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Saskatchewan Book Awards

The Saskatchewan Book Awards are creeping up on their 25th anniversary. That won’t happen until 2018, but until then there will be plenty of great literature to celebrate. The 2016 SBAs are being held at Conexus Arts...

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RPL Readers’ Summit

Timed to coincide with the Saskatchewan Book Awards which are being held at Conexus Arts Centre on Saturday April 30, this event features a variety of writers — most of whom are nominated for SBAs. The summit kicks off at...

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Vertigo Series

This monthly reading series with a guest musician goes Monday March 14 at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar. The readers this time are all authors nominated for 2016 Saskatchewan Book Awards (which will be held April 30 at Conexus Arts...

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Banned Books Cafe 3

Held annually to promote the Canadian Charter rights of intellectual freedom and freedom of expression, Freedom to Read Week runs Feb. 21-27 in 2016. To commemorate the week, the Regina Public Library is holding its third annual...

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When I was checking out last Saturday’s Globe & Mail I found a pretty major boo-boo in a weekly column 2014 Giller Prize-winning author Sean Michaels has where he discusses music he’s been listening to lately in...

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Madame Bovary

First published in serialized form in a Paris journal in 1856, Gustave Flaubert’s novel about the wife of a country doctor who engages in all sorts of extra marital shenanigans to escape the banality of her small town life...

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