CIS Women’s Volleyball Championship

In both Women’s and Men’s divisions, the University of Regina Cougars have never been much of a force in the sport of volleyball. Basketball has traditionally been the court sport the Cougars have done best at. But this year the Cougar women are guaranteed a trip to the nationals. That’s because from Feb. 28-March 2 Regina is hosting the  CIS Women’s Volleyball Championship. 

The University of British Columbia Thunderbirds are the defending champions. They were the top-seeded team last season, and won the title with a three straight set victory over the University of Alberta Pandas in the final at Sherbrooke, QC.

The T-Birds are strong again this year, and will be one of the favourites to claim the 2013-14 title. And while the Cougars did have a better than average season, finishing with 12W and 10L, they are definitely a long-shot to advance very far in the tournament. Still, if you like volleyball there should be some good action at the Kinesiology Centre this weekend.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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