City Budget To Be Presented Soon

The City of Regina sent out a press release today saying that information on the 2014 Capital, Operating and Water & Sewer Utility budgets will be tabled on February 4. The information will be available on the city’s website, and the budget will be considered by City Council at a Feb. 24 meeting. Anyone who wants to make a presentation on the budget to council will need to file a written brief of their presentation with the City Clerk’s office no later than Feb. 19.

Edmonton and Saskatoon ratepayers are in line for possible tax increases in the 5.5 and 7 per cent range. Property taxes will be on the rise in Regina too. Mayor Michael Fougere has already stated that holding the line on taxes is not “a realistic option”.

The Regina Public Library has also released its proposed 2014 budget. It calls for a two per cent increase in the library mill rate and  total spending of $19.2 million. In its budget documents, the RPL also flags some key initiatives that it is currently undertaking including on-going discussions about the future of Central Library, further funding for the shared use facility that’s planned for north-central Regina that would see the relocation of Albert Library and a review of operations at the George Bothwell Branch at Southland Mall. You can read more here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Time to start capping CoR Salaries/ Pensions. I’m not getting any pension, why should I keep paying for yours?

  2. Ron, Ron, Ron. That’s like saying “I have no kids; why should my tax money go towards schools?”

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