Tourism Regina Launches New Promo Video

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video that Tourism Regina has put together to promote the city. It was released yesterday, and according to Tourism Regina, it will be used by Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (RROC), Tourism Regina, Regina Hotel Association, Events Regina, Conventions Regina and other stakeholders to “build excitement about visiting Regina and experiencing all we have to offer.”

The band that’s shown performing is Fly Points, by the way. The tune is called “Always Do”, and the video segment showing them was shot at McNally’s Tavern.

Lakeshore Mall Redevelopment Proposal

Lakeshore RedevelopmentAbove is a shot of the proposed redevelopment of a property in south-central Regina where the old Lakeshore Sobey’s grocery store was located. Harvard Developments is in charge of the project, and the proposal calls for two nine-story mixed-use towers, a two-story grocery store and a separate single story commercial building.

There’s an open house for the project June 10 at the former Sobey’s store (1380 23rd Ave.) from 4 to 8 p.m. The city is also accepting on-line comments until June 17. You can find more information on the project on the city’s websitebut it seems to be a pretty upscale development. There’s around 80 residential units in the two mixed-use buildings, I believe, and the smallest are around 1200 sq. ft. There’s also two ninth floor penthouses that are in the 4000 sq. ft. range and would afford attractive views of Wascana Centre and the University of Regina.

You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.

WolfCop Sequel Greenlit

Following two successful buyers screenings at the Cannes Film Festival in France, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CineCoup, one of the backers of the locally produced genre thriller WolfCop, has given the go-ahead for a sequel to be produced.

WolfCop, which is directed by Lowell Dean and stars Leo Fafard in the title role, hits Canadian theatres June 6. Because of the unique, six-month long contest-driven process that the filmmakers went through to qualify their project for production, plus all the extra promotion that’s subsequently been done at several ComicCon events, including one here in Regina in early May (scroll down for photo), there’s apparently huge buzz building over the film which makes the idea of a sequel attractive to producers.

There’s no word yet on where WolfCop II will be shot, but production will begin in the fall, with the sequel scheduled to hit theatres in 2015. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the trailer for WolfCop:

News Flash: City Has A Point

Litter ICBC had a report today about an expression of concern from the City of Regina about the cost of doing clean-up on all the litter that’s laying around. I’m willing to cut us a bit of slack because of all the wind we have. Sometimes that blows stuff around pretty good. But there’s more to it than that.

When I was out for a walk in Victoria Park tonight I came across five or six scenes like those pictured above and after the jump (including a beer bottle laying in the grass by one pathway). So I don’t know, I mean, surely we can do better than this.

Continue reading “News Flash: City Has A Point”

Cleanup On Aisle Zero

Scarth Mall (GarbageI)Some intoxicated gents had a temper tantrum/outburst of macho bravado last night on the F.W. Hill Mall around 2:45 a.m. I spent about 45 minutes this morning cleaning up with the aid of a broom and shovel.

So outside of the garbage that’s already blown away, and one garbage can in the middle of the mall that’s too heavy to move on my own, everything’s back to normal if anyone’s planning on coming downtown today. There’s two more shots after the jump. Continue reading “Cleanup On Aisle Zero”

Warner/DC’s New Batman TV Show Won’t Have Batman In A Costume Because “Superheroes Don’t Work On TV”

Could the people who run Warner Bros. be more stupid and awful? The studio launches a new DC universe TV show, called Gotham, and they hire a guy (it’s always a guy, never a woman) to run it who says things like this:

“When thinking about how to enter the DC world for TV, certainly on network TV, to do shows about superheroes — about people who wear spandex costumes — that doesn’t work very well. We want to see people’s faces. TV is about emotion and character, not stunts and special effects. This is a way of entering that world in a fresh way.”

Right. Superheroes in costumes don’t work. No one would like that. No money to be made that way. Jesus Christ, how much can a corporation hate the thing it sells, anyway? At Warner/DC, the contempt for comics and superheroes is palpable.

Here’s a trailer for this show that will supposedly be more “colourful” and “vivid” than Christopher Nolan’s  “visually stunning, but not particularly visually pleasurable”  take on Gotham. There’s lots of shitty computer animated blood splattering and a second-rate rip-off of Hans Zimmer’s Batman trilogy score.

