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St. Patrick’s Day

Along with another activity that we won’t get into here,  checking out live music is one of the popular ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. With most of the SPD-themed gigs that are happening in Regina in the next...

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Beer Bacon Bands

This is the second annual celebration of the three Bs mentioned in the title. The event goes Friday Jan. 29 and Saturday Jan. 30 at Conexus Arts Centre. If you check out the Beer Bacon Bands website you can learn more about all...

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Boxing Day Bashes

Falling on a Saturday and all, there’s probably not too many people who will want to head out to celebrate Boxing Day after the festivities that are about to unfold over the next two days. But on the off chance that you...

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For the past few years, the Art Gallery of Regina has held annual fundraisers tied to different locations such as New York, New Orleans and Spain. Food and other refreshments, entertainment, visual art and decoration are some of...

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Taste Of Spring

This event has been around for a few years now. And in that time the roster of potential exhibitors has grown significantly. No longer is it unusual to find locally sourced producers of wine, spirits, beer and gourmet food...

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As regular Dog Blog readers have known for some months now, and the rest of Prairie Dog readers found out in our Dec. 26 issue (via this cover story), our city hall reporter Paul Dechene is currently in Malta with his family...

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Chicken & Wine

After a hiatus of a year or two this informal lecture series is back for another run. The venue is the Artful Dodger (1631 11th Ave.), and the first Chicken & Wine of the 2014-15 season goes Tuesday Oct. 21 at 8 p.m....

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Feast For The Eyes

Bahamas. Bermuda. Cuba. Jamaica. Aruba. Turks & Caicos. Those are just some of the better known islands in the region known as the Caribbean. Oh, to be there for a month or so in the middle of a typical Regina winter, right?...

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