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My Favourite Treks

Fifty years ago today NBC debuted a science fiction TV show called Star Trek. You’ve probably heard of it — the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise, and all that? I grew up loving Star Trek (in reruns — I’m not THAT...

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Weekly Reckoning

Who wants to reckon? HOW THE BIRDS FLY I watched this animated map of bird migration patterns for an embarrassingly long time. Check out the bird that only goes as far south as Cape Breton. What’s that bird thinking? But...

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Where No Man Has Gone Before

I wasn’t able to find a massive amount of information about this event. But on Saturday Oct. 31 a local filmmaker named Michael J. Lai will be screening a homage that he’s made to a favourite TV show which features...

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The End Of Cosmos

Here’s a thing I should’ve been promoting for many weeks: the Centre for Inquiry Regina has been hosting regular Sunday night meetings at the Industrial Park Café (101 Hodsman Rd) to watch the new Cosmos series. This...

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