Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield AfricaTwo years ago at around this time Chris Hadfield was in Russia preparing to blast off into space on a Soyuz rocket to assume command of the International Space Station. He was the first Canadian to ever hold that post, and during his five month stay at the station he skilfully used social media, plus some okay musical chops, to captivate Canadians and other followers of the ISS program world-wide with his wit, charm and ability to convey the grandeur of space.

On Wednesday, Dec. 3 Hadfield will be in Regina to do a presentation of sorts where he will discuss his pre-astronaut early years growing up in Sarnia, his student years studying engineering and becoming a test pilot, along with his later adventures in space. In October, you might recall, I did an interview with CBC science journalist Bob McDonald about a book he published called Canadian Spacewalkers where he interviewed the three Canadian astronauts who have done space walks. Hadfield was one of those astronauts, along with Steve McLean and Dave Williams.

The audio-visual presentation will be held at Conexus Arts Centre beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $42-$112, and more info can be found by visiting the CAC website.

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