DA: Stranger Things Goes Upside Down

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Saskatchewan! It’s -16, supposedly going down to -23 tonight. It’s supposed to warm up a lot by Thursday. In case you missed it, the sun came up this morning at 8:23 and hey, check this out: it sets at 6:00 p.m.! We’ve broken the barrier! Spring is almost here!


2. SANCTUARY CITIES Should that be us and if so, what would it mean?

3. HALIFAX POLICE POLITELY PULL OUT OF PRIDE A perceptive and sensitive move given the divisions that’ve erupted over police participation in Pride parades. Still sad, though. I think about the RCMP marchers in Steinbach, Manitoba’s first-ever Pride parade this year—you can’t tell me they didn’t send the right message to community’s bigots. Bringing police into Pride was a historic win for the LGBTQ community. Hopefully the Halifax situation is a “step backward to leap forward” thing.

4. ARKANSAS IS BONKERS Morality-of-convenience Christians get more of their ridiculous, dangerous and medically unsupported abortion restrictions passed.


6. “PATRIOTS WIN, SO EVIL WON” The Patriots are Superbowl champs again. Here’s a column by The Stranger’s Spike Friedman that uses the word “goddamn” nine times in the first three paragraphs. And here’s the trailer for Stranger Things season two, which aired during the game. looks promising.


DOSP.1 WHY DO THEY LIKE THAT ASSHOLE? There’s a good “talking to regular Americans” story on CBC. It’s easy to understand and sympathize with a lot of the frustrations that led to people voting for Donald Trump, although that said, the ignorance is massive. Plus Fox News really fucked America. When Budweiser faces boycotts because it’s not racist, you know that people who want a more civilized country have a lot of work to do.

DOSP.2 KREMLIN DEMANDS AN APOLOGY FROM U.S. MEDIA OUTLET The despicable Bill O’Reilly’s crows come home to roost.


DOSP.4 At least one Patriot won’t be going to the Trump White House.

Happy Birthday To Us!

Daily AggregationGooooood eveniiinnng! We’re getting this in a little before sunset, which lands at 5:53. Current temperature is -11, and it’s supposed to drop to -18 tonight. We’ve been screwing around with this thing’s logo lately. I like Designer Paul’s new one.

1. OLD NEWS Prairie Dog turns 24 today! Feels like… more. Our first issue was published Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1993. Yes, that’s Groundhog Day, yes, that was on purpose. I wasn’t here. I was in Winnipeg. It was a pretty good month. I was at the old Winnipeg Arena to see Teemu Selanne’s four-goal game on Feb. 28. He set the rookie goal-scoring record two games later. That guy.

2. SPEAKING OF GROUNDHOG DAY Climate change ruins everything.

3. MOURNING THE DEAD Huge turnout at the funeral for the victims of a far-right gun nut terrorist in Quebec.

4. SPEAKING OF GUN NUTS Kevin O’Leary needs to work on his timing. Or maybe he has.

5. TRUDEAU BREAKS A PROMISE No electoral reform for you! Really not sure most Canadians want voting reform so I doubt it’ll hurt him politically. Nevertheless, feel free to call your MP, or maybe just Ralph Goodale, since he’s the ultra-Liberal in this province. Goodale’s Ottawa office’s number is 613-947-1153, and his constituency office is 585-2202. Or if you’d rather just read something snarky to help you fume, check out this Andrew Coyne column.

6. FIGHTING FOR LIFE Ignite The Life tackles the Indigenous youth suicide crisis in a two-day Saskatoon conference.

7. CARMICHAEL OUTREACH RE-ZONING CLEARS A HURDLE One more step before the anti-poverty organization can move to a new location on 12th Ave.

8. BEST OF FOOD & DRINK 2017 Our restaurant scene reader poll is back with way more categories than last year’s version. The write-in round is now open! This is your annual chance to rain some positive public attention on your favourite local (and where appropriate, chain) restaurants. Check it out!

Here’s your Daily* Trump report. *DISCLAIMER: Report is not daily.

T1. TRUMP DUMPS ON A CONSERVATIVE ALLY Given how shitty, anti-environmental and generally racist conservative Australian politicians are, I can’t muster outrage when Donald Trump treats the leader of an allied like crap. That said, turning close friends into enemies is not a recipe for political success. THAT said, Trump probably just boosted the approval ratings of an anti-immigrant world leader, and you have to wonder, just a little bit, if that wasn’t part of the plan. My nickel’s on poor impulse control and ego-driven chaos, but ya never know. What do you guys think?




