No one is hugely pumped up about the new season of T.V. so far. At best, it seems like some critics were happy that the Fox sitcom New Girl didn’t turn out to be star Zooey Deschanel giggling into the camera for 22 minutes. (Admittedly, I’d still watch it.)

One bit of television has set itself apart in how much people hate it: the rebooted Charlie’s Angels. I haven’t watched it myself — probably taking on Episode One tonight — but the always-wonderful Linda Holmes of NPR wrote a great post about the show that has even less love going for it than H8R, even seemingly among those who made it:

Charlie’s Angels feels utterly unloved by anyone. Not the people acting in it, not the writers, not the creators, not anyone. It feels like pre-chewed food: intended for easy digestion, it comes out (1) unappetizing, (2) textureless, and (3) devoid of character.

Required reading, if at least for a funny anecdote about the new drama Revenge.