DA: The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Daily AggregationGood morning, Regina! It’s minus-19 at 10:46 with a high of minus-14. Sunrise was 7:22, sunset is 6:55 and I have a pet snake chilling in my hoodie’s hood right now, but what you want is news links, maybe not as wordy as yesterday’s. I hear ya!

1. HEALTH CARE: DEALS, DEALS, DEALS Alberta, Quebec and Ontario sign health care funding agreements with the feds. Saskatchewan signed its deal in January.

2. NO DEAL CAN HELP MARION BRASS The 77-year old woman died during a 31-hour-stay in the Pasqua emergency ward. Can you even imagine?  Totally unacceptable.

3. MLA AND PUBLIC SERVANT PAY FIGHT CONTINUES The NDP and Sask Party are not getting along.

4. SHOULD REGINA BAN SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES? This mostly non-smoker (four or five cigars a year, bums weed every once in a blue moon) thinks this is massive overreach. Although I do hate cigarette butt litter. Take the survey here.

5. MORON POT BUST Here’s a long read on yesterday’s ridiculous, waste-of-time-and-money Toronto police-led national weed dispensary raids. Legalize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. BOMBARDIER BOY BAGGED IN BIG BRIBERY BUST Evegeny Pavlov, who works for the Canadian aerospace company possibly best known for its trough-slurping, is being held in Sweden.

7. DOES THE CONVENIENT-FOR-TRUMP WIKILEAK ABOUT THE CIA’S HACKING POWER SERVE RUSSIAN INTERESTS? So we have to choose whether we’re on Team CIA or Team KGB? Wheee, I love 21st century geopolitics. Anyway, something to read and ponder.

8. OLD MASTER, NEW ART New Goya etchings have been found, holy smokes. Goya is one of the all-time greats.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND It’s getting decent reviews and it looks like fun. Gotta love the king!

On Residential Schools And The “Well-Intentioned Men And Women” That Ran Them

I forgot to put this in this morning’s aggregation but it’s just as well: this needs its own post.

Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak defended residential schools in the Canadian Senate on Tuesday.

“I speak partly for the record, but mostly in memory of the kindly and well-intentioned men and women and their descendants — perhaps some of us here in this chamber — whose remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential schools go unacknowledged for the most part,” she said.

Yes, we wouldn’t want to further besmirch an institution that killed 6,000 First Nations people.

Someone should send Beyak a copy of this book. What is wrong with Conservatives?

DA: Reminder: The Earth Is Round

Daily AggregationGood morning Regina! It’s not too bad out compared to yesterday. Sure, it’s minus-18 but it only feels like minus-28, and if you’re just running across the Scarth mall to buy a coffee (for instance) you don’t even need to button your coat up. Anyway, the high today is minus-15 and it’ll plunge to minus-24 tonight. Sunset is 6:54 p.m., sunrise was 7:24, sunrise tomorrow is 7:22. Let’s news-up our morning!

1. HERITAGE REGINA LAMENTS TRAVELLERS BUILDING LOSS “In the heritage world, it’s called ‘demolition by neglect,'” says Heritage Regina president Jackie Schmidt. The Leader-Post goes into more details here.

2. MARIJUANA ACTIVISTS ARRESTED Opinion: this is a waste of police time and resources. Theory: it’s happening now either to appease a U.S. government that hates weed, or because weed-haters are emboldened by the Trump regime. Regardless, it seems stupid. Legalize weed now.

3. U.S. EPA BOSS SAYS CARBON DIOXIDE ISN’T THE MAIN CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE This is factually incorrect. He’s incompetent. He should lose his job.

4. TRUMP’S ECO-VANDALISM The United States’ most anti-environment president ever plans to slash funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s Sea Grant program, which studies and protect coastlines. The worst part about political/ideological attacks like this: good, smart people have to waste time defending their work instead of doing that work. Talk about maliciously negligent. The Trump Administration sucks.

5. THE EARTH IS ROUND, LIKE A BASKETBALL This is from a while back but I just read about it: NBA dribble-king Kyrie Irving believes the earth is flat:

“For what I’ve known for as many years and what I’ve been taught is that the Earth is round, but I mean, if you really think about it from a landscape of the way we travel, the way we move and the fact that, can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets and stuff like this … It doesn’t come back. There is no concrete information except for the information that they’re giving us.”

It used to be fun to mock ignorance (okay it’s still fun) but since we live in an age of climate change denial, political repression of scientists and alternative facts we have to take batshit statements from public figures, even athletes, seriously.

