Foliage Report: Saturday April 7

But seriously, no. “Unlike”.

The usual angle of the usual branches is after the jump. Also, you can see last Sunday’s foliage report here. And if you’re wondering when the sweet leaf-sprouting action outside my window will get rolling,  well, last year, sadly, nothing much happened until early May. Poop.

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It’s Cold Out There

It’s somewhat wintry outdoors: minus 15 degrees Celcius Celsius, minus 25 withe the windchill. Not really that bad for tough Saskatchewanians as long as you’re not taking photos while not wearing gloves. If that’s what you’re doing, you’re stupid. Your hands will totally freeze!

More pics after the jump.

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Four In The Afternoon: So THIS is January…

1 HONEYMOON OVER Well, despite the fact we all knew it was coming, Prairie January has arrived. And it sucks.

2 WELCOMED BACK Harper announced today that he will heading back to China next month for only the second time since he has been in office. Initially a sharp critic of the Chinese government, unsurprisingly this position has swayed as Canada seeks energy resource investment and the establishment of MORE trade agreements. More here.

3 WISHING WELL Canadian skier Sarah Burke and Olympic favourite remains in critical condition following a superpipe accident in Salt Lake city this week.

4 ANYONE SURPRISED? US officials deny any involvement in the death of a Iranian nuclear scientist yesterday. This murder comes on the back of months of Western complaints about Iran’s nuclear programme. Another one of those US ‘foreign policy-related convenient coincidences’ we have become so accustomed to?

Desperate, Pathetic And Sad

We’re less than two hours from spring’s arrival and it’s been snowing all day. Please indulge me while I anthropomorphize a season:

I just think it’s really sad that Winter feels it needs to make a big show on its last day. Do you really think you’re fooling anyone, Winter? You’re done at 5:21 p.m. Finished. Kaput. But here you are, blowing snow around in a tragic and embarrassing “look at me! Look at me!” display of insecurity.

Look Winter, we get it. You like it here. But everybody’s sick of you. You have to leave. But no. Instead of showing a little class, you act like the annoying roommate who leaves a mess everywhere–all this snow that Spring’s going to have to clean up.

You suck, Winter. Scram!

P.S.: It was shitty of you to cloud things up so no one could see Supermoon last night. Jerk.

But Seriously.

Yes it was a lie. Nothing like stepping outside for an eyeball-scraping by high-velocity slivers of airborne ice. “We need ski goggles!” rasped designer Paul as we trudged back to the office from lunch. Yes, yes we did need ski goggles Paul. It’s too bad you didn’t think of that BEFORE I had that great idea of going out for Thai buffet.

Cheeeee, it’s been nasty out today.

The wind’s calmed down a little now but man was it vicious earlier. Here’s what it looked like a few hours ago in downtown Regina. All images may be embiggened by clicking on them.

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Strange Precipitations

This is going to take some getting used to. I would not want to be answering phones at the City this morning because there’s no doubt construction is making everything about today more stressful. If you haven’t been out yet, be very careful–sidewalks are slippery and dangerous and traffic has been bad.

How are you people doing? Everyone on staff (except me, the guy who lives downtown) was late to work today, but not by much. We’re tuff. Hey, if you’re inspired, e-mail me some snow photos of what it’s like wherever you are. Send them to feedback (at) prairiedogmag (dot) com and I’ll add them to this post this afternoon. Web-sized resolution, please–less than one megabyte.