Best 1936 Olympic News You’ll Find

You may have previously heard of @RealTimeWWII, a Twitter account that’s dolling out facts about World War 2 day by day, chronologically. They say its “livetweeting”. I’m not 100 per cent sure that’s accurate, but hey, I’m no social media expert or nothing.

In a similar vein, the people who do that account have put together @Berlin_1936, a feed “livetweeting” the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It is also great. You should really jump on board now.

What kind of details are they tweeting? Minutiae from the matches, personal recollections from this day in 1936 — a lot of interesting details from maybe the most interesting Olympics. For example, a little gem like this was tweeted a couple of days ago:

Hitler: “Jungle races have stronger physiques than civilised whites. Negroes are unfair competition. We’ll exclude them from future Games.”

West’s Way For Rape Jokes

We throw so much love at Lindy West that she may as well have a tag on the Dog Blog. (By “We”, I mostly mean editor Stephen Whitworth, who would probably trade myself and one or two others around here for a Lindy West, if that were a thing alternative papers did.)

We’ve got another occasion to highlight some great work by the former Stranger writer: her Jezebel post “How to Make a Rape Joke”.

For a few days, the controversy she’s responding to — comedian and T.V. host Daniel Tosh offending an audience member with rape jokes — dominated Twitter and, as West puts it, divided a lot of people into two camps: “outraged feminists arguing that ‘rape jokes are never funny,’ and defensive comics wailing about how the ‘thought police’ is ‘silencing’ them.”

She later says:

The world is full of terrible things, including rape, and it is okay to joke about them. But the best comics use their art to call bullshit on those terrible parts of life and make them better, not worse. The key—unless you want to be called a garbage-flavored dick on the internet by me and other humans with souls and brains—is to be a responsible person when you construct your jokes. Since the nuances of personal responsibility seem to escape so many people, let’s go through it. Let’s figure out rape jokes.

Then that’s what she does, in funny and well-considered fashion. This is the best response to the situation I’ve seen. If you don’t want to take my word for, just look at all the word out there calling this the “definitive” response.

Once A Pervy Idiot, Continued

Last time I mentioned Hunter Moore on the Dog Blog, the founder of the revenge porn site Is Anyone Up? had sold his pride and joy, one of the most odious corners of the web, to an anti-bullying site.

That hasn’t stopped the controversy for Moore — a Village Voice piece says Moore is under investigation by the F.B.I., a suggestion that prompts Moore to say, “Honestly, I will be fucking furious, and I will burn down fucking The Village Voice headquarters if you fucking write anything saying I have an FBI investigation.” I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve dropped that threat in interviews myself.

The article goes on to outline how one person was probably responsible for a great number of hacked photos on Is Anyone Up? The relationship between this mystery hacker and Moore is unclear. The Village Voice does note that, after their e-mail or Facebook accounts were hacked, the photos of the women in question showed up on Moore’s site in short order.

He’s his usual, erudite self in his interview for the piece. One bit that caught my eye:

[E]ven if Moore’s money somehow found its way to a hacker, he insists he’s not responsible. “If I paid for content, it wouldn’t matter because they submitted it. It wouldn’t matter. It would be like me leaving a fucking $100 bill on the sidewalk and somebody coming and picking that up and fucking throwing a picture on my lawn — it would be the same exact thing. It still comes back on that person who walked by my driveway.”

What an astoundingly stupid man.

inSAYSHAble … Nice Work If You Can Get It!

General Fools member/actress/whatever Amy Matysio is funnier in 10 minutes of sleep than Chelsea Handler will ever be in her life. She’s got a new internet-only show coming on line in early May. Totally NSFW. And I want to see more of Amy …. ummm, er, in this series …

Pro-Life? Anti-Abortion? Women-Hating Redneck Fuckwits? Wikipedia Shall Settle This!