That’s why I like this rebuttal from psychology prof Craig A. Foster. Says Foster:

“United States residents might think the idea of a flat Earth is so absurd that it could never become a serious political concern. They shouldn’t. Science educators fight this type of battle daily. The scientific evidence that the Earth is billions of years old is nearly as convincing as the evidence that the Earth is round. The United States has a vice president and several other politicians who nevertheless believe in a “young Earth” or are unwilling to contradict the idea publicly.”

Check it out. And remember: the earth is round, like a basketball. Or if you prefer a more literary metaphor, an orange.


DA: Goodbye, Travellers Building

Daily AggregationHappy International Women’s Day, Regina! At 10:30 it’s -16 with a -26 windchill. High today is -10, low tonight -21, sun came up at 7:26 and will set at 6:52. On to news!

1. IT’S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!! Here’s Prairie Dog’s feature. More? Okay! Women world-wide are being asked to go on strike—here’s the story on CBC and in the The Washington Posta Guardian live-blog, and a quartet of Al Jazeera stories on women in Gaza, South African grandmothers, the world’s female leaders past and present and of course the requisite global overview. Vice has a timely story on climate change and women here, and Vox has a story on U.S. President Womanhater’s resurrection of the women’s health funding ban here. Here in Canada? The Liberal federal government just announced $650 million in international funding for women’s sexual and reproductive health—something, it should be remembered, we’d never get from a Conservative government because Conservatives in 2017 are the party that panders to extremists who want to restrict women’s reproductive rights (hi Brad Trost, how’s the leadership bid coming along?). So if you want to bash Liberals (and we all do sometimes!), maybe bash ’em for not giving us a national child care program (which BTW we’d also never, ever, ever, ever see from 21st-century Canadian Conservatives who, did I mention, pander to extremists?).

2. SASK NDP FIGHTS WANTS DEEPER CUTS TO POLITICAL SALARIES, ALSO, A PLAN THAT ISN’T JUST SLASH-AND-BURN SALARIES. “We don’t want to be a rubber stamp or seen to be helping this government force a wage cut on the people,” says MLA David Forbes.

3. POACHERS KILL A WHITE RHINO IN A FRENCH ZOO Pure evil. Attacks on endangered world heritage wildlife are top-tier crimes and international incidents and, if I were the boss of things, grounds for full-scale war with South-East Asia. I might not be sane on this subject. I’m Chinese criminal court levels of “justice by firing squad” when it comes to rhino poachers.

4. “URGENTLY LOOKING INTO THE MATTER” The big tech companies respond to the big Wikileaks news about the CIA getting into people’s cellphones. Oh! And televisions!

5. A CRUMBLING HERITAGE PROPERTY BURNS Regina’s indifference to its architectural heritage warmed downtown Broad St. last night as the Travellers Building burned. Here’s some history on a once-lovely building that’s been a home for pigeons for years. If this becomes a parking lot I’m going to make it a personal mission to get embarrassing stories  about Regina’s stupidity as a city into national media outlets. Fair warning, Powers-That-Be!


DA: Yoda Lifts A Helicopter

Daily AggregationHow are ya, Regina? As I’m typing this it’s minus-12 and snowing in the Queen City with a high of minus-eight predicted later this afternoon. Barring a supernova or black holes or similar event, you can expect the sun to set at 6:49 p.m. Its day started at 7:31 so that’s a good 11 hours and 18 minutes of work. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:28 but let’s get to the news because that’s what we do in this thing!

1. SASK PARTY THINGS Convicted impaired driver Don McMorris is back in the Sask Party caucus, which he shouldn’t be because he should’ve resigned, and Brad Wall has stopped taking top-up pay which is good because he’s Saskatchewan’s premier, not just the Sask Party leader.

2. CANADIAN WOMEN STILL DON’T EARN AS MUCH AS MEN Story in The Globe And Mail. TL; DR: “Canada’s gender pay disparity is larger than the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development average. Canada has also tumbled down the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap rankings, to 35 th place, from 19th place two years earlier.”


4. THE MAJORITY OF CONSERVATIVES DO NOT BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE Good read here. Saskatchewanians and Albertans are much more likely to reject facts than other Canadians.

5. “BLAH BLAH BLAH SHARIA LAW BLAH” There were rallies nation-wide Saturday against a parliamentary motion to condemn Islamophobia. The protests were met by counter-protests across Canada. In Regina, Paul Dechene, who was at this thing, tells me the small group of anti-Islamics had their Fox News-style talking points utterly squashed by a cheerful crowd of 50-plus people promoting a message of tolerance, diversity and peace. The L-P story is here. In Saskatoon, Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens protesters were opposed by anti-racism protesters. Here’s stories on rallies in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens ground zero, Montreal. Anti-racism demonstrators heavily outnumbered CCCC protesters at all the demonstrations I looked up. Here’s a column on what it all means.