T5. REUTERS TO REPORTERS: TRUMP’S AN AUTHORITARIAN The news outlet briefs reporters on how to cover the Ugnaught-In-Chief.

T6. DIVORCED, MOLEST-Y CHEATER FINDS JESUS? A super-duper profane president wants to help all the lovely “Christian” churches who attack the poor, vulnerable and oft-discriminated against become even more openly political. Learn more about the Johnson Amendment—which Trump wants to “destroy”—here. I look forward to the Satanic Temple’s inevitable mischievous political jujitsu.

T7. TRUMP THREATENS TO REVOKE BERKELEY UNIVERSITY’S FUNDING AFTER A FAR-RIGHT SPEAKER’S CAMPUS TALK WAS CANCELLED This alleged defence of free speech from the guy who signs gag orders on scientists.

T8. SPEAKING OF CENSORING SCIENTISTS Remember Stephen Harper? He pioneered it. Expect Trump will do the same things, but at higher intensity.

Regina’s Best Sushi Restaurant Has Closed

We’ve lost Michi. From Facebook:

To Our Valued Patrons,

Due to a decrease in sales over the past few years, we have decided to close our doors as of June 13th, 2015. We want to thank you for your years of loyalty and patronage, as we have enjoyed being a part of the community for the last 12 years. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Michi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

Well this sucks. I’ve never had sushi in Regina that touched Michi’s. Nothing’s even close. And Mich just won Best Sushi again, too (deservedly). If I’d known Michi was in danger of closing I’d have mobilized support. Hordes of sushi-fanatics would’ve been rallied. Shit. Shit. Shit. Now what? Anyone?

Best Of Food Secrets, Revealed!

On Friday, a reader seemingly unfamiliar with Prairie Dog’s Best-Of reader polls e-mailed us a bunch of questions about the recent Best Of Food & Drink issue. I thought some Dog Blog readers might have similar questions so I’m sharing his letter, along with my attempt to address his concerns. Here it is!

The best of Regina issue has to be one of the best hoots of the year. Do you actually expect anyone to take this nonsense seriously. Why don’t you state how many people voted for each of the so called best. I’m guessing no way since you don’t want anyone to know for example the best Beer Menu, whatever the hell that is and who cares, was named the best based on 2 votes. Both from people who work there.

The best server selected by chickens in the parking lot. How the hell could anyone know the best server in the whole frickin city unless they went to each place. I know and you nobody did this.

How are votes tabulated? Vote online as many times as you want?

C’mon Prairie Dog. Show us the numbers voted on for each best of category Or have you something to hide. Why not, most know it’s a farce already.

Unsigned Reader

Hey Unsigned, thanks for writing! I’m glad you enjoyed Best of Food & Drink 2015! That’s a lot of questions but I’ll try to answer them. Let me know if I miss anything!

1.) “Do you actually expect anyone to take this nonsense seriously.”

Readers can take Best Of Food & Drink any way they want. If they don’t want to take it seriously, that’s fine — it’s a public popularity contest narrated by an obnoxious fictional character. It is a little silly. But a lot of people enjoy it and that’s good enough for us. Besides, the results are useful — they give a valuable, if imperfect, snapshot of Regina’s dining scene. For example, Best Restaurant winner Flip is a great place to eat, but the odds are many Reginans still don’t know about it. Best Of Regina gives Flip, and the entire restaurant scene, more exposure. As a supporter of local businesses, I think that’s worthwhile! Continue reading “Best Of Food Secrets, Revealed!”

The Best Of Food & Drink Final Ballot Is Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

bof2014-bgWhat it says up there! From now until May 1, you can vote for your favourite candidates in 80 categories including Best Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Server and of course the ever-popular Best Place For A Wicked Bender. Everything’s multiple choice, based on your nominations from the last round of voting. Multiple choice = so easy!

So register, vote, log in again and change your votes if you like! And, a bonus: one lucky voter will win $500 in gift certificates to some of these places!

And if you’re a candidate? Promote yourself with these handy graphics and posters!

Let’s do this thing and showcase the always-growing, ever-evolving Regina  drinking and dining scene!

Best Of Food & Drink 2014! It’s on!

Best Of Food 2014 Nomination Round: You Have Less Than Two Days!

Best Of Food 2014 logo

HEY! The Best Of Food 2014 nomination round, a.k.a. B.O.F. round one,  closes Monday at 5:00 p.m., SHARP! That means you’re running out of time to nominate your favourite local restaurants, meals, pubs, industry people and miscellaneous other delightful food-related things!

