Why Do Media Outlets Support Government Grants To Anti-Abortion Radicals? (Trigger Warning: Gory Anti-Abortion Propaganda)

CBC has a column DEFENDING the $54,000 grant that paid for this crap? Huh.

The above is from the website of one of the butt-hurt anti-choice organizations that won’t get summer jobs grants this year.

Sorry for the photo but there’s some bullshit needs cutting through and this pic from the website of the Canadian Centre For Bioethical Reform makes the Trudeau government’s point better than anything our Prime Minister could say himself.

This crap should not be funded by ANY pro-equality government.

That’s why I’m disappointed to see the media pile-on against the Trudeau government’s move to block job grants to anti-choice organizations. Not sure CBC, the National Post and the Globe & Mail‘s writers have thought their opinions through.

(CBC’s columnist once wrote this drivel┬╣┬áso I’m not sure why CBC would even let her near the topic.)

Want to read about the government’s job grants controversy? Read my editorial. It’s better.

1. Of course sex-selective abortion is evil. This is still a stupid and (depending on the writer’s personal abortion views, probably disingenuous) column. Anti-abortionists love talking about sex-selective abortion because they can twist the topic to make a moral-sounding case for the slippery-slope abortion restrictions they want legislated. Don’t listen to them. The remedy to the problem would seem to be public education, not telling women of different cultures when they can and can’t have abortions. Amplifying the voices of people who make deceptive sideways arguments against abortion rights is in my view a poor editorial decision by the CBC.


Election 2015: Pro Life Magazine Disappears Interview With Wascana CPC Candidate Michael Kram

Part of Choose Life News’ interview with Michael Kram. I generated this image from the pdf I downloaded from their site.

cdnelxncircleHey ladies! Wascana Conservative Candidate Michael Kram has a message for you. Your access to safe, legal abortions? He wants to take that away from you and if he gets elected on October 19, he would like to “join the pro-life caucus and move right to life issues forward.”

That quote, and many more like it, are from an interview with Kram that appeared in the September 2015 issue of Choose Life News.

Only you can’t read it there.

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