We Haz Grey Cup! Must Drink! Here’s How!

WE WON ALL THE FOOTBALLZ! Ha ha! Now let’s go find some alcohol! BUT WAIT! It’s mental out there! There are line-ups! Confusion! Pandemonium! What to do? Fear not, for Prairie Dog has advice for this situation in our Unofficial Grey Cup Manual — and I’m reprinting it below so you don’t have to scroll all the way through our whatever-thousand word feature to find it.

LISTEN UP. During the Grey Cup, there will be a massive increase in dining, imbibing and other indulging. The local establishments will do their part to keep the town fed and watered, but don’t forget: THIS IS A TWO WAY STREET. There are rules, guidelines and things you just need to keep in mind. Such as:

1.) PLEASE BE PATIENT If you waited in line to get in, then the place is packed. The staff are working their butts off so you can get in and out. WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS. Large parties and big groups; be understanding. You may wait longer for seating, you may not  all be able to sit together, and you may not receive separate checks. I’m sorry.

2.) ALWAYS HAVE YOUR ID ON YOU Wedding rings, facial hair, a sense of entitlement, etc. do not count as government issued identification, and are not going to get you served alcohol. Don’t be surprised or offended when we ask for it.

3.) DON’T BE A JERK WHEN YOU SIT DOWN Pick a table that is appropriately sized to accommodate your party. Two people at a table for 10 is selfish and ignorant.

4.) HOLLERING DON’T DO IT! No whistling, no snapping, no grabbing, no sexual harassment, and no my name is not “Bro” or “Babe”.

5.) WHAAAT DO YOU WAAANT??? Know your order. Feel free to ask questions, but have some sort of idea what you want. I am not telepathic, and I probably have a lot of other tables to get to.

6.) ANTICIPATE YOUR NEEDS Order rounds of drinks, not just one at a time. If the server is at the table and you will need a drink in the next 10 minutes, order. Avoid over-complicating your order.

7.) CASH IS KING Always have cash or be prepared to throw down a card for that tab. NO DEBIT AT THE BAR!

8.) TIPPING Industry average is 20 per cent. There are a slew of folks (cooks, bartenders, bussers, hosts, dishwashers) that get a portion of this tip. Good service should be rewarded — and so will good tipping. WINK! No, not that kind of wink, you idiot. Don’t be gross.

9.) BE NICE, GOD DAMMIT All jokes aside, the nicer you are to a server, the better your service will be. If a server likes you, strings can be pulled. It’s not all about money… being polite gets you a long way. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. With all that in mind, have fun. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive. Tip your cabby. Peace.

This concerned message was brought yoby two anonymous local servers.

In conclusion, woooooooooooooo!

Pick Of The Day: Paaaarrrtty!!!

Not since the Juno Awards last April has there been a Saturday like that which is about to unfold in Regina. You can get up to speed on all the Grey Cup stuff that’s planned by checking out s. 4.2 of our Grey Cup Party Guide. In addition to all those events, there’s innumerable parties happening at various bars and clubs in town.

Kick off for the Grey Cup isn’t until 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, so even if you go overboard a bit you should have time to recover before the game. Hopefully, though, no matter how much revelry everyone engages in, you’ll all behave yourselves and be respectful of each other so that everyone has a great time and gets home safe.

To help everyone get their party muscles loosened up for tonight here’s a video by Regina hip hop artist Def 3 called “Life Ain’t Fare”. Tonight, he’ll be performing at O’Hanlon’s just down the street from all the shenanigans on City Square Plaza:

If Rob Ford Was Your Brother, You’d Drink, Too

Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford, the brother of cat eating cunning linguist crack smoking drunken Stuporman Mayor Rob Ford, was interviewed just now on CNN. You can see what appears to be a bottle of Grey Goose vodka under his desk.

For reasons best explained by the idiots at WordPress, I can’t directly post the photo the way I could on Facebook. Here’s the link.

In the interest of public security, for the love of God, everyone, we want a safe Regina during the Grey Cup, so cheer your hardest for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday.

Press Kit Of The Day: Life Of Chai

Press Kit (beer-life of chai)
Beer so good that its name could almost be the title of an award-winning book.
All right, Big Rock, so you think you can just drop off two cases of beer and get free publicity out of me? Do you? Well, you’re right — you can. And so:

According to the company’s press release: “Life Of Chai is a complex yet whimsical blend of nine heavenly spices atop a quartet or superlative malts and a perfectly balanced mix of Galena and Willimette hops. Brewmaster Paul wanted each spice to have its say: the smoky, cool cardamom, the sultry yet approachable rose petals, the plucky poke of ginger.”

Between this and Big Rock’s last press kit, Prairie Dog has some serious beer sampling ahead of it. One of our diligent writers will report back on our first hand experiences with these beers soon-ish. Probably. In the meantime, for more information about Life Of Chai, visit Big Rock’s website.

