Category: Crime

The Thin Blue Line

Directed by Errol Morris, this well-known 1988 documentary dissects a police investigation into the murder of a Dallas police officer in 1976. The person who ended up being the focus of the investigation was Randall Adams....

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The Hunting Ground

Rolling Stone magazine faced an embarrassing situation in April when it had to retract a story it had published about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. A review found that it failed to follow proper...

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Bedtime Reading

Above is an excerpt from a Science Fiction novel that I picked up at the library yesterday for light bedtime reading. It’s by a master of the genre who has been active as a writer since the 1960s. The novel was published...

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Banned Books Cafe 2

Freedom to Read Week runs Feb. 22-28 this year. To commemorate the occasion, Regina Public Library writer-in-residence Arthur Slade has organized a selection of readings from books that have been challenged at various times on...

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