Ceiling Cat Does Not Judge…

But the internet sure does. After a highly addictive day of Cooks Source tomfoolery on Facebook, someone finally did it: the Hitler Downfall video. For background, go here to  read the blog post I wrote about the Cooks Source copyright explosion.

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

25 thoughts on “Ceiling Cat Does Not Judge…”

  1. Oh, so you did! My bad. But honestly Stephen, everything on the blog is considered “public domain.” You should be happy I referred back to your post! You’re lucky I didn’t give it an edit (which it sorely needed!) and “slap” my name on it!

  2. Sorry, there should have been quotes around “my bad”. As writing can turn into utter nonsense during quick sessions between surfing the net, tired eyes and minds somethings forget to do these things.

  3. I guess that, technically, as Al Gore invented the internet everything posted on it is owned by him.

  4. Al Gore didn’t say he invented it; he said he sponsored the legislation that took the Internet from NASA intranet fancy to household communications item. Try using “the Internet” to get your facts straight, boyo.

    As for Hitler, he was an ugly little wretch–this man appears somewhat handsome.

  5. Um…Manganese, that was a joke. Perhaps not a boffo one, admittedly. I apologize to you, Mr. Gore and any other offended users of the (i)/(I)nternet(s). But I won’t apologize to Tipper. She and the PMRC single-handedly derailed my music career back in ’85.

    I am much too old and too respected a doyen of the community to be referred to as “boyo”. Common appellations used to refer to me are, “Sir,” “Hey, you,” “Mister Dumpster Guy,” and the ever-popular, “Peter Park Bench.”

    And besides, everybody knows that Al Gore actually invented the toilet.

  6. (I hope my previous post will stop Manganese from ARPAing on me about the history of the internet.)

  7. We’ve got to start giving prizes to you entertaining commentators at some point.

  8. When you say “remote control,” do you mean just the flushing, or can it move around like an RC car? Because I swear that every morning my toilet is in a different part of the house and if Al Gore has the ability to control the movements of my toilet remotely than it would explain a lot of what has gone wrong with my life. (Even more so if he has gained the ability to control the movements of my bowels remotely.)

  9. Hey, I looked into it and Al Gore definitely didn’t invent the toilet, the remote control, or the remote control toilet.

    How can you people make such wild, simply untrue statements? It boggles the mind!

    If this is some sort of attempt at humour, you should know that the internet is no place to be funny. It is for serious business ONLY.

  10. Clearly, if the internet was a place to be funny, I would be allowed nowhere near. That goes double for “the Internet.”

  11. The more you repeat Fox News right-wing talking/ridiculing points about progressive people like Gore, the more working class people hear them and believe them, furthering eroding the credibility of progressives, which is the only answer to the questions: “Duh, gee, why do people vote against their own interests?”

    Expect pretty much the same from Sask’s working class constitch’s in the 2011 provincial and federal elections, since Lingenfelter, Layton and Ig all endure the same ridicule from people who are supposed to know better. Or, just stop asking why people vote against their own interests.

  12. Manganese: I am working from the assumption that the readers of this particular magazine and blog are on the same mass-culture playbook and understand the “Al Gore invented the internet” reference, as you understand as well, to be long discredited and a gross exaggeration of his original comments. My reference to it, in as pitiable a joke it was, was akin to making a crack about moon landing conspiracies in an article about the anniversary of the first moon landing. I presumed that in this context, the readers of the Prairie Dog would understand it to be an ironic jest. I apologize to you as, in your case, this presumption was erroneous and predicated on how this particular reference was already treated as a joke within most circles of the political left.

    And I am still much too old and refined to be referred to as “boyo,” sport.

  13. (Ah, I take back the “sport” crack. You’re alright. I’m just pissy because I can’t find the whereabouts of my toilet this morning.)

  14. There’s probably a button on your remote that’ll make it beep so you can find it…

  15. *sigh* It’s just another remote I’m gonna lose anyway. I’d be better off with a clapper for the crapper.

    Jane, stop this crazy thread.

  16. That’s cool, Brett Bell. Unfortch, you can’t assume anything reasonable about anyone anymore. There are young NDPers talking racist nonsense in the streets these days, many of whom probably ID with the PDog, too. They don’t even realize their own irony.

    As for the Gore quote, it must be buried. Because it was false and made Mr. Gore look like an uber wanker, certainly at least in the eyes of 600 Floridian presidential voters, it cost Mr. Gore the election, resulting in:

    1. A stolen election
    2. Sept. 11th http://www.fas.org/irp/threat/212fin~1.html
    3. Iraq
    4. Katrina
    5. Mortgage meltdown
    6. Economic crash
    7. Gulf oil leak

    Several other less well-documented atrocities.

    Bush’s regime passed legislation (or didn’t) that made all the above possible. That’s all. The joke seems.tends to reinforce the notion that Al Gore was a lying, egocentric buffoon.

  17. Well, it certainly doesn’t help matters that Gore [i]is[/i] a lying, egocentric buffoon. (see Francis Wheen’s How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World)
    If progressives want to be taken seriously, they need to stop nominating asshats. Having “right” politics about some things doesn’t get you off the hook for being a hypocrite on others, and that’s a really dangerous lens to view democracy through.

    That said, you described exactly what the Conservatives (with the help of the Liberal Party) did to Stephane Dion in the last federal election.

  18. Did I say, “Al Gore invented the internet”? I’m sorry, I meant to say Al Green. No, wait. Leslie Gore. Leslie Uggams? I’m so confused.

    I won’t even get into how Woody Guthrie and Paul Robeson helped Robert Oppenheimer invent the A-bomb.

  19. Again – comments about young NDPers being racist or biggots. Manganese, please provide details because I have no idea what you are referring to.

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