Whataya Know? A Hummer Even A Prairie Dog Writer Can Afford

Whatever people have said about the Hummer as a vehicle or as a status symbol, there may be a real good reason to buy this one:


Alright so here’s the deal, i am selling my 2005 Hummer for parts or repair, its been deemed a total loss through sgi and is repairable. I made the bright decision to get all pissed up one night with some broads down in swift current, it was a night fueled by alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs (LSD). I ended up hitting a meridian while i was swerving for “panda bears” which than sent me flying into a parked vehicle. Cops showed up and had me in cuffs instantly, at this point i was naked with blue and red face painting on along with two other females in the vehicle (they too were naked) No injuries thank god but i had blown 4 times the legal limit. Of course i do not have any insurance to fix this “once beautiful ride” I am making the adult decision to cut my losses and use this money to pay for my rehabilitation center for drugs and alcohol abuse down in beautiful British Columbia.

Pick Of The Day: Queen City Ex

The fair kicks off today and runs until Aug. 4. In addition to the midway rides and fair food (most of it on a stick) feature attractions include Shrek Live, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, Giant Flea Circus and Splash ‘n’ Boots. As far as grandstand performers go, here’s a breakdown: tonight it was supposed to be hip hop artist Classified. But that got cancelled late last week so the indie rock band Walk Off The Earth has stepped in to fill the void. Thursday, Three Days Grace will grace the stage. Friday, it’s a blast from the past with Loverboy. Saturday, the plan is to have Simple Plan entertain the throngs. Then to close the week out, it’s country sensation Rodney Atkins.

For a more detailed take on what will be happening visit the QC Ex website. And to close, here’s the video for Simple Plan’s latest single “Summer Paradise”:

Feast For The Eyes

SpainPeriodically, the Art Gallery of Regina holds a fundraiser in which the food, drink, music and art of a particular city or country is celebrated.

Past sources of inspiration for the fundraiser include New Orleans and New York. The gallery is located in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre at 2420 Elphinstone St., and on June 22 it will be hosting another fundraiser in the series. This time the focus will be on Spain. As far as quality food, drink, music, art and whatnot goes, the country doesn’t exactly have a lot going for it, I know. But hey, it’s for a good cause. So get out there and support the gallery.

Feast For The Eyes goes June 22 from 8-11 p.m. at the gallery. Tickets are $40 advance and $45 at the door. For tickets and and additional information call 306-522-5940.

Exciting Goings-On On 19 Block Scarth!

Ohanlon patio prep-0I was out for a walk on this fine evening. It included a trip to Central Library to revisit Carol Wainio’s excellent exhibition at the Dunlop, a 20-minute bask on one of the benches by the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, and a leisurely stroll up and down Victoria Avenue from Smith St. to Broad and back.

There are still clumps of snow lingering in areas that don’t get exposed to much sunlight, but as I was sitting in Victoria Park I heard the sound of a buzz saw on the eastern edge of the park. When I investigated, I discovered a group of gentlemen hard at work outside O’Hanlon’s Pub and the Copper Kettle Restaurant.

You can find more photos after the jump.

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German Club Memories: Melanie Metcalf

The Regina Folk Festival isn’t only main stage stuff. In addition to that, there’s a year-long concert series, day-time concerts during the weekend itself and, of course, the after parties. Used to be they happened at the Legion but then they switched over to the German Club and have been going hard every since.

I recently asked RFF staffer Melanie Metcalf about her favourite German Club after party memory:

One hasn’t had the full RFF experience until they attend an After Party at the German Club. The German Club provides an intimate atmosphere for the audience while giving the artists room to stretch their performing muscles. Rich Aucoin’s performance at the Friday night After Party in 2012 is one to remember. I had been up since 5 a.m. that day but as soon as I saw him climbing the German Club walls I knew my lack of sleep would be worth it to see this. The audience’s collective voice singing along with the words on the screen and his energy filled the German Club. It was in this moment I knew the RFF did it again. It found the right spot to make a memory that could never be duplicated.

The German Club is having a little trouble at the moment, which we posted about the other day. So, tomorrow night, February 23, they’re holding a benefit. The Lonesome Weekends, the Slim City Pickers and DJ Verbal are all appearing. You should go. More details at the Facebook event.

German Club Memories: Devon Floyd

The Lonesome Weekends have their fare share of drinking songs. Their most recent album, Songs from a Barstool, has “Bottle Brought Us Together”, “Kiss the Bottle” and “Pukin'”, to name a few. It makes sense, then, that they’d come to the aid of the German Club in its hour of need. As previously mentioned, the German Club was robbed and the Weekends are one of the acts playing a benefit this Saturday, February 23 to help them out.

I asked one of their members, Devon Floyd, to give me his favourite memory from the place:

I don’t know if I can nail down a specific memory, but I think it’s the combination of darts, shuffleboard, dead animal heads and that feeling that you can get sloppy drunk and still stay out of trouble that makes the German Club pretty awesome.

Come check out the Weekends and more. See the Facebook event for more information.