6. SIKH MAN SHOT IN SEATTLE Some poor guy working on his car in his driveway was wounded by a masked gunman who told him to “go back to your own country.” This happens a week after a man of Indian descent was killed by a 50-something white man who allegedly told him to “get out of my country.”

7. TRUMP SIGNS NEW THINLY-VEILED BAN ON MUSLIMS The last one was blocked. Will the new ban stand?


VIDEO: YODA IS REAL, HE’S ON EARTH AND HE’S SCREWING WITH HELICOPTERS It’s the only logical explanation for this video.

DA: The Final Snikt

Daily AggregationHello Regina! It’s minus-1 at 1:40 with a high of plus-two coming our way mid-afternoon. The sun is up until 6:44 this evening (sunrise was 7:35). It’s very sunny out right now and I like it. News!

1. THE NDP WINS ONE Ryan Meili is the new MLA for Saskatoon Meewasin. If he still wants to become leader of the provincial NDP, this was an essential victory. More here.

2. TAKE A NUMBER Donald Trump’s anti-science oil stooges won’t meet with United Nations climate chief Patricia Espinosa, proving once again that they are monsters who don’t care about the future.

3. OPEN SEASON ON WOMEN She was unconscious and mostly naked in a cab and somehow it wasn’t rape? This is a terrible, terrible verdict. Yes, there can be nuances around consent and a drink or two, but there should be no debate on consent and unconsciousness. The entire Canadian justice system just does not get it.

4. SMARTPHONE SNOOPS CBC has a good story on Canada’s border goons checking out visitors’ phones. Talk about pointlessly obnoxious overreach—not to mention making visitors feel unwelcome. I know I wouldn’t take my phone over a border, and the most incriminating thing on it are the eight billion photos of my pets.

5. CHINA FORCES BBC TEAM TO SIGN A CONFESSION Wow. A good reminder that China is not a free country.

6. SOVIET STATES OF AMERICA Some analysis of the Jeff “lied under oath” Sessions incident.

7. VIETNAM NO-SHOW PLAYS NAVY DRESS-UP Donald “Five Deferments” Trump takes a page from the George W. Bush “I skipped the war but I’m still cool” playbook and wears military threads for a tour of a new aircraft carrier. Also, what nincompoops name an aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford? It’s like they want it to trip over a wave and sink.

8. SECOND THOUGHTS ON OBAMACARE Trump supporters might not want one of the things they specifically voted for—the repeal of Obamacare. Shocking.

9. BATS: A BITTER FAREWELL Every once in a while it’s good to read a venomously bitter column about humanity’s contempt for threatened wildlife. Here’s a great one.

LOGAN The final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie is now playing. Jorge says it’s great. Here’s the trailer. Looks good to me. Snikt!

City Council Warp-Up: Carmichael’s Moving, Blue Dot Approved

Council’s February 27 meeting was a quick, civil and productive affair. I wish they all went like this. And I wish I hadn’t dozed off while reading the report on the engineering fee increase for Drainage Area 8. It looks like it might’ve been super important but I still don’t have a clue what it’s about. Next time I have insomnia maybe I’ll take another shot at it.

You can follow my city council live tweeting live by following me at @PDCityhall.

Two Blocks Of Bike Lane On 13th? WHYYYYYY?????

City hall has scheduled a public info session for March 2 about proposed road improvements at 13th Ave and Lewvan. Included in the plan are a couple blocks worth of “future” east- and west-bound bike lanes between Lewvan and Pasqua. This suggests city planners are eyeing 13th as the site of a long-anticipated east-west bike corridor.

I am not a fan of this idea. Not a fan, at all…

If you want to get more info on this road improvement, the city’s public info session is March 2nd from 4 to 8pm at the Regina Sportplex Fieldhouse, 1717 Elphinstone Street.

Only Tyrants Ban Journalists From Press Conferences

U.S. politics continues spinning out of control. From The New York Times:

Reporters from The Times, BuzzFeed News, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and Politico were not allowed to enter the West Wing office of the press secretary, Sean M. Spicer, for the scheduled briefing. Aides to Mr. Spicer only allowed in reporters from a handpicked group of news organizations that, the White House said, had been previously confirmed.

Those organizations included Breitbart News, the One America News Network and The Washington Times, all with conservative leanings. Journalists from ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox News also attended.

Reporters from Time magazine and The Associated Press, who were set to be allowed in, chose not to attend the briefing in protest of the White House’s actions.

“Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The Times, said in a statement. “We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.”

It’s pretty simple: Trump’s administration bars media outlets because media outlets expose their lies and self-interest. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans have been radicalized by right-wing propaganda posing as news (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson) and nonsense-spouting opportunists (Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, and, back in the day, Glenn Beck).

Politicians and leaders who attack science, journalism, women’s rights, the poor and minorities are the bad guys. Don’t be on the same team as the bad guys.

