Okay, here we go. A Winnipeg K-8 Catholic school is offering extra credit to students who protest at a hospital providing abortions. From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Children at Christ the King School who walk in daily anti-abortion vigils outside the Health Sciences Centre will receive community service credit. The vigils are strictly voluntary and a family decision, principal David Hood emphasized Tuesday, but he’s considering organizing it as an official school activity as early as next year. And Hood has pointed out to parents in the school newsletter that the vigils are occurring.

This report is relevant because Saskatchewan is chock-full of similar loony-tunes holy rollers, who will no doubt lurrrve the idea of encouraging little kids to protest women’s right to manage their own damn bodies.

As I’ve said many times, there’s nothing terribly wrong with being personally anti-abortion. It’s a little crazy but people have the right to be a little crazy. However: when nutters march their crazy personal beliefs* out into the public square in an attempt to infect others — eventually creating a zombie-like mob to inflict those crazy beliefs on the rest of us — they are assholes who need to be called out.

Anti-abortion activism is one of two things: easy, faux-principles for lazy jerks who want low-effort moral values that don’t require personal sacrifice** — which is why it’s so popular in essentially selfish political movements  that preach tax cuts, privatized health care, slashed social spending and stuff like that — or a rejection of modern scientific reality by cowards who blame others for their irrational fears (see also the anti-gay marriage, anti-sex education, climate change denial and anti-evolutionism movements).

And when people indoctrinate children with freaky, superstitious, anti-woman and anti-science propaganda, they’re borderline child abusers. Shocked? The therapists who treat these kids when they’re fucked-up adults wouldn’t be.

Either way it’s time to knock it off and grow the fuck up. The end.

H/T to commentator Ron, who clearly knows how to chum Dog Blog’s shark-infested waters.

*Saying a fetus is a baby is crazy. I’ve met babies. They are cute. I’ve seen pickled fetuses. They look like freaky amphibians. Not the same thing. And even if they were, a women’s autonomy over her own body supersedes any right to existence by uterine symbiotes. Misogynists can disagree all they want but the opinions of people who hate women aren’t worth listening too.

**Some might argue that marching around in public like a freak involves personal sacrifice. Nope, no sacrifice here–those marches are an ego trip for narcissists who think they’re better than everyone else but have a hard time having that acknowledged in everyday life. Help is available, book an appointment with a counsellor today.