After signing with the Indianapolis Colts following the 2009 CFL season, star Rider defensive end John Chick (pictured) spent 2010 on the NFL team’s practice roster.  He chalked up some okay stats in the pre-season this year, but was released by the Colts. That led to speculation that he might return to the CFL where he could command a decent salary and, at age 28, put his considerable skills to work in actual games as opposed to just practice.

Unlike Andy Fantuz, who was released by the Chicago Bears, and seems destined to rejoin the Riders for their game next Sunday in Winnipeg, Chick would be a free agent and able to sign with any CFL team. But Rider fans had harboured hopes that given his previous time in Regina, and the success he enjoyed with the Riders, Chick would be open to resigning with the team and strengthening a defence that, until yesterday’s 27-7 trouncing of the previously red-hot Blue Bombers, had not looked good.

But TSN is reporting today that Chick has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and will join their practice roster.  As far as D-lineman in the NFL go, Chick is undersized. With his strength and quickness, though, he’s perfectly suited for the CFL game. Time will tell, I guess, whether this is a smart move for him, or if it just means another year of toiling in obscurity.