CFS Releases Referendum Results

And they won. Students at the University of Regina, by a slim margin, appear to want to keep the Canadian Federation of Students around.

One important passage from CFS’ press release:

In the nearly three months since, the Executive of the URSU has refused to allow its members to be informed of the results, instead making its consent contingent on the Federation paying URSU legal bills and agreeing to various unrelated demands being made by the URSU.

Compare that to what the University of Regina Students’ Union had to say on the matter in a release they put out when CFS informed them they’d be releasing the results:

URSU has continually contacted the CFS in the hopes of coming to an agreement and releasing the results.


URSU has and continues to be committed to releasing the results to students as soon as possible.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “CFS Releases Referendum Results”

  1. God. Even when I was a student at the U of R, URSU politics re: CFS was tiring. I still don’t get it. And then, when I went to a bigger university for grad studies, it happened all over again.

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