Present Face!

(This post has been revised.)

Any unpleasant surprises under the tree? Get anything you hated or thought was stupid, but had to pretend you loved it? You’re not alone. And Garfunkel And Oates have the song for you.

Speaking of Present Face, here’s mine. One of my Enemies gave me this book for Christmas (he also conspired with his girlfriend to give me a stocking full of sardines because he thinks he’s funny). The Urantia Book has “comprehensive answers to age-old questions about the nature and personality of God, the life and teachings of Jesus, the relationship between science and religion, spiritual living, and much more.” Oh goody. So here’s my present face.

Pick of the Day: Combat Improv

Judging by the list of improv artists who are supposed to take the stage at the Exchange tonight this last Combat Improv of 2010 might well be billed as the “Home for the Holidays” edition.

All in all, a great opportunity to see some top-notch improv talent and catch up on what everyone’s been up to. Members of this incarnation of the Combat Improv ensemble include: Jayden Pfeifer, Rob Appleby and Amy Matysio (of General Fools fame), Dakota McFadzean (of prairie dog illustrator fame) Daniel Maslany, Lucy Hill, Judy Wensel, Mike Schmalenberg, Jonah McFadzean, Kent Evans, Laura Pfeifer, Mike Gill, Lee Boyes, David Carnegie, Dan Willows, Andy Fisher and Colby Richardson.

Your Throat Fry The Day: Why Roof Pudding Is Very Imported

It’s production Sunday at prairie dog. For the next three days I won’t be doing anything but reading drafts, nagging writers and crying into my coffee. Oh, and I’ll be torturing our poor copy editor with misspelled words, garbled grammar and general gibberish. As I always do.

Here’s a video on proofreading filched from that brave, brave copy editor’s Facebook page. Enjoy.

Sumpin Good To Watch

Up late tonight and drifting around on the Internet looking for something to watch? Here’s a 50-minute interview between MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. One thing I like about it is seeing how strongly Stewart believes in most people being basically good–he doesn’t demonize Tea Party voters, for example. He wants to bring people together.

Which is often not possible. But it’s honourable to try.

Via The Rachel Maddow Show.

Hockey, Denim, Teens, Texting, Sex, Drugs And Facebook

Busy day today so I just have time for a couple of quick items.

First: I have no idea how I missed this news, but apparently the Saskatoon Blades will wear imitation denim jerseys for their game against Ryan Johansen and the red-hot Portland Winterhawks this Friday. Imitation denim. Yup. Give’er.

(The Winterhawks play the Pats tonight, by the way. Puck drops at 7:00. Did I mention that Columbus Blue Jackets’ prospect Ryan Johansen will be in the lineup? The Jackets rock. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Yes I really am a huge Blue Jackets fan. No I will not apologize. Go away.)

Second: A new study (and how many nightmares of the modern age have been unleashed after those words?) says that “hyper-texting” teenagers — teens who fire off more than 120 texts per day or spend more than three hours on social networking sites like Facebook — are more likely to be involved in sex, drugs and presumably rock and roll. Continue reading “Hockey, Denim, Teens, Texting, Sex, Drugs And Facebook”

Pick of the Day: Improv at the Fainting Goat

Aside from the work they do in their home towns, people who work in improv often travel to other cities to participate in improv festivals. Invariably they meet other troupes, and because of the spontaneous nature of the art form, even collaborate with each other. Not surprisingly then, the improv community tends to be pretty close knit.

Tonight, members of Regina’s best-known improv troupe, the General Fools, are teaming with two members of Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre,  to perform at the Fainting Goat at 8 p.m.

Amy Shostak and Arlen Konopaki (pictured) are in Regina to perform A Watched Pot Never Boyles at the Globe Theatre. Here’s a link to the review James Brotheridge posted of that Sandbox Series play late last week. Check it out, and tonight’s performance at the Goat too, if you get a chance.

Sci-Fi Author Ray Bradbury Turns 90 Today

And to mark the occasion, here’s a rude, funny video by New York comedian Rachel Bloom about how wicked-sexy Ray Bradbury is.

And now a disclaimer, because I don’t want our readers to freak out when we post something smutty on our website, like, you know, everyone else does on this Internet thing:

1.) This video is filled with vulgarity, swears and sexual subject matter.

2.) And copious cleavage (but no actual nudity, but the cleavage is faaantastic).

3.) This humour might not appeal to all tastes (but I think it’s hilarious).

4.) This video is obviously NSFW (Not Safe For Work: learn this acronym!)

5.) If you’re a kid, you shouldn’t be watching this kind of stuff unless your parents say it’s okay (which, if they’re cool, they will). Go kick a ball around, or better yet, go to the library and check out some of Bradbury’s books.

Right! Here we go!

Wired magazine has the story on the video here. (See? Wired posts naughty videos. That means prairie dog can too. Nyah.)

Happy birthday, Mr. Bradbury!

The Publisher Just Loves My Mad Deadline Skillz

Thursday’s prairie dog is out the door. (The virtual Internet door, that is.) Here’s the view from our office at the moment it went. You will note that it’s very late. It is much later than it should be. Everything is all my fault. I am a bad dog.

As always, I apologize to my co-workers, our poor designer Paul, Doug at the print plant and the entire Hullabaloo Publishing board of directors, who would ritually murder me in a thrice-stabbed heartbeat if I wasn’t one of them (and if they didn’t need me–they’re screwed that way).

The new prairie dog hits streets Thursday afternoon. I’ll be curious to see if the editorial I just wrote makes any sense. The issue’s really, really strong though. I promise. Editorials aside.

The Tea Party Explained In Two Minutes And 15 Seconds By Ventriloquist Dummies

Following American politics is like staring at the sun: it makes your head hurt and your eyesight blurry. But it’s funny too! Here’s a short about the Tea Party movement–the zaniest, torch-marching mob that ever toted an assault rifle at political rally. Watch and learn and laugh. Brought to you by Yootoob and the “secular, socialist agenda”.

More political fun–including a dig at oil-spill apologists–at

Blasphemy Is Fun: Easter Weekend Edition

Here’s one for my fellow unbelievers and anyone who likes mean, funny, snotty writing. It’s an e-mail exchange between a smartass atheist and a youth pastor who takes Australian schoolchildren on field trips for Christian brainwashing.

Here’s how it starts:

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 10 March 2010 7.12pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl, I have received your permission slip featuring what I can only assume is a levitating rabbit about to drop an egg on Jesus. Thank you for pre-ticking the permission box as this has saved me not only from having to make a choice, but also from having to make my own forty five degree downward stroke followed by a twenty percent longer forty five degree upward stroke. Without your guidance, I may have drawn a picture of a cactus wearing a hat by mistake. As I trust my offspring’s ability to separate fact from fantasy, I am happy for him to participate in your indoctrination process on the proviso that all references to ‘Jesus’ are replaced with the term ‘Purportedly Magic Jew.’

Regards, David.

Darryl, a self-described school pastor (the legal term is apparently “Christian volunteer”) makes the mistake of getting into an e-mail exchange with our smartass narrator and things rocket straight to hell from there. Very funny stuff for people who like their humour savage and sarcastic.

Read the full story here.

The website 27b/6 collects the articles of humourist David Thorne and sells his book The Internet Is A Playground which collects the articles you could just as easily read for free on his website. There are also T-shirts and coffee mugs. If you go to his website and buy stuff from him that’s okay by prairie dog. Happy Easter!