(Side)Walk Of Shame

Victoria Park (east sidewalk)This is looking north on 19 block Scarth near the south-east corner of Victoria Park. I didn’t have a protractor with me, but I’d estimate the slope of the sidewalk by the tree to be around five degrees.

Actually, the whole stretch of sidewalk up to at least mid-block is a mess. You can see another bad spot after the jump — and at the top you get a good sense of the slope in the first shot. Click both pictures to enlarge. Continue reading “(Side)Walk Of Shame”

Gotta Find’Em To Grind’Em

Victoria Park (Path)I’m not sure if the city is planning on resuming its sidewalk grinding program this summer to make walking safer for people. If it is, here’s two spots (the south-west entrance to Victoria Park above, and mid-18 block Broad on the west side after the jump) that could use some grinder action or other form of releveling  (click to enlarge the photos). Continue reading “Gotta Find’Em To Grind’Em”

Downtown Food Beat

Food (Chicken)So, I know the story behind this photo. An inebriated gent was enjoying a meal of roast chicken on the Scarth Street Mall mid-afternoon and wandered off without his “leftovers”. At the time this photo was taken (8 p.m.), the carcass had been sitting out for four hours or so.

As for the photo after the jump…  don’t know what’s up with that. But it’s consistent with a pattern I’m detecting in the downtown. Continue reading “Downtown Food Beat”

Walking The Beat

Victoria Park (arrest)It’s a great day out, so I decided to go for a stroll in Victoria Park after a late lunch before I headed back to the office. When I got to the park two police officers were cuffing a young guy on a bike. I gathered from people chatting nearby by that he’d punched some older guy in the head and at some point the police had been called.

It wasn’t as dramatic as the arrest three weeks or so ago where two officers with their guns drawn forced a guy on to the pavement on the Scarth Street Mall one afternoon and took an eight-inch blade off him. But I’m sure with the weather warming up there’ll be plenty more opportunities for me to get my real-life Cops fix in the months to come (as always, you can click the photo to enlarge).

Duct Tape Chic

Breezeway (Duct Tape)Famous Canadian handyman Red Green has long championed duct tape as a marvelous invention capable of repairing practically any calamity that a person might encounter. For about three years now it’s proven its worth in Scarth Street Mall breezeway, where its been used in three or four locations to patch areas of the floor that have become ripped and torn (see another example after the jump, and feel free to click to enlarge).

Considering that the floor’s almost two decades old, it’s held up remarkably well. Yes, when it’s wet from people tracking in snow in the winter or rain in the summer, the worn pebble does make the floor treacherous to walk on — especially in spots where the floor slopes a fair bit. But the duct tape at least limits the possibility of people tripping on an exposed seam or other tear.

As I noted in a previous post, people who live and work along the breezeway have been led to believe that Harvard Developments and the City of Regina are responsible for maintaining the breezeway. Indeed, in November 2012 they were assured by a city official that the city was aware of the breezeway’s deteriorating state and that money had been allocated to refurbish it in the second quarter of 2013.

By my calculation, it’s now the second quarter of 2014 — and so far nothing’s been done. During the course of a typical business day, I imagine several thousand people use the breezeway. So props to the makers of duct tape for all they’ve done to enhance the prospects of them navigating the breezeway safely. Continue reading “Duct Tape Chic”

Plywood Chic

Breezeway (window)I’m not exactly sure what happened to this display case window on the east side  of Scarth Street Mall, but it’s been boarded up like this since before the Grey Cup last November.

There seems to be some confusion about who is responsible for what in the breezeway that runs the length of the block. There are people who live and own businesses along that stretch of Scarth (which is part of the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District), but their understanding is that Harvard Developments and the city have some sort of joint responsibility to maintain the breezeway under an easement arrangement that dates back to the mid-1990s. Although perhaps they’re mistaken in that regard.

Not to take anything away from the current arrangement, understand, as it certainly is a nice piece of plywood.

Disclosure: Greg Beatty lives in the Willoughby & Duncan building on the Scarth St. mall. 

Travellers Building Update

A week or so ago I posted about the historic Travellers Building on 18 block Broad being up for sale. Here’s a link to a proposal by a collective of five young Saskatchewan architects called Open about a possible future use for the building as a permanent home for the Regina Farmers’ Market.

It makes for interesting reading, and you can find out more about Open too.