Daily Aggregation: WolfCop!

daily-aggregation-21. FEDERAL CONSERVATIVES BACKTRACK ON THE “STEAL THE ELECTION” ACT Breaking news as I’m typing this: the Harper government is reversing itself on its very controversial election reform legislation that basically everyone screamed was a blatant attempt to suppress the votes of people unlikely to vote for Conservatives. This is big news and good news.

2. HOW ABOUT THAT TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKER STUFF? As you all probably heard late yesterday, the program has been suspended for restaurants, including fast food outlets like McDonald’s and a Weyburn restaurant that’s now being investigated for abusing the program. The restaurant in Weyburn that made national news. McDonald’s CEO called this controversy “bullshit”, and business lobby groups have defended the program and warned that its loss will harm the restaurant industry. The truth of the matter is, restaurants don’t pay Canadian workers enough to ensure they have a loyal, stable workforce, and the TFW program was a way for them to continue to pay substandard wages. The program also apparently increased unemployment in Western Canada. Also, John Gormley has a column that’s worth a read on the topic. Yes, really. Let’s not use this problem to bash foreign workers.

3. THE PROVINCE THAT WHINES THE MOST ABOUT GUN CONTROL HAS THE MOST GUN-RELATED VIOLENCE To paraphrase the great Pogowe have met the enemy and they is us.

4. KISS SENATE REFORM GOODBYE Canada’s Supreme Court says the federal government can’t abolish the Senate unless all of Canada’s provinces agree. More here.

5. UKRAINE: BRING ON THE INTERNATIONAL INCIDENTS Militants kidnap military observers. Great. Germany and the G7 is not happy.

6. DEATH, DEATH, DEATH Bombs in Iraq, air strikes in Syria, floods in Afghanistan.



9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCIENCE CENTRE! An excellent Regina, nay, provincial institution turns 25. The Leader-Post has photos.

10. NEW WOLFCOP TRAILER! I’m biased, but… this looks objectively good. Should be a dirty, gory, hairy hoot! Can’t wait!

Daily Aggregation: Meerkats!

daily-aggregation-21. THEY’S TAKIN’ OUR JAAAAWBS! CBC reports that the Weyburn restaurant Brothers Classic Grill and Pizza fired its staff and brought in a bunch of temporary foreign workers. If the program’s effect is to suppress wages across the economy (and it sure looks like it is), maybe it’s time to shut it down. Plus it’s ridiculous to bring immigrants to Canada and not give them a path to citizenship.

2. “MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED UP WITH THE STATUS QUO.” Protesters across the country demonstrated against marijuana prohibition yesterday. Here’s a story on the local rally. Hey, did you read our epic 420 feature? Right here.

3. DON’T LIKE THE ANSWERS? STOP ASKING THE QUESTIONS! The Conservatives remain really bad at dealing with information they don’t like. The problem this time? Their Canada’s Economic Action Plan propaganda advertising.

4. NEWFOUNDLAND’S LIKELY NEXT PREMIER IS ANTI-CHOICE Yuh huh. Take a wild guess what political party Frank Coleman belongs to. Go on.

5. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS IN REGINA? Because developers think bricks create socialism, is my theory. Anyway, a group of young architects who will soon have their spirits broken by the awfulness and lack of imagination of Regina’s powers-that-be have a great suggestion for the Traveller’s Building. Here’s the L-P story, and here’s their blog.


7. SYRIANS WILL HEAD TO THE POLLS ON JUNE 3 And I’m sure it will be a totally legitimate election. After all, the current Syrian regime has proven itself responsible, competent and committed to the well-being of Syrians.

8. UKRAINE: BREAKING TREATIES? Russia says it is. And we all know Russia is a credible nation.


10. MEB KEFLEZIGHI WON THE BOSTON MARATHON AND ALONG THE WAY HE WON OUR HEARTS I’m not sure that last part is true. Then again, how could Meb Keflezighi not win our hearts? Anyway, story here.