DA: Spirited Away

Daily Aggregation

How are ya, Regina? It’s -3 right now on a day with a forecast high of -1. The sun got out of bed before I did today: at 7:49. It’s going to go to bed long before I do, though–it tucks in at 6:32 tonight. And now you know.

1. CHARLIE ANGUS THROWS HIS HAT IN THE RING Well, there’s the next federal NDP leader.

2. AMERICAN BACKLASH As President Trump continues his imbecile jamboree, the heat turns up on the U.S. Republicans who hopped on his bigly bandwagon.

3. REGINA AIR QUALITY: DON’T PANIC Okay. Wait, somebody said we should panic?

4. DEADLY NERVE GAS! A genuine WMD was used to kill North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il’s half brother.

5. MAN CHARGED FOR WEED DEALING A good reminder not to speed. Also this is dumb. Legalize it, tax it and use the money to fix Brad Wall’s dumb budget problems. In other pot news, the White House is opposed to recreational marijuana and is planning to be an ass about it. Which I assume means siccing the pro-KGB FBI on people of colour who use pot.

6. ISRAEL DENIES VISAS TO HUMAN RIGHTS WORKERS Ugh. At least they didn’t shoot them.

7. JAY AND DAN! JAY AND DAN! Will the sports broadcast legends return to TSN? Officer Bobrovsky awaits an announcement.

MIAZAKI CAN’T STAY RETIRED The world’s greatest animator is going to make another movie. It’s supposed to be out before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. You’ve seen Spirited Away, right?

DA: I Haven’t Seen Lego Batman Yet, Lame

Daily AggregationAnd here we are again, Regina. It’s -2 at the moment on the first day since Sunday, Feb. 12 when it’s not going to get warmer than zero. We all acknowledge that’s not normal for February, right? Anyway, it’s supposed to get up to -1. The sun came up at 7:51 and it sets tonight at 6:30 for total daylight of 10 hours and 36 minutes, which is 3:42 longer than yesterday. Hey, let’s get on with the news.

1. ANOTHER REASON TO NOT SCREW WITH SASKTEL We know it’s likely that any privatization of SaskTel would lead to higher phone bills, lost jobs and permanent loss of government revenue. Add pension problems to that list.

2. THERE’S A NATIONAL FASD CONFERENCE IN TOWN Here’s your chance to learn about the stigma and racism around fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, which doesn’t help anything incidentally. Good read by the Leader-Post’s Ashley Martin.

3. EX-SOLDIERS OF ODIN CO-LEADER BUSTED FOR GUNS Astounding news that no one could’ve seen coming.

4. STANDING ROCK’S GRIM TALLY “At least 1,000 Standing Rock protesters, according to camp medics, have been treated for chemical poisoning, hypothermia, rubber-bullet and “nonlethal” beanbag wounds, and many more serious injuries, all as a direct result of violence from militarized police, who sometimes arrive by the hundreds.” Story here.

5. MARCH OF THE EXOPLANETS NASA found seven more of them, all earth-sized, with three of them in the Goldilocks zone (not too hot, not too cold) for life. Cool.

6. CAN WE NOT MAKE IT LEGAL FOR U.S. CUSTOMS TO DETAIN CANADIANS IN CANADA, MR. TRUDEAU? Seems like a big leap past reasonable “pre-clearance” to me.

7. TRUMP SIGNALS THAT DISCRIMINATING AGAINST TRANS PEOPLE IS OKAY U.S. President Bigotface removes protections for trans students, which will make it easier for repugnant bigots to be shitty to them.

8. CONSERVATIVES OPPRESSING CLIMATE SCIENTISTS Gross. When your friends and relatives trash-talk scientists, make sure you stand up for these heroes of civilization.

9. MASS EXTINCTION: NOT AS UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE AS BELIEVED? Life on earth might recover faster than thought after mass extinction events, which by the way we’re currently in and it’s all human-caused (hooray?).

LEGO BATMAN Jorge liked it and the trailers are hilarious so we should all go see it if we haven’t yet.


DA: Snake BFF

Daily AggregationHello Regina! It’s plus-one, the 10th day in a row it’s been above zero. High today is plus-three. Sunrise was 7:53, sunset is 6:28 and that’s all I have to say about that. News!

1. TENSION AT STANDING ROCK Dakota Access Pipeline protesters have been ordered to leave today.

2. NASA’S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TODAY The U.S. space agency has a big press conference today. Have they discovered markers of life on an exoplanet? Or maybe they’ve just got some cool but not earth-shaking science news they’re puffing up into something more compelling than it is to convince President Bigly and the Congress From Buttland to leave their budget alone.

