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Architecture Week

This week-long celebration of architecture as both an art form and expression of ingenuity when it comes to the functional quality of our built environment is being hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of Architects....

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Saskatchewan Fashion Week

This is the fifth annual showcase of Saskatchewan fashion and beauty industries. The dates this year are May 12-14, and there’s runway shows featuring creations 22 Saskatchewan-based designers, along with local retailers...

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This event is being hosted by the Regina chapter of Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers. As the organization’s name indicates, it’s a group of local grandmothers and those with a similar life perspective who conduct periodic...

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Oink! Oink!

At left is an excerpt from a John Ivison column on the federal Liberal government’s budget which ran in the National Post section of Thursday’s Regina Leader-Post. You can read the column here, but the general tone...

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