Mascot Mania

Gainer the Gopher never did make it out to the Mascot Challenge that Service Canada Centre for Youth hosted on the Scarth St. Mall over the noon-hour today to promote summer youth employment. Thus, we weren’t able to approach him about loaning us one of his old gopher costumes for us to reaccessorize with a Mao jacket and cap, a hammer and sickle pennant and a Karl Marx watch fob as I discussed in the 14 Days section our July 2 issue to create Prolie the Prairie Dog. (scroll down to July 7.)

Oh well, maybe next year. But as you can see from the accompanying photos, plenty of other mascots did make it out to this event, where they competed in a work-related obstacle course. Most of the tasks they performed qualified as “odd jobs” like watering plants, moving and stacking cardboard boxes and sweeping up. All were done to a thumping techno beat that attracted a decent-size crowd on a sunny and warm summer day.

 Tomorrow at noon, Regina-based rock/funk/blues band the Red Shells are playing on the mall. Check it out if you get a chance.

More pics after the jump.

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Monday Mailbag: Nooooooo!!! Save Teh Babies!!!

Here’s a letter we received today addressed to Carle Steel, who made me open it because she thought the thickly-stuffed thing was more likely a subpoena than a bundle of cash. Actually this letter was the surprise behind door number three: a three-page essay dismissing the opinions of people who find the awful, fear-mongering, guilt-tripping anti-abortion ads on Regina buses to be shitty, mean and stupid.

An excerpt:

“The thing that you said in your article was that [Advertising Standards Canada] was interested in TRUTh in advertising. Please explain why, when the TRUTh is spoken or displayed in graphic images, the pro-abortion folks want to discredit, call names, even lie or tell half-truths to try and hide the TRUTh. Why? Why do you want silence in the public square? Why do you want legal silence? Why do you want political silence on this issue?”

That’s a lot of questions for a busy guy with dozens of articles to assign and edit but I’ll take a stab at it.

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Everything Is Awful

So here’s how it looks to me today: in Canada we have a government minister calling protesters “thugs and anarchists” after his government spent two billion dollars on a party for the global ruling class. In Great Britain, a new right-wing government has whacked public services in a deficit-smashing rampage. And in America, Republicans want to make it a crime to marry same-sex couples, judges say government can’t stop to deep-sea drilling and, oh, and the U.S. Supreme Court vandalized freedom of speech and freedom of association. And also, it’s apparently worse to expose military murders than it is to commit military murders.

The planet is warming, the fanatics are praying, the oceans are dying and massive resources are pissed away in pointless regional wars that make nothing better and no one safer. Things have been getting steadily worse and worse and worse for 30 years.

And it’s all Ronald Reagan’s fault.

Oh, and the days are now growing shorter.

And now I have to get ready to be on CBC radio in an hour for fun times with Chris Kirkland and Michelle Hugli. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

UPDATE: Now Scott Neidermeyer’s gone and retired! Arrrgh!

The Publisher Just Loves My Mad Deadline Skillz

Thursday’s prairie dog is out the door. (The virtual Internet door, that is.) Here’s the view from our office at the moment it went. You will note that it’s very late. It is much later than it should be. Everything is all my fault. I am a bad dog.

As always, I apologize to my co-workers, our poor designer Paul, Doug at the print plant and the entire Hullabaloo Publishing board of directors, who would ritually murder me in a thrice-stabbed heartbeat if I wasn’t one of them (and if they didn’t need me–they’re screwed that way).

The new prairie dog hits streets Thursday afternoon. I’ll be curious to see if the editorial I just wrote makes any sense. The issue’s really, really strong though. I promise. Editorials aside.

Space, Bat Bombs And Weaponized Goo

Using my Dog Blog Administrator Powers I’ve learned Rosie is writing his scheduled Thursday Six In The Morning post right now. (If it’s not up soon it’ll have to change to a Four In The Afternoon). While we wait to read… whatever… here’s a link to a cool story in Wired about a solar sail for spaceship propulsion. And if that’s too boring here’s another Wired story about bat bombs and goo canons. Enjoy.

Free Hugs?

This article from the Leader-Post made me curious: how do the prairie dog readers feel about getting free hugs? The LP talks to Dahlila Kreiser, who spent this past Friday giving them out on the Scarth Street Mall:

Reactions to Kreiser’s offer were, predictably, mixed. Some smiled and kept on their way. Some took the long way around Kreiser to avoid an unwanted embrace. One woman even told Kreiser what she was doing was illegal. Of course, Kreiser was only hugging those who approached her since, as she put it, “I don’t have any interest in being punched in the face.”

Personally, I don’t really have any interest in being hugged by a stranger, despite my time spent in various Catholic youth groups back in the day. Whenever I see Free Hug people on the U of R campus, I generally avoid them. At the same time, they aren’t trying to force themselves onto me and seem just generally harmless.

I never saw Kreiser – I’m rarely on the Scarth Street Mall unless I’m going to the prairie dog‘s offices – so I didn’t get the chance to witness any of the free hugging. Did any of you folks? Did you actually receive hugs? What’s the verdict?

Side note: in the photo, Kreiser is seen giving away a hug, but she didn’t put down her “FREE HUGS” sign. Was she giving awkward, pseudo-one-armed hugs all day?

Comment Poo (Updated Again!)

A heads up: Dog Blog’s comments seem to be screwed. People post comments and they’re not appearing. I have no idea why or how to fix it. But we’re on it.

If you have any suggestions to fix this, please write a comment. (Ha! You can’t!)

UPDATE: So it looks like there’s a default setting somewhere that says we have to approve comments. I can approve them but I can’t change the setting to automatic approval. We’ll get this fixed as soon as possible.

UPDATE 2: They work! Open fire! Comment away!