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Fan Expo 2017

This belated post was original meant to be published back in May but Prairie Dog’s servers were getting upgraded or maintained or something and it has taken me forever to get back to getting this posted. In the time since...

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Watch The Skies Regina

On Saturday April 21, 2015 the Queen City was subject to aliens known as The Second Conclave invading the city. Aliens, presumably from Mars, came to Earth in what appeared at the time to be in the name of peace. If you missed...

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Aliens Invade Regina UPDATED

Prairie Dog has been tipped off to an alien invasion happening right here in Regina! Reports are currently sketchy but we will try our best to give the most accurate up to the minute news of this crisis. The U.N will be meeting...

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Meet Megan Roth

You’ll see a new byline in Prairie Dog and on Dog Blog for the next little while! Megan Roth, a journalism student at SAIT, has joined our editorial department (title: Intrepid Intern) and will be writing all kinds of stuff for...

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Armchair Travel Series

The Armchair Travel series is held most Monday afternoons at the Central Library film theatre from fall through spring. Typically, it features a local person who provides an hour-long talk with visual supports on a trip that...

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Spidey’s Coming Home

Well that was unexpected*. Sony has decided to  share Spider-Man with Marvel. The deal will let Sony continue to distribute, finance, own and have final creative control over Spidey but Marvel gets to use and make their own...

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