3. DOG KENNEL CHARGED WITH NEGLIGENCE You’ve probably been trying to forget about the Saskatoon kennel where 14 dogs died of dehydration and heat stroke. Me too, but there’s a new development.

4. TERRIBLE HOSTAGE A man who held a knife to his own neck was tasered and arrested in Regina.

5. THE WALL IS STALLED A month into his presidency, Trump’s stupid thing is tangled up in bureaucracy. Meanwhile, a desperate, man killed himself after his third deportation. Expect more of this as the mean-spirited demagogue turns up the heat on more human beings.

6. BURGER JOINTS SHOULD FEED THEIR STAFF A Vancouver employee fired after a misunderstanding gets a deserved settlement.

7. LEGALIZE EVERYTHING We should consider it.

8. DIRTY, ROTTEN THIEVES STEAL VENOMOUS SNAKES and a cute, pregnant albino boa constrictor. Also, to quibble with the article slightly, no one gets killed by boa constrictors (which are illegal pets here but shouldn’t be), though I guess it’s theoretically remotely possible. It’s less likely than being killed by a pet cat, I can guarantee that. But there’s no way a “200 centimetre” boa is going to hurt anything bigger than a small rabbit.

Here’s a video of a cute snake!

DA: Archer: Dreamland

Daily AggregationGood morning, Regina! Good news: as of today, the sun is finally up before eight a.m. — 7:58 to be precise. Sunset is at 6:27, for 10 hours and 29 minutes of glorious daylight. Temperature is one degree Celcius, and the high is supposed to be plus-two. Here’s some of what’s up in the world.

1. CRAP WATER FOR FIRST NATIONS Canada needs to do better than this.

2. REGINA MIGHT JOIN AN ARTS RESEARCH THINGY The city will join Saskatoon, Winnipeg and others in the The Prairie Partnership for Arts Research, pending council approval.

3. “WALLIDAYS”, HAHAHA The Leader-Post’s Murray Mandryk picks apart the premier’s plan which now has a good nickname.

4. A BUS-EYE VIEW OF DISTRACTED DRIVERS Regina police have a new plan to catch drivers looking at their cell phones. I hope you’re reading this, friend-who-knows-who-you-are.

5. THE PM HEARTS PIPELINES Monkey Beach author Eden Robinson calls out Justin Trudeau for not facing Vancouver’s pipeline wrath.

6. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM: STILL WITH THE BELUGAS Sounds like West Coast Canadians will get another decade of captive cetaceans, despite the mysterious deaths of two whales last year and ongoing criticisms that whales, dolphins and other large, intelligent sea mammals shouldn’t be in captivity, period.



9. YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH RACISM AND TRANSPHOBIA BUT PEDOPHILIA IS STILL TABOO Horrible human Milo Yiannopoulos lost a book deal and has been kicked out of a conservative conference after flippantly suggesting it’s healthy for 13-year-old boys to have relationships with men. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Dan Savage has a column on this here.

10. TODAY IN TRUMPLAND President Bigly problematically bashes the media, might appoint a climate change skeptic as his science advisor, and seems to have helped protect America from British teachers. Fortunately there’s a browser extension that replaces photos of Trump with pictures of kittens. I just tried it out. Works all right!

ARCHER: DREAMLAND Holy shitsnacks! This looks fun.

2017 City Budget Warp Up

I’m waking up every morning wondering if today’s the day the whole system comes crashing down. Governments everywhere are teetering on the brink of collapse. Around here, Brad Wall is besieged by a slow gathering of inconvenient evidence about his government’s fiscal mismanagement and hinky Global Transportation Hub land deals. In Alberta, Notley’s reward for running the province in a manner falling well within the range of normal for the ’80s PCs is to be harassed and threatened to the point where she needs a security detail. Trudeau’s bloom has begun to wilt and the three frontrunners to lead his opposition are each some brand of toxic moron. And then of course there’s Trump… ’nuff said.

The world is burning around us. But there is one tranquil oasis of governance you can rely upon: Regina city council. On Mon Feb 13, they gathered to debate the 2017 budget and you may not agree with any of the goals laid out in that document, but holy crap, at least no nuns were ripped off in its construction, there was no line item which read “Build A Wall (to keep immigrants out)” and no one in Putin’s inner circle was secretly manipulating its outcome.

It was a boring, boring, boring, no big surprise budget. Thank all the Gods of Sensible Bureaucracy. And thanks to city administration for assembling something long, tedious and, dare I say it, entirely reasonable. Sure, I have a laundry list of things I’d like to have seen in this budget — the continued failure to support the Housing First program financially is shameful, for instance — but at least this wasn’t a clusterfuck. Can we all agree on that at least? It wasn’t a clusterfuck.

