in theory, the vocal nay saying crowd in this meeting got their way and the stadium plans were shelved until 2020. Then wouldn’t the same thing happen again if this was brought up in the year 2021? Then in 2031? 2041? etc? All I’m illustrating in theory here is the same vocal nay sayers would be back again and again to either shoot down or delay any idea of a new stadium.

    Thank you to the councilors who finally made a decision to the new stadium plans underway and end this never ending cycle of nay sayers.

  6. A number of facts about last night. All MIA councilors and Fiacco were not present at the Executive Committee the week before. Executive Committee meetings are open to the public but are at 11:45 on Wednesdays when most people work.
    What got me the most is the condescending attitude of Council especially when Louis Browne started quoting Gormley to the audience as an independent expert. Much of what I heard from Council is their lack of respect for the intelligent research and comments from many citizens who show quite clearly what is wrong with this Council and the administration of this city.

  7. #7 – Jim. Thanks for correcting me about executive committee meetings are available to the public during odd hours. I was wrong on that part.

    I did hear about John Gormley’s article being quoted by one of the councilors. To me, he was only quoting it as an opinion based on the experiences from a radio host/lawyer. Not expert fact. I have heard John dubbed as the “Rush Limbaugh of Sask”. I can’t quite agree with that. Rush Limbaugh is way too extreme right wing conservative even for me.

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