Checkmate, Science! The Earth Is Not Spinning!

Lost in the media circus surrounding the leaked documents detailing sketchiness at a climate-denial think tank, is this video released by internet science-wizard, fernieboy100 [no relation], in which he proves — PROVES! — that the Earth is not rotating.

Word is, top-notch research like this could get you hired on with the Heartland Institute. Or even a job as a science advisor for Rick Santorum.

No, you will not be getting those 30 minutes back. Consider them sacrificed on the Altar of Truth.

[Via Skepchick.]

Author: Paul Dechene

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One thought on “Checkmate, Science! The Earth Is Not Spinning!”

  1. No, I’m sorry…my 30 minutes are worth more than any sacrifice to any Altar, no matter how truthful.

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