For those who just want to know the key deets: Council voted to nudge down the proposed property tax and utility rate increases. The property tax increase will be 3.99% this year (down from 4.18%). The utility rate increase will be 4% (down from 5%).

For those who crave a council play-by-play, here is a collection of my live-tweeting from that Feb 13 council meeting.

DA: Adorable Banana Bat

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Regina! it’s -13 with a, yuck, -24 windchill and a s-8 tonight. Sunrise was 8:18 sunset is 6:06. News!

1. TRUDEAU MEETS TRUMP Poor Justin. I’d suggest buttering up President Margarine and saving stuff like trade and immigration bans for meetings with politicians and bureaucrats whoaren’t deranged wannabe strongmen.

2. CITIES VS. THE PROVINCE Saskatchewan’s Urban municipalities have questions for Premier Impending Austerity.

3. DON’T FRICKIN’ SELL SASKTEL Our conservative premier is talking about selling off a valuable publicly owned Saskatchewan asset again. When Manitoba’s conservatives privatized MTS it wiped out jobs, made CEOS richer, raised everyone’s phone bills and cost the province money, so hopefully nobody will fall for this “good deal” nonsense.


5. THE GREEN AND WHITE STAND ACCUSED! Did the Roughriders hold a workout with a player whose rights are held by Hamilton? They say nope.

6. SASK DESIGNER WINS PRIZE FOR BUTTHOLE BOOK COVER There’s nothing I don’t like about this. Congrats to Duncan Campbell of the University Of Regina Press.

7. TODAY IN TRUMPTOWN Sessions confirmed, Conway counseled, Donald bashes a nuke treaty with Russia and also vows a dated crackdown on crime probably because he thinks it’s still 1980 when he wasn’t .

8. VIDEO: “CUTE BAT EATS A BANANA” Story checks out.

DA: Bill Nye Is Back

Daily AggregationGood afternoon Regina, how are you liking this weather? It’s -22, or as the windchill says -36. Low tonight is -28. There was an extreme cold warning last night. Despite the horror of existence, the sun still came up this morning at 8:19, and it will skulk under the horizon tonight at 6:04. Now: News!

1. PIPELINE POWER, U.S.A. The U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers says okay, build a pipeline on Indigenous land I guess. Go ahead, tunnel under the Missouri River, nothing could possibly go wrong.

2. UN-HARPENING CANADA The Liberals are restoring the court challenges program, which you might be familiar with over things like the the legalization of same-sex marriage. Good. Let the Conservatives be the party of stomping on minorities and the marginalized.

3. THERE’S MORE THAN 35 MILLION OF US Canada’s population has embiggened tremendously. Much of the growth is here in the West.

4. CRISIS IN MAN-LAND Work in male-dominated trades is vanishing, and men aren’t learning new job skills.

5. TRUMP COUNTRY REFUGEES A lot of desperate, frightened people are showing up in the border town of Emerson, Manitoba.

6. WHO THOUGHT ADDING PLASTIC TO BODY WASH WAS A SANE IDEA, ANYWAY? The U.K. is planning action on microbeads but needs to go farther. In November, Canada announced a ban that will start in 2018.


8. “HOT TUB INCIDENT WITH NUDE TEEN” Now that’s a clickable headline.

9. “POLITICAL PRESSURE AND FABRICATING NUMBERS” Jeez, CBC Sask’s headline writers are on fire!

NYEW TO NYETFLIX Bill Nye is back to science the world! This show should be mandatory watching. For me, too.


TIT 1: DeVOS CONFIRMED An unqualified billionaire barely becomes America’s Secretary Of Education. More herehere, here and here.

TIT 2: WARREN SILENCED Apparently reading a letter from Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow Coretta Scott King isn’t allowed in the Senate.





DA: How To Punch The Iron Fist Way

Daily Aggregation

Good (barely) morning! It’s, yuck, -24 (feels like -33) and it’s not getting much better today. Sunrise was at 8:21 and sunset will be 6:02. But you’re here for an aggregation, so let’s.

1. #MMIW PRESS CONFERENCE The Inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women held its first press conference today. It’s planning to get things rolling in the spring.

2. DRUNKS DON’T NEED GOD Alcoholics Anonymous won’t force Ontario drinkers to submit to mythological deities anymore.

3. SASK TEACHERS: NO SLEEPOVERS WITH STUDENTS Seems like everyone should know this and yet.

4. SYRIA’S RULERS ARE STILL TERRIBLE Amnesty International says the regime hanged at least 13,000 people since 2011 at one particularly nasty prison. Can we accept the whole country as refugees?

5. BRUINS FIRE TOP COACH CLAUDE JULIEN They did! Bruins beat writer Fluto Shinzawa says it was “management’s only remaining play”.