German Club Memories: Amy Dakue

Yesterday, we told you about a concert going on this Saturday, February 23 to benefit the German Club. Amy Dakue isn’t a regular bartender there any more, but she stills comes around to help out on occasion. Up to and including helping with the Saturday, February 23 benefit.

I asked Dakue about her favourite memory from the place:

My favourite memories are working some of the Lonesome [Weekends] shows! They draw in such a great crowd: people who know how to walk the line between multiple pints without barfing on the floor.

My other favourite nights are meeting the first timers: stumbling in, blinking out their splotchy vision, wondering if they just hit a time warp and landed back in their parent’s basement circa 1975. I love showing them the ropes and watching their wide-eyed wonder at our magnificent booze selection. And then there are the people discovering a shuffleboard for the first time … precious.

Join Dakue at the German Club benefit. Go to the Facebook event for more information.

Lend The German Club A Hand

Last Friday, an event went up on Facebook for a German Club benefit. Why a benefit? Apparently, they got robbed.

Bryce Van Loosen, a member of the German Club’s Board of Directors, confirms as much. I called him earlier today, and he says they lost close to $3,000 in cash. And that’s not counting the cost of fixing the damage of the mid-January break-in.

They’ve made the building more secure since then, but that doesn’t get back the money they’ve already lost, nor what they lost from an earlier, similar break-in. As bartender Amy Dakue put it in a Facebook message to me, “As we are nonprofit, we don’t have a lot of beans to pass around.”

So that’s why they need a benefit. It’s happening this Saturday, February 23 and door is $10. You’ll get to see the Lonesome Weekends, the Slim City Pickers and DJ Verbal. Best of all, you get to help out a unique piece of Regina’s drinking establishment tapestry.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting people’s favourite memories of the German Club. Check back.

Pick of the Day: Festiv-ale

The Sask Party government earned a few kudos last fall when they proposed loosening some of the truly arcane laws surrounding the production, sale and consumption of alcohol in the province. The legalizing of licensed burlesque shows was a particularly welcome development for those interested in the art form. But when it comes to the encouragement of craft breweries, distilleries and whatnot, there’s still work that needs to be done.

To encourage small start ups, the government taxes them differently than large-scale, mass-market producers of beer, spirits and wine. The problem is, the threshhold to qualify for the lower rate is pretty small. In Alberta, which has a similar program, the threshhold is much higher. That permits start-ups, once they’ve established a presence in the marketplace, to expand production a bit, become more profitable and help generate economic activity outside the the non-renewable resource sector. Here, though, the low threshhold prevents that from happening.

That’s my understanding of the situation, anyway. But there’ll be people at Festiv-ale who will know for sure. So if you’re checking this event out maybe ask around a bit. Festiv-ale is on Conexus Arts Centre Feb. 1-2 from 7-11 p.m. Tickets are $40. Here’s the website

Festive Frolic

No pick of the day today, instead here’s a heads up about a party that’s happening at Creative City Centre (1843 Hamilton St.) on Friday Dec. 7. It’s being hosted by the local printmaking collective Articulate Ink, and included will be music (courtesy of Jeans Boots and Buffalo Narrows), Christmas goodies, a cash bar and other fun activites — like getting to print your own “ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt” and a dance party.

Doors are at 7 p.m., and admission is $15 or $10 with a food bank donation. To get you in a festive mood, here’s video from 2011 of Jeans Boots performing their song “Dark Forces” at a club in Saskatoon:

Post-Apocalyptic Brews Still Safe

Up here in the Queen City, we’re a little far removed from concerns about atomic bombs. But! Preparedness is almost always a good idea. In that spirit, I present this NPR report: “U.S. Explodes Atomic Bombs Near Beers to See If They Are Safe to Drink”.

It’s actually a post on Robert Krulwich’s NPR science blog, Krulwich being one half of the Radiolab hosting team. Specifically, the half that didn’t get a genius grant, but Krulwich is still great.

The experiments in question happened in the mid-1950s and involved exactly what the headline says. Krulwich’s summary of the results: “So here’s your government’s considered advice: Should you find yourself near an atomic blast and run short of potable water, you can chug a Coke or a beer, but don’t expect it to taste great.” Important information.

Kathleen Edwards’ Latest Misfortune

Right off the bat, we’re not talking a Kathleen Edwards cancellation right now. We’ve talked about that in the past, when her sold-out Regina earlier this year had to be postponed thanks to vocal strain. That’s not what we’re chatting about.

Instead, I’d like to briefly mention her bad weekend, where she suffered a wasp sting that sent her into anaphylactic shock. Exclaim! has all the details of what went down. It all sucks.

Hopefully, she has enough time to recover completely by the time her two Queen City show roll around on October 2 and 3. This brings up a good point, though, of some important show etiquette you should observe when going to see this great Ottawa-bred folkster. First, don’t bring anything she might want to yell at excessively. We don’t want to risk those vocal chords again. Second, leave all your stinging insects at home. They won’t feel left out. I promise.

If you’re wondering what to do with your urban beehive if not bring it to a Kathleen Edwards show, why not say “Screw it!” and turn the whole thing into mead? It’s possible.