And you SHOULD nominate delightful food-related things! Because you LIKE food, right? You support local businesses, right? Of course you do! So go here and type in the names of these places, food people and meals you adore!

Yay for Regina restaurants!

You don’t have to fill the whole form out, but if you could hit at least 20 or 30 categories, that’d be great!

The top nominees will go on the multiple choice final ballot, which goes live Thursday. If your favourite place isn’t nominated, it obviously won’t be on the ballot! So make sure it is! Nominate it! Tell your friends to nominate it! Force your family to nominate it! Make the whole world nominate it!

Just nominate it, for goodness’ sake!

And hurry! There are only 32 hours left!

Best Of Food 2014: Nomination Round Ends In One Week!

bof2014What it says up there! You only have until 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 24 to nominate your favourite restaurants, menu items, drinking holes and food industry people for Prairie Dog’s 2014 Best Of Regina poll! If you’re the type of person who likes dining out, and you support local business, you should definitely get on this. Also, there are prizes! Prizes, people!!!

And if you’re the owner or manager of a worthy restaurant, you should campaign for nomination — if you don’t promote yourself, and no one else promotes you, you won’t get on the final ballot!

We’ve even made it easy for restaurant owners, managers and anyone else interested in promoting Regina’s dining scene — you can download social media logos here.

So there you go! One more week! Git a-nominating!

Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!

nominate-me-200Hello, fellow food fans! Best of Food’s first-ever nomination round is open and Prairie Dog needs you to vote for your favourite Regina restaurants, menu items, places to drink and food industry people. Between three and five of the top vote-getters in every category will go on to the final round, so if you like a place, support it!

Cast your nomination votes here!

Any questions? Yes, you in the plastic “Spider-Man” bib:

I don’t understand any of this. What’s this nomination round?

Sigh. Okay, you know how the NHL has a regular season and the playoffs? This is the regular season. The top vote getters will go on to the Best Of Food  playoffs.

Okay, I sort of get that. How do we do this again?

Click here and all will be explained. It’s fun and easy! Continue reading “Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!”

Last Chance To Vote In Best Of Food!

Best of Food 2013Today is the last day you can vote in Best of Food 2013. If you haven’t voted yet, you should for several important reasons: 1.) On voter will win $500 in gift certificates to Regina restaurants, and the odds of winning are not insane. 2.) The more votes, the more meaningful the results! 3.) Restaurants and dining out are an important part of civilization and by voting in this poll, we honour this mighty truth. 4.) While I’m typing this, someone is voting McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish the Best Seafood. You’ve gotta stop them! With your democracy powers! 5.) THERE IS A PRIZE! DID I MENTION THE PRIZE? THERE IS A $500 PRIZE!

Polls close at NOON (-ish)! So vote!

Best Of Food: Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Yum

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for Prairie Dog’s (amazing, awesome, annual) Best Of Food reader’s poll! I’m so excited that I’m showcasing one category every day until voting ends! Today the spotlight is on one of my favourite categories: Best Basic Breakfast!

Everyone loves a good, basic breakfast! You know who doesn’t? Me neither! People who hate puppies maybe? Screw them! Puppies rock! And so does breakfast!* Eggs, toast, bacon,** hash browns, pancakes, waffles, juice, maybe a fruit cup on the side and stuff like that!

But what place served Regina’s Best Basic Breakfast over the last year? Was it a restaurant? A hotel? A pub? A diner? Whaaaaat? Everyone needs to know! So vote here! The polls close Tuesday!


*IMPORTANT: Puppies = Rock,  Breakfast = Rock,  but Breakfast ≠ Puppies

**Tomatoes can often be substituted!

Best Of Food: Coffeeeeeeeee!

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for Prairie Dog’s awesome and annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! I’m so excited that I’m showcasing one category every day until voting ends on Tuesday! Today’s spotlight: Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Two things about plain old coffee: first, if it’s good, it’s not plain. We’re only calling it “plain old coffee” to mark the difference between drip/French press/other basic brewing methods and fancy-schmancy coffees like cafe au lait, espresso, etc.* Regardless, if it’s a mug of tar that tastes like bug shit, it’s not the plain old coffee we’re talking about. Don’t vote for it.**

Second, I just noticed that if you mistype “plain”, you get “Palin”. I don’t know what kind of coffee Sarah Palin brews but it probably tastes like moose piss and sadness.

Anyway, coffee is one of the greatest things ever (along with good sex, ice cream, unicorns and exquisitely-crafted Hollywood blockbusters) and it should be on everyone’s top 10 list of reasons to not jump off a bridge. And when you vote for the best coffee in the 2013 Best Of Regina, you’re helping guide Prairie Dog readers (and their less-civilized friends and relatives who aren’t Prairie Dog readers) to sublime, nay, numinous caffeine-based taste experiences. And that’s a good thing!