6. THE DEADLINE IS IN ONE HOUR You can get more stuff done if you move up deadlines to “create panic”. I think we all knew this. This isn’t news, Steve. Jeez.

VIDEO: IRON FIST TRAILER Another guy who can super-punch things is coming to Netflix. Marvel’s Defenders are looking like a one-dimensional, punchy bunch.


DON’T TREAD 1: AWFUL EDUCATION SECRETARY TO BE CONFIRMED Good fight but one vote short. Hopefully this close call sends a message to DeVos that she needs to be not-deranged. LOL.

DON’T TREAD 2: A LYING LIAR WHO LIES Trump says the media isn’t reporting terrorist attacks. He shall be mocked.

DON’T TREAD 3: METHOD IN MADNESS Trump’s war on facts and truth, explained.


DON’T TREAD 5: MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN VS. U OF R Trump’s evil dumbness has local impact. More here.


DA: Stranger Things Goes Upside Down

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Saskatchewan! It’s -16, supposedly going down to -23 tonight. It’s supposed to warm up a lot by Thursday. In case you missed it, the sun came up this morning at 8:23 and hey, check this out: it sets at 6:00 p.m.! We’ve broken the barrier! Spring is almost here!


2. SANCTUARY CITIES Should that be us and if so, what would it mean?

3. HALIFAX POLICE POLITELY PULL OUT OF PRIDE A perceptive and sensitive move given the divisions that’ve erupted over police participation in Pride parades. Still sad, though. I think about the RCMP marchers in Steinbach, Manitoba’s first-ever Pride parade this year—you can’t tell me they didn’t send the right message to community’s bigots. Bringing police into Pride was a historic win for the LGBTQ community. Hopefully the Halifax situation is a “step backward to leap forward” thing.

4. ARKANSAS IS BONKERS Morality-of-convenience Christians get more of their ridiculous, dangerous and medically unsupported abortion restrictions passed.


6. “PATRIOTS WIN, SO EVIL WON” The Patriots are Superbowl champs again. Here’s a column by The Stranger’s Spike Friedman that uses the word “goddamn” nine times in the first three paragraphs. And here’s the trailer for Stranger Things season two, which aired during the game. looks promising.


DOSP.1 WHY DO THEY LIKE THAT ASSHOLE? There’s a good “talking to regular Americans” story on CBC. It’s easy to understand and sympathize with a lot of the frustrations that led to people voting for Donald Trump, although that said, the ignorance is massive. Plus Fox News really fucked America. When Budweiser faces boycotts because it’s not racist, you know that people who want a more civilized country have a lot of work to do.

DOSP.2 KREMLIN DEMANDS AN APOLOGY FROM U.S. MEDIA OUTLET The despicable Bill O’Reilly’s crows come home to roost.


DOSP.4 At least one Patriot won’t be going to the Trump White House.

Happy Birthday To Us!

Daily AggregationGooooood eveniiinnng! We’re getting this in a little before sunset, which lands at 5:53. Current temperature is -11, and it’s supposed to drop to -18 tonight. We’ve been screwing around with this thing’s logo lately. I like Designer Paul’s new one.

1. OLD NEWS Prairie Dog turns 24 today! Feels like… more. Our first issue was published Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1993. Yes, that’s Groundhog Day, yes, that was on purpose. I wasn’t here. I was in Winnipeg. It was a pretty good month. I was at the old Winnipeg Arena to see Teemu Selanne’s four-goal game on Feb. 28. He set the rookie goal-scoring record two games later. That guy.

2. SPEAKING OF GROUNDHOG DAY Climate change ruins everything.

3. MOURNING THE DEAD Huge turnout at the funeral for the victims of a far-right gun nut terrorist in Quebec.

4. SPEAKING OF GUN NUTS Kevin O’Leary needs to work on his timing. Or maybe he has.

5. TRUDEAU BREAKS A PROMISE No electoral reform for you! Really not sure most Canadians want voting reform so I doubt it’ll hurt him politically. Nevertheless, feel free to call your MP, or maybe just Ralph Goodale, since he’s the ultra-Liberal in this province. Goodale’s Ottawa office’s number is 613-947-1153, and his constituency office is 585-2202. Or if you’d rather just read something snarky to help you fume, check out this Andrew Coyne column.

6. FIGHTING FOR LIFE Ignite The Life tackles the Indigenous youth suicide crisis in a two-day Saskatoon conference.

7. CARMICHAEL OUTREACH RE-ZONING CLEARS A HURDLE One more step before the anti-poverty organization can move to a new location on 12th Ave.

8. BEST OF FOOD & DRINK 2017 Our restaurant scene reader poll is back with way more categories than last year’s version. The write-in round is now open! This is your annual chance to rain some positive public attention on your favourite local (and where appropriate, chain) restaurants. Check it out!

