Chamber Critical of Wall Government

In the Saskatchewan Legislature yesterday, NDP culture critic Danielle Chartier pressed the government to reveal the results of a study that the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and SaskFilm conducted into the economic ramifications of the decision last March to kill the Film Employment Tax Credit.

Sask. Party Minister of Parks, Culture & Sport Kevin Doherty (pictured) replied that it wasn’t the province’s study to release and that it was up to the Chamber and/or SaskFilm to do so.

Here’s a link to a story on the study today by CBC. Wonder of wonders, it contains comments by Chamber president Steve McLellan critical of the Wall government for killing the credit.

In justifying the move, the government said it cost taxpayers an average of $7.7 million a year in rebated tax revenue. The Chamber/SaskFilm study reveals, though, that projects that were green-lit under the credit generated $6.5 million in additional tax revenue for the province through income tax paid by employees and whatnot. So the net cost was $1.3 million annually. And thanks to the FETC TV and film projects worth roughly $44.5 million were shot in the province each year.

Without a FETC, all that economic activity, which benefited hundreds of workers and businesses in Saskatchewan, is gone. Here’s a link to the report on the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce website.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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8 thoughts on “Chamber Critical of Wall Government”

  1. Funny, isn’t it, how the C of C is a big villain in some circumstances, and the hero in others? I guess it’s a matter of whose ox is being gored.

  2. All the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce/SaskFilm study did is confirm what the film/arts community had been saying from the outset. So it’s no surprise at our end.

    It was easy enough for the government to brush aside the arguments made by film industry professionals last spring. Perhaps they’ll do the same with the Chamber’s input here.

  3. But the RCoC is in favor of the “Stadium” & provincial money going towards it.

    Is it head in the the sand, or up the ass logic prevailing ?

  4. I think the point, Barb, is that when an ally in the increasingly united-right spectrum (as opposed to the fractured left) is willing to deviate and embarrass you, it confirms for everyone, far beyond the 180-degree liberal-left swath, that your decision was shit. This is a very case of the centre-right calling fellow centre-rightists on they bullshit. Doesn’t mean, by any stretch, that the SCOC should now be considered an ally of the liberal-left and arts community, though under McLellan, I don’t think they’ve necessarily emerged as a bogeyman either. Unlike that legacy project, or whatever he calls himself, at the Regina Chamber.

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