So go here and vote for Regina’s Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Coffee - by Puty

*Which you can vote for under Best Fancy-Schmancy Coffee, in fact!

**Or drink it!

Best Of Food: Deep Fried Kraken

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! And I’m so excited I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next Tuesday.

Today’s spotlight: Best Calamari!

I love tentacles!* And you know what has delicious tentacles? Squid! You probably did know that, because the planet’s tastiest cephalopod is served battered and deep-fried all over this town. But kraken craving citizens need to know: where’s the best calamari in Regina? Is it at chain steakhouses? Some local pub? An Asian eatery? An upscale bistro? Yanked straight from Wascana Lake and flash-fried to perfection on its mighty shores by a sketchy dude in a rusty Airstream? Only Prairie Dog readers know the answer to this question upon which the fate of thousands of tentacle-tickled tummies turns. So go here and vote! You have until noon on Tuesday, April 30.

Squid - by Puty

*Squid only have two tentacles: the long things with spade-shaped ends. The rest are just arms. scrumptious, suction-cup-covered arms.

Best Of Food: Give Me Kimchi Or Give Me Death

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! Pick up a copy of the latest ‘Dog for a list of the categories, or just head here to vote for your favourite restaurants, meals, bars and pubs, and food people right now! The more votes we get, the more fun and meaningful the results will be.

I’m so excited about Best Of Food 2013 that I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next week. Today’s spotlight is a new category in 2013: Best Korean Restaurant!

Who would’ve thought that in 2013 we’d have enough Korean restaurants, and restaurants serving Korean dishes, to justify a vote for the best one? Not I! And yet here we are: we’ve got, that I’m aware of, Korea House, Life Is Good Korean BBQ, Orange Izakaya, Sake and Miso all either dedicated to Korean cuisine or at least serving some great dishes (there’s a Korean salad at Miso that’s pretty darn yummy). So if you crave bibimbap (who doesn’t?) or lust for kimchi (I do!), Regina now has you functionally covered.

And yet, we must know: what is Regina’s Best Korean Restaurant? Go forth and vote!

Best Of Food 2013: A Vote For Potatoes Is A Vote for Breakfast

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! Pick up a copy of the latest ‘Dog for a list of the categories, or just head here to vote for your favourite restaurants, meals, bars and pubs, and food people right now! The more votes we get, the more fun and meaningful the results will be.

I’m so excited about Best Of Food 2013 that I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next week. Today’s spotlight: Best Hash Browns.

I love hash browns! These fried breakfast friends are so delicious! True hash browns are a fried-up pile of shredded (hashed) potatoes but the term also applies to fried chunky potatoes, fried cubed potatoes, deep-friend potato patties and pre-formed fried heart attack nuggets. They’re salted, seasoned and often have fired fried onions mixed in. Yum! Hooray for hash browns!

What restaurant served Regina’s best hash browns over the last 12 months? What place has the hash browns you’d want to feed your sexy, potato-loving  breakfast date? Let everyone know by voting in Best Of Food 2013!

(And if you don’t give a hoot about hash browns you should still vote, because s0meone’s going to win $500 in gift certificates to some of Regina’s best restaurants. It might as well be you!)

Not To Be A Nag Or Anything, But…

Have you voted in Best Of Food yet? The poll closes Friday at noon. It’s fun and you should do it, unless you hate food. Also, there’s a decent bribe: one lucky Best Of Fooder will win $500 worth of Regina food and restaurant-related prizes. In the past we’ve given out gift certificates to restaurants like Michi, The Fireside, La Bodega, the Free House… good stuff, people, good stuff. You want a shot at this action, trust me. Vote!

Best Of Food: Polls Are Now Open!

It’s March and that means three very important things: Spring is almost here, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and prairie dog’s Best Of Food is back! Click here or on the rectangular red rectangle at the top of the page to go to the ballot (you’ll have to log in or set up an account, which is easy to do). Scroll down, read the categories, think about the food industry people and places you like and, when you’re ready, vote! But DON’T RUSH, because there are no do-overs once you hit “submit”!

But don’t put it off forever, either — you don’t want to miss out on a chance to win a prize worth $500. No you don’t.

(I’ve heard rumours there might be surprise bonus prizes awarded  over the next three weeks, too — so make sure you’re registered!).

Best Of Food! It’s back! Have fun! Enjoy the democracy! Voting ends at noon March 23.