Here’s your Daily* Trump report. *DISCLAIMER: Report is not daily.

T1. TRUMP DUMPS ON A CONSERVATIVE ALLY Given how shitty, anti-environmental and generally racist conservative Australian politicians are, I can’t muster outrage when Donald Trump treats the leader of an allied like crap. That said, turning close friends into enemies is not a recipe for political success. THAT said, Trump probably just boosted the approval ratings of an anti-immigrant world leader, and you have to wonder, just a little bit, if that wasn’t part of the plan. My nickel’s on poor impulse control and ego-driven chaos, but ya never know. What do you guys think?




T5. REUTERS TO REPORTERS: TRUMP’S AN AUTHORITARIAN The news outlet briefs reporters on how to cover the Ugnaught-In-Chief.

T6. DIVORCED, MOLEST-Y CHEATER FINDS JESUS? A super-duper profane president wants to help all the lovely “Christian” churches who attack the poor, vulnerable and oft-discriminated against become even more openly political. Learn more about the Johnson Amendment—which Trump wants to “destroy”—here. I look forward to the Satanic Temple’s inevitable mischievous political jujitsu.

T7. TRUMP THREATENS TO REVOKE BERKELEY UNIVERSITY’S FUNDING AFTER A FAR-RIGHT SPEAKER’S CAMPUS TALK WAS CANCELLED This alleged defence of free speech from the guy who signs gag orders on scientists.

T8. SPEAKING OF CENSORING SCIENTISTS Remember Stephen Harper? He pioneered it. Expect Trump will do the same things, but at higher intensity.

Trump Vs. Everybody

Hiya Regina! It’s-11 with a -16 windchill. It’s supposed to get to -5 this afternoon and sliiide down -8 tonight. The sun came up at 8:41 and it sets at 5:42. Slowly closing in on that 6:00 threshhold! So we lost Mary Tyler Moore yesterday. She was a big deal. You can read more here, here, here, here, here and here. I was a kid when her show was on the air and it was good for my child-brain to have TV that depicted smart, independent women. Wikipedia has a page on her production company, which put out a lot of great shows including one of my all-time favourites, WKRP In Cincinnati. Rest in peace, hero.

1. SAVE CANADIAN MEDIA! A government report recommends lots of things, including a $100 million Journalism and Democracy fund. A.) Yeah, you think? You think maybe there’s no democracy without professional media to keep the public informed? B.) Sounds like groundwork for a slush fund to billionaires who can’t run newspapers, as opposed to funding for journalists and, ahem, SMALL MEDIA OUTLETS THAT HAVE NO STAFF AND WOULD LOVE TO HIRE SOME OF THEIR UNDERPAID FREELANCERS.


3. POTASH PLLLLLBBBBBBBBBBTH PotashCorp made $1.23 billion in 2015. Last year it only made $336 million. Ruh-roh! There go the royalties!

4. JUSTIN REGINA The PM is in town for a quick stop.

5. LIBERAL FRAUDSTER SENTENCED TO PRISON Jacques Corriveau pocketed $7 million in kickbacks from the sponsorship scandal. He’s been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Aww but it’s not fair, he’s ollld, give him a break. Related note: how many of you would trade 10 years in minimum security prison for a million bucks? Thought so.

6. FAST FOOD NATION McDonald’s and A&W launch all-day breakfasts across Canada next month. I’m dooooomed. #McMuffinsAreMyKryptonite

7. YES HE CAM! Probably my favourite player on the Columbus Blue Jackets has been added to the NHL All-Star Game, hooray wait you don’t care

And here’s today’s Trump Dump:

T1. AMERICAN CITIES ARE MAAAD Trump threatened them with funding cuts, now they’re pissed. Trump may learn that enemies are a lot of work. Wonder how much of the U.S. GDP is going to go to lawyers under these Republicans? One half of the country is going to be suing each other while the other half is going to be rioting. What a waste of human time, effort and potential.

T2. MEXICO IS MAAAD No, the country is not going to pay for Trump’s stupid wall. Trump, an idiot, is predictably acting like a child. Mexico’s president, also predictably, just cancelled his U.S. visit.

T3. ONE REPUBLICAN STUDENT ORGANIZATION IMPLICITLY THREATENS PROTESTERS WITH VIOLENCE “If you keep prodding the right you may be unpleasantly surprised what the outcome will be,” say dipshits on the College Republicans at the University of Washington Facebook page. This nonsense after a protester was shot at their idiot event with gay white supremicist (!!!) Milo Yannipoulos. Seems to me universities should disband groups that make threats and get people shot, but America! Fuck yeah! I guess.

T4. CHELSEA MANNING IS A “TRAITOR” Whatever, anyone Trump doesn’t like is going to be a traitor.