Target & Moms Team Up

TargetFurther to Paul Constant’s article in our June 26 issue about gun-addled America, Target, one of the premium discount retailers in the U.S., has asked gun lobbyists in states where open carry laws exist to not parade en masse through their stores with high-powered rifles as a way of flaunting/demonstrating their right to bear arms.

As you can read in this Guardian reportTexas, Alabama and North Carolina are some of the states with open carry laws, and the Target initiative,  which more and more retailers are adopting, is being spear-headed by a group called Moms Demand Action.

Cinema Under The Stars

Scotiabank free outdoor movie event in Victoria Park.Here’s a shot from last night’s Cinema Under the Stars that was distributed by the event sponsor Scotia Bank. Because of the wet conditions in Victoria Park, the screening was shifted to the plaza.

As I noted in an earlier blog post, the next screening goes on July 9. Just like there were some pint-sized princesses in attendance for last night’s showing of Frozen, there’s likely to be a few pint-sized superheroes dropping by next Wednesday to check out The Avengers. 

Day 5

Victoria Park (DucksV)Actually, I’m pretty sure these two mallards have been in Victoria Park for longer than five days. Tonight, they were in the southwest corner.

And here’s an update on the Art Shack I blogged about a few days ago that the Dunlop Art Gallery’s using for programming this summer. Construction has continued and you can see what it looks like after the jump.

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Exciting Goings-On At Central Library

ArtShackWhen I was out last night I also spotted the above structure outside Central Library. I’m not sure if construction has quite been completed, but it’s an Art Shack that the Dunlop Art Gallery plans to use this summer for two week-long art camps with their artist-in-residence Heather Cline.  The camps are free, and all materials will be supplied.

The first camp is for children ages 9-12, and it will run July 7-11 from 9:30 am-12:30 pm. The second camp is for teens ages 13-17, and it will run August 11-15 from 1-4 pm. The goal of both camps is to use different art techniques and materials to explore themes related to the community and the natural environment.

Participants are asked to register in advance, and more information can be obtained by calling 306-777-6040 or by visiting the Regina Public Library website.

And speaking of Central Library, there’s a launch tonight for the latest round of public consultations about the future of the library at 7 p.m. The consultation is being administered by the Vancouver-based company DIALOG. It previously worked on projects involving the Vancouver Public Library and Calgary Public Library. In addition to tonight’s event at Central there will be an on-line survey and mobile polling. You can find out more in this Leader-Post report.

More Ducks & Mystery Solved

VictoriaParkII(Ducks)When I took a break from production on our June 26 issue around 7 p.m. this evening for a quick walk in Victoria Park I found that the mallard ducks from last night had migrated to the east side of the park (click to enlarge)

And if you want an answer to the mystery we posed a couple of days ago about a mysterious message outside our front door, check out the photo after the jump that Steve took late last night. Continue reading “More Ducks & Mystery Solved”

Exciting Goings-On On Scarth St. Mall

Prairie Dog (message)When I wandered across the mall this morning around 8:30 a.m. I was greeted by the above sight outside the door to our second-floor office.

We have condo residents on the third floor of the building, so I’m not positive the message, which was “written” with the use of black hockey tape, was directed at Prairie Dog. But if it was, we’d appreciate some input from either the maker or perhaps one of the readers of this blog as to what the hell it means.

Steve thought it might be “I WANT SYRUP” but I don’t read the last letter as a “P”. For me, it reads more as “I WANT SYRUT” but that doesn’t make sense — maybe one of you can suggest an alternative reading.

Downtown Dialogue

Downtown DialogueA notice has been circulating in the downtown area about a couple of public meetings that Regina Downtown has organized to, in the words of the notice, “hear about updates regarding Safety & Security from the Regina Police Service.”

The meetings are being held at Regina Downtown’s boardroom at their offices on the Scarth St. Mall on June 24. One’s at 9:30 a.m. and the other’s at 5:30 p.m.

In addition to the RPS update about Safety & Security, “Action steps to enhance Safety & Security” is on the agenda. And there’s also supposed to be a Q & A roundtable.

As someone who lives and works downtown, I’m planning to attend the morning session. I’ll provide some follow-up later.

Big Step For Quebec

At Sherbrooke University Hospital today in Quebec, doctors, dentists and pharmacists unanimously approved the right of patients to use medical marijuana in their rooms. Here’s a link to the CBC story.

The decision arose out of a request of a patient suffering from stage 4 liver cancer (now deceased) to be allowed to use cannabis in his room. He didn’t actually smoke it, but used a vaporizer, which pretty much eliminates all the potentially harmful toxins. Other patients find relief with edibles, ointments and tinctures that don’t impact on other patients or staff in any way.

I’ve spoken with people in the medical cannabis community in Regina and they say they’ve encountered obstacles in the past when they’ve tried to deliver medication to people licensed by Health Canada to use medical cannabis when they’re hospitalized.

It’s a smart decision by the medical professionals at Sherbrooke, and it needs to be done at hospitals across the country.

Meanwhile, in the world of Big Pharma, opiate overdose deaths are on the rise in Canada. And most of the increase is being attributed to prescription drug abuse. People go in for surgery, or maybe wrench their back a bit, so they get prescribed an opiate such as oxycontin to control the pain.

Opiates are drugs like heroin and morphine, and they’re hugely addictive. If you check out the above link you’ll learn that Canadians are the second largest users of opiates in the world behind Americans and that opiate overdoses are a growing cause of death in Canada.

Welcome Sight

BalfourWhile I’m handing out props to downtown property owners, I’d like to thank the condo owners at The Balfour on 23-block Victoria Ave. for the effort they’ve put into their front courtyard. It’s probably not visible to people driving by, but for pedestrians on the sidewalk it’s a nice treat.

On a related note, as had been observed in Steve’s recent series of Foliage Reports, some trees seem to be doing better than others on the F. W. Hill Mall. The city needs to do a bit of a rethink on its mall tree strategy I think as some trees like the poor bugger pictured after the jump don’t have a hope in hell of growing when they’re pretty much blocked from receiving direct sunlight. Continue reading “Welcome Sight”

Bath Time

Bath TimeI don’t have massively strong memories of what the Prince Edward Building at the corner of Scarth St. and 11th Ave looked like in its prime. It was built in 1906, and was designed in the Beaux-Arts style by the Dominion of Canada’s chief architect David Ewart. Over its 100 plus years of life it’s served as a post office (from 1906-56), city hall (from the early 1960s to 1976) and, since 1980, as the home of the Globe Theatre.

The building is designated as a municipal heritage property, but over the last while it’s become a bit of an eye-sore, with a fair amount of grime on its exterior walls from traffic exhaust and other pollutants, along with a significant amount of droppings (and even the odd broken egg) from pigeons that roost in its various nooks and crannies.

In January, the Globe announced that it was purchasing the building from its previous owners.  There’s still some structural work that needs to be done, but today a crew was out with a pressure washer giving the building a scrub-down. Once the gunk is cleaned up from the sidewalk it will brighten things up a bit at that corner.

News Flash: City Has A Point

Litter ICBC had a report today about an expression of concern from the City of Regina about the cost of doing clean-up on all the litter that’s laying around. I’m willing to cut us a bit of slack because of all the wind we have. Sometimes that blows stuff around pretty good. But there’s more to it than that.

When I was out for a walk in Victoria Park tonight I came across five or six scenes like those pictured above and after the jump (including a beer bottle laying in the grass by one pathway). So I don’t know, I mean, surely we can do better than this.

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