I SAID MEERKATS! MEEEEEERKAAAAATS!!! I want to lie on the ground and be swarmed by them and die in perfect bliss, and after watching Will Burrad-Lucas’ video you will want that too.

Daily Aggregation Double-Shot Featuring Friday Afternoon Kitty!

daily-aggregation-21. THE EVIL HAS LANDED Peter LaBarbera of the crackpot organization/designated hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has, after initially being blocked from entering Canada, been permitted to bring his abominable, crazy and anachronistic ideas into our country. Yes, LaBarbera will speak at a crackpot, fundamentalist Christian convention in Weyburn this weekend. He wants a “civil debate” about stripping rights away from people because he has a religious objection to their sexual orientation. Uh huh. You know what? I’m okay with this. While the initial decision to bar LaBarbera’s entry is defensible on the grounds that his insane, unfactual ideas promote hatred against and discrimination toward an identifiable minority group that has been and still is targeted for violence, it’s kind of great for sane people to be able to see just how loony the conservative religious extremist, antigay and anti-abortion really movements are. By all means, give the anal-sex-obsessed conservative the microphone and let him hang himself. At this point in history, the LGBT movement and its allies (ahem!) are strong enough to counter such stupidity.

Might be more on the blog on this topic this weekend.

2. STANDARDIZED TESTING IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD The Saskatchewan government listened to critics who brought their expertise to bear against this plan. Good for the government! [salutes]

3. “GIVE UKRAINE MONEY”: U.S.A. What it says.

4. A STATE FUNERAL FOR JIM FLAHERTY Story here. Read some compassionate thoughts on Flaherty and his legacy by people who think his politics stunk here and here. Though he was probably among the best of a bad lot in our horrible federal government, I’ll let the bankers and Bay Streeters mourn him. I’m busy sympathizing with the 600 CBCers who’ll lose their jobs thanks to his 2012 budget.

5. FRESH ‘N’ SWEET TELEVISION A well-reviewed downtown awesomesauce restaurant is on the Food Network tonight!

6. RYAN SMYTH RETIRES A beloved, awesome NHLer and a real old-time hockey lunk (in a good way) hangs up the skates.


FRIDAY AFTERNOON KITTY: BANECAT WILL BREAK YOU! Have a great weekend! Don’t be an ignorant bigot!

Friday Afternoon Licky: First Lick

Yesterday, Jimmy Fallon posted a parody of that clothing commercial posing as a viral video. You know the one: it’s got models kissing each other. Anyway, Fallon’s Tonight Show team made their own version. Except instead of clothes there’s fur, and instead of kissing there’s licking.

Here it is. Have a great weekend!


Weekly Reckoning: Reckon To The Max Edition

weekly-reckoningThis week, there’s no stopping the Weekly Reckoning. It’s totally extreme. It’s taking reckoning TO THE LIMIT.


1. LET’S PRIDE. Saskatchewan flies the pride flag. Way to go. Regina is still not flying the pride flag, because why respect and support human rights unless absolutely given no other choice? This has been written about already on the Dog Blog, but it bears repeating. Oh, and that Leader-Post  currently stands at 84 per cent bigot.

2. COME BACK TO THE iOS, FLAPPY BIRD, FLAPPY BIRD. Flappy Bird, the mobile game that no one can stop playing, is no longer available on Google Play or Apple’s app store. The success of the game has ruined creator Dong Nguyen’s life. So there you go. Sometimes even $50,000 per day in ad revenue isn’t worth it.

3. LET’S PRIDE SOME MORE. There are six out LGBT athletes participating at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, and one of them just won gold. Congratulations, Ireen Wüst of the Netherlands.

3. DANISH CHILDREN TREATED TO LIVE GIRAFFE EXECUTION, DISSECTION. I’m not kidding. This weekend the Copenhagen Zoo killed and dissected Marius, a healthy two-year-old male giraffe, in front of a live audience. The zoo carried out the act in