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As regular Dog Blog readers have known for some months now, and the rest of Prairie Dog readers found out in our Dec. 26 issue (via this cover story), our city hall reporter Paul Dechene is currently in Malta with his family...

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Observations Of An Outsider

My annual Regina trip is in full swing.  Here is what I have discovered thus far. When the Riders have a bye week, people actually think of other things!  Normally, during my week-long July visit, I note Rider clothing adorning...

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Get Dressed: Business Casual

Dressing appropriately business casual for professional activities makes me want to let a boob hang out. However, the impulse is lessened by a) pretending that it’s a costume! and b) that I’ve got all kinds of...

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Get Dressed: Pagan Style

Can we skip this whole end of summer thing, jump past autumn, do not pass Go/ do not collect $200, and head straight over to winter please? Because this photo series over on Bad Panda is giving me a serious case of wintery...

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Get Dressed: QCC Steeze (Day 2)

Hurrah, Queer City Cinema is still on today and the festival is definitely cause to get dressed with fun and intention. The programming theme this year is ‘Whatchulookinat?!’, which urges viewers to use a critical lens when...

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Get Dressed: QCC Steeze (Day 1)

Hurrah, Queer City Cinema starts today! And as with even lesser calendar dates (like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), this festival is cause to get dressed with fun and intention. The programming theme this year is...

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