Jezebel has an amusing piece up on Wikipedia’s announcement that they’re going to settle the terms of debate around abortion rights once and for all:

In an announcement that sounds like something from the first Star Wars,, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee has asked the Wikipedia community to weigh in on what articles on opposing views in the US abortion debate should be called once and for all. The rule of the commentariat will result in a binding change to titles about the way abortion’s discussed — at least on Wikipedia. It’s a question of balancing honesty with familiarity — entire books could be written about how anti-abortion policies actually remove the humanity and agency from pregnant women, and how outlawing abortion will result in women seeking unsafe abortions that could lead to injury and death, and how “pro-life” hospitals refuse to intervene in life-threatening pregnancies until the woman miscarries on her own, and how women and babies are healthiest when they can choose if and when to have children and how people who say they’re “pro-life” are not actually pro-life at all, and how in the face of these facts, the phrase “pro life” is sort of cruelly ironic (also, “pro-life” implies that there are “anti-life” people out there just encouraging every woman everywhere to have abortions all the time because it tickles and pleases Lord Satan or something). At the same time, the “Pro-life” movement, while it hasn’t succeeded at overturning Roe V. Wade or outlawing contraception, it has succeeded in giving itself a name, albeit an inaccurate one.

It’s a smart, funny article — but it’s on Jezebel, so duh, of course it’s good. The full thing’s here.

Internet Creep Unconvincly Says He Won’t Be Creepy Anymore

Some of you may know about Is Anyone Up?, though hopefully not through personal experience. I first heard about it through the NPR show On the Media, when co-host Bob Garfield interviewed Is Anyone Up? founder Hunter Moore.

Garfield refers to the website as “revenge porn”, and that’s the best way to put it. Moore’s site would accept submissions from the somehow-embittered, or at worst sociopathic, users. Then, Is Anyone Up? went a step further by linking these images and videos to their subjects’ social media profiles.

So it’s with absolutely no sense of loss whatsoever that I tell you that Moore has shut the site down. Gawker has a post about Moore’s farewell letter, the gist of which being he’s realized the kind of harm a site like his could do.

It reminded me of Garfield’s interview with Moore, specifically the moment when Garfield asks him something along the lines of “What if someone submitted pictures of your mother or your sister?” Moore immediately said he wouldn’t post them, but couldn’t come to the point that Garfield was trying to make. He even sounded disgusted with Garfield for suggesting such a thing, when to anyone with a shred of decency or understanding knew Garfield’s meaning: “Why callously inflict on anyone if you wouldn’t to see it done to those close to you?”

If Moore is trying to play the repentance game — like professional asshole Tucker Max started doing not too far back — he’s got a long way to go. Either way, though, the site is down, so that’s some good news.

Cardboard: Still A Great Medium For Child Creativity

I chatted with Marshall Burns and Chris Sleightholm of the Lonesome Weekends last night. They’re gearing up to release their second full-length, Songs from a Barstool, on Saturday, April 21 at the Artesian. We’ll have more on that here on the Dog Blog and in the next issue of the prairie dog.

We were talking about classic country concepts for a bit, and the idea of crying into your beer came up. I asked them what they did when they cried; Sleightholm said he mostly wrote songs and listened to records.

I got a reminder of what I do when I cry last night, while watching the short film Caine’s Arcade about a boy who built a cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto parts store. Ah jeez, it’s wonderful.

I was probably crying a little more because I was watching it with the knowledge that a college fund started for him was nearing its goal. When I checked back in this morning, it had gone past $110,000. Watch the film below and see why people are donating.

Speaking Of Golf

I’m definitely not playing Wonderputt right now, what with all the music coverage and Best of Food words prairie dog writers have to cook up currently. Even if I put in my hours at my day job then interviewed someone then chatted with my dear editor Stephen Whitworth about all the work I’ve got to do, all of which has probably earned me a nice break, I’m definitely not relaxing for a second with this. Nope, I won’t be celebrating any satisfying Flash game hole-in-ones on a fun little landscape until everything is in and filed. Just like I don’t think Bubba Watson would bother with any of those alt-paper Flash games — there has to be at least one out there, right — until he’s hit the driving range.

Anyhow, back to work with me.

The Real Mitt Romney

Previously, the Bad Lip Reading videos were the viral winners of this Republican primary season. (One of the few overall winners, too, if you consider how poorly things are going for the actual candidates.) I think this is the first legitimate challenger to that honour. “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up” — a riff on Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” if the title didn’t clue you in — isn’t as eminently quotable as the BLR videos. My friends still say “Life is murder, and you’re forced to fight the war” to one another after watching the Ron Paul one. But the craft that went into “Real Mitt Romney” is super impressive. Plus, it’s catchy.

