Catholic School Offers Extra Credit For Anti-Women Brainwashing

Okay, here we go. A Winnipeg K-8 Catholic school is offering extra credit to students who protest at a hospital providing abortions. From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Children at Christ the King School who walk in daily anti-abortion vigils outside the Health Sciences Centre will receive community service credit. The vigils are strictly voluntary and a family decision, principal David Hood emphasized Tuesday, but he’s considering organizing it as an official school activity as early as next year. And Hood has pointed out to parents in the school newsletter that the vigils are occurring.

This report is relevant because Saskatchewan is chock-full of similar loony-tunes holy rollers, who will no doubt lurrrve the idea of encouraging little kids to protest women’s right to manage their own damn bodies.

As I’ve said many times, there’s nothing terribly wrong with being personally anti-abortion. It’s a little crazy but people have the right to be a little crazy. However: when nutters march their crazy personal beliefs* out into the public square in an attempt to infect others — eventually creating a zombie-like mob to inflict those crazy beliefs on the rest of us — they are assholes who need to be called out.

Anti-abortion activism is one of two things: easy, faux-principles for lazy jerks who want low-effort moral values that don’t require personal sacrifice** — which is why it’s so popular in essentially selfish political movements  that preach tax cuts, privatized health care, slashed social spending and stuff like that — or a rejection of modern scientific reality by cowards who blame others for their irrational fears (see also the anti-gay marriage, anti-sex education, climate change denial and anti-evolutionism movements).

And when people indoctrinate children with freaky, superstitious, anti-woman and anti-science propaganda, they’re borderline child abusers. Shocked? The therapists who treat these kids when they’re fucked-up adults wouldn’t be.

Either way it’s time to knock it off and grow the fuck up. The end.

H/T to commentator Ron, who clearly knows how to chum Dog Blog’s shark-infested waters.

*Saying a fetus is a baby is crazy. I’ve met babies. They are cute. I’ve seen pickled fetuses. They look like freaky amphibians. Not the same thing. And even if they were, a women’s autonomy over her own body supersedes any right to existence by uterine symbiotes. Misogynists can disagree all they want but the opinions of people who hate women aren’t worth listening too.

**Some might argue that marching around in public like a freak involves personal sacrifice. Nope, no sacrifice here–those marches are an ego trip for narcissists who think they’re better than everyone else but have a hard time having that acknowledged in everyday life. Help is available, book an appointment with a counsellor today.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

14 thoughts on “Catholic School Offers Extra Credit For Anti-Women Brainwashing”

  1. Someone more political than I might say, in regard to your final, 2-asterisked paragraph, “Three words: Occupy Wall Street.”

  2. Yes, I agree with Barb. I don’t agree with anti-abortionists, but if they want to demonstrate peacefully, they should have every right to do so.
    There is an occasional tone of elitism to the ‘Dog which I have never liked. I share many of the same beliefs as the ‘Dog, but part of why it doesn’t reach as many people as it possibly could is the general tone of “people who don’t agree with [fill-in-the-blank-opinion] are stupid idiots”. Listen to the recent podcast for example. “Who would want to live in the suburbs?” and other snottery gets thrown about like crazy. Stop calling people who disagree with you “loony-tunes”.

  3. Cool! I wonder if you can get extra points for yelling at patients. Or maybe some art credit for a really creative aborted-fetus sign? Drama credit for a recitation of a “Mommy, let me live!” speech?

    Seriously, though, I thought community service involved things like picking up garbage or reading to little kids or packing boxes at the food bank, not protesting (vigil, my ass) people trying to receive healthcare.

  4. Anon: You listened to the podcast? Thanks!

    As for the suburb snottery, a fair point. And you know what… I was going to write a lengthy response on that here, but if you really want to hammer us over what was said in the podcast, feel free to go hard in the comments for that post. That way we won’t derail this thread and maybe I’ll encourage some of the other people from that episode to participate.

  5. Again, I want to point out that I actually agree with you guys on these things. What I am trying to point out is that you have to realize that there are people who don’t agree, and you’re not going to reach them by attacking them, but by constructing a well-formed argument. And most of the time you actually do that…. just leave out the name-calling and the “attitude” please. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  6. I used to live in the best of Regina Communities..up until about 2 years ago.

    Welcome to the Westside.

    Suburb snobbery? Mabye some, but Harbour Landing ( jets not ships ), is a joke. No bikepath to Rosemont. ..

    A freeway/expressway/ drive, w / 13?ish sets of lights? 3 in the 600m between 13th/Regina ave, & Gordon rd. ????

    No wonder drivers in the QC speed alot.

    It takes 3x as long to get through this “burb” now.

    Thnks PD for the forum(s).

  7. @Anonymous: Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, although I wish you’d picked a different post and topic to say prairie dog writers sometimes come across as elitist.

  8. Oh Stephen. You know we’re on the same side of this debate, but why must you bait people with “looney tunes” and “freaky amphibians”? (And wait a minute – I thought you liked freaky amphibians). At any rate, you won’t bring anyone over to our side with talk like that.

    @Anonymous: Elitist? Seriously? I think there’s a difference between ‘elitist’ and what Prairie Dog is.

    As Fran Lebowitz said in Martin Scorsese’s documentary Public Speaking:

    “America’s always hated eggheads. When they invent the word ‘elite,’ they don’t mean rich because they love the rich. ‘We don’t want any of these elites in here’ [means] we don’t want any smart people in here.”

    I’m certainly not suggesting that everything in Prairie Dog is smart, but it appeals to a psychographic that isn’t appealed to by any other paper (count ‘em) in this city. Just imagine what the place would look like without it. I don’t want to. And, yes, I know that quoting Fran Lebowitz likely puts me in someone’s idea of an elitist camp. But let’s be clear; it’s not because I’m smart.

    As for the suburb bashing, Anonymous, you’re kind of right. I listened to our podcast and was feeling a little chagrined that it was so cathedral/downtown-centric. We actually did talk a bit about the burbs and the plight of those who might feel penned in (due to poor transit, etc). -And increasingly (especially in larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver) more people are moving to the suburbs because it’s cheaper than living in the city itself. As a result, the city centres are becoming gated communities. Regina really isn’t in much danger of that yet – most of the big money that comes here seems to gravitate towards those big monster homes in the east end or northwest – but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

    But then, that’s what city planning is for, and hopefully (if a little kvetchily) that’s part of what we brought to the conversation.

    Jesus. Abortion sure is a conversation starter.

  9. Sorry I went off topic.
    Anti – Abortions, sure only iffn yer gonna recognise and appreciate my pro choice stance.
    Preaceful Protests, sure as long as harp0 lets us.
    Adults bribing young children to go do their bidding, a fuckin disgrace.

  10. There’s protest and there’s harassment. Unfortunately that line gets crossed too often by the anti-abortion protests. Photos taken of you walking into clinics, harassing phone calls at home, word going around about where you were seen … I’ve heard it all. I was a willing decoy walking through the lines in my day in Winnipeg, and experienced this myself. All for something that is LEGAL.

  11. I don’t know…. I don’t like what they’re doing either, but imagine if a teacher said “choose a political cause and demonstrate on behalf of it, and you’ll get extra credit”, I imagine that someone would choose abortion.

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