[via Slate]

Apparently, Shutting Down Wikipedia Gets People’s Attention

The Internet tells me that U.S. politicians are changing their votes on SOPA and PIPA. From The Guardian:

The protest gained fresh momentum Wednesday when senator Marco Rubio of Florida withdrew his support for Pipa. Rubio is a rising Republican star who is seen as a possible vice president pick this year and a future presidential candidate. Rubio said that since the introduction of the bill “legitimate concerns” had been expressed about the impact it could have on access to the internet “and about a potentially unreasonable expansion of the federal government’s power to impact the internet.” On his Facebook page, Rubio wrote: “Congress should listen and avoid rushing through a bill that could have many unintended consequences.”

I went to Wired’s website after seeing that story’s image showing Wired’s “censored” their home page. Wow, well done.

Wednesday Lunchtime Kitty!

Someone put up this video of their awesome cat lip-syncing Tom Jones’ “She’s A Lady”, and I thought I’d share it! HILARIOUS!

UPDATE: Well shit. Thanks to the indirect effects of the United State’s odious PIPA legislation, I’ve had to pull the cute kitten video down because it infringed on copyright. Oh well. You can read about Tom Jones here.

And here’s a video I don’t have to take down that explains the problem with berserk, over-reaching copyright protection legislation.

Web Off

Contrary to the suggestion I heard a radio host prissily make this morning Contrary to the prissy tweet I heard my very favourite Morning Edition host read on-air this morning* that Wikipedia shutting down for a day isn’t a big deal because we still have libraries: well, actually, yes it IS a big deal. It’s HUGE that a lot of websites are going dark today to protest evil U.S. copyright legislation that would, among other things, make it easier for idiots and bastards to censor Internet content they have no business censoring.

And confidential to CBC radio’s expert who said something like**, “you can’t use clips of other television programs to make your own program!”, what? Seriously, what?!? In fact, that technique can be totally legitimate, you idiot. You can absolutely author a unique creative work from the pieces of other work. In video it’s a mash-up. In music it’s called sampling. In old-fashioned painting and drawing and photography, it’s a collage. Duuuh.

This is exactly why people who understand how technology and the Internet and creativity and freedom of speech and expression are freaking out over the U.S.’ malignant Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). They won’t work and they’ll cause a ton of harm to the free flow of creativity and information.

As PD designer Awesome Klassen says, “this legislation could ruin it not only for the Americans, but for everyone else.” So good on Wikipedia for taking a dramatic stand.

Want to educate yourself on the details? The tech-saavy blog BoingBoing lays the situation out in detail.

*I was very sleepy and frozen so there’s a chance that I misheard/misunderstood Sheila Coles, and she wasn’t actually scoffing at Wikipedia’s relevance–but if she did, that’s horrifyingly out of touch. And by prissy, well yeah. It did seem kind of Church Ladyesque. UPDATE: Sheila Coles says in the comments: “Uh just to set the record straight, the “prissy” comment you heard was me reading a tweet from a listener. You know, as opposed to ME saying it. Bit of a difference, yes? But thanks for listening!” I am very glad that Sheila Coles is not horrifyingly out of touch. I am sad that I am sometimes dumb.

**Again, assuming I heard this correctly in my alertness-compromised state. Didn’t catch the guy’s name. UPDATE: The CBC radio link here. And I did hear this correctly. The exact stupid fucking quote is: “You don’t have the right, for instance, to take footage from a TV show, mash [it] together, create your own show. That’s not really creativity. I mean it may be in that it takes creative skill to do that. But that’s not you creating something. That’s you taking something that someone else has created, and using it for your own purposes.”

Everything Is Still Terrible

As 2012 creeps up on us here in Saskatchewan, remember a couple of things: 1) don’t let the man get you down, and 2) don’t mess with irascible tape hounds.

My favourite video blog Everything Is Terrible! recently had their YouTube account shut down when the subject of one their videos complained about them. EIT! used found video, often VHS tapes, and edits them, highlighting all the weird, hilarious, disturbing, and wonderful moments.

The video that got them in trouble was one man’s seminar on how best to discipline your kid with a rod. EITean Yonder Vittles explains what happened after that in the video above.

The best part? Now, people are mirroring the original video.

Quote Of The Day

Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys balls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up.

— The world of gaming is a never-ending fount of obnoxious blowhards, as evidenced by this thread of e-mails between an upset gamer and the developer that took the gamer’s money for some controllers that never arrived. One of the guys from Penny Arcade jumps in on the action, too. To say the very least, Ocean Marketing doesn’t come off great in the exchange.

Diving Into Some Aquaman

I didn’t really get into the New 52 hoopla when D.C. was rebooting their universe. I’m more of a trade paperback over single issue kinda guy, so I’ll be waiting a good while to experience any of that. That said, my limited Detective Comics-related knowledge has been growing slightly, thanks to one Mr. Tom Katers.

In his podcast, Tom vs. Aquaman, Katers gives a complete rundown of one of the water-based heroes Silver Age issues. (Going in order, of course, so there won’t be any mix-ups between an Aqualad and an Aquababy, say.) Previously, Katers has tackled the Justice League and the Flash, just as ably as he now takes on Aquaman. Going through each story page by page, panel by panel, the genuinely-funny Katers expresses the playful fun and silliness these comics could indulge in, without any kind of smirk or wink.

If I understand correctly, some fans of his podcast didn’t dig the transition from the Flash — whose enemies the Rogues was a really colorful bunch — to the savior of boats and lost treasure. But the stories have been escalating, potentially reaching a peak here with “Death of Aquaman”. A tip-of-the-iceberg example: the panel above, where Aquaman catches then tosses Aquababy aside. Aquababy might be an Atlantean, but he’s still a baby, Aquaman.

PETA Angry With Mario; James Delighted By Star Wars Pug

In animal news today, the A.V. Club pointed me towards a new PETA campaign. They’re trying to drum up some anger over the Super Mario franchise’s continued use of the Tanooki suit, the little raccoon getup that lets Mario fly among other powers. The argument is that Mario and Luigi and the rest of the gang are supporting the skinning of the actual Tanooki which are becoming increasingly rare. (I can understand their logic — I always keep a turtle shell on my person, just in case I need to toss it at a lurking skeleton.)

As part of their new campaign, PETA has made a video game. It’s a platform game where you play a skinned Tanooki, trying to chase down Mario, who’s wearing your fur.

I’m not sure if you ever catch him, though. I gave up after a few tries. I’m all for Flash games, but a platform game where you can’t control your horizontal movement, only deciding when you jump and for how long? That sucks. Also, I’m fine with games trying to convey ideology to me — I played the John Kerry stump speech that was Emogame 2.5 back in the day. This crappy game won’t convert anyone, though. Mostly, I just felt like pulling out New Super Mario Bros. for my DS while playing this.

Sorry to insult your game, PETA. Maybe we need some to come together over that’s animal related. Maybe we can all enjoy the video below of a pug ready for Halloween. (To be clear, the owner mentions in the comments that they only leave the costume on Chubbs for short periods of time and that they always make sure she’s done her business before putting it on her.)

Thanks to Mason for the video.

“Then I’ll Sing, Sing, Sing About It”

You may have already seen some of the Bad Lip Reading videos floating around the internet. In case you haven’t, here’s the best of the bunch: the current front-runner in the Republican primary race, Herman Cain.

Cain should know from weird videos, as his campaign has put out two of the weirder ones that hold the distinction of being political ads.

Two Dubious And/Or Dumb Sites

1 IN THE U.S. is a site that NPR’s Bill Chappell thinks was set up strictly to sell ads, capitalizing on the continuing protests on Wall Street and across the States. The 99% have some Google ads to show you! “Of course, it’s possible that something other than greed inspired this site’s creation. But whatever that something may be, it’s not immediately evident,” he writes. Read the rest here.

2 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA rated university students on their hotness, just in case students didn’t midterms were enough stress around this time. As this Carillon article points out, the whole idea is reminiscent of FaceMash, one of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s early sites, shown in the movie The Social Network.

The Carillon also chats with the creator, who only wants to be called Jonovon. Back to The Social Network: obviously, Jonovon stopped watching that flick as soon as Zuckerberg finished making his site, because was such a lighting rod for criticism that Jonovon decided to take the site down. (Not without leaving a braggy little note in its place, talking about how his site got 90,000 views over the weekend it was up.) “They are definitely justified in being displeased. I still think some overreacted, but that is how a few people reacted so, ultimately, that is all that matters,” he tells them.

He honestly sounds a little surprised people were upset. No one else is shocked that people found this site upsetting. This is a stupid idea in general, an even worse one in the relatively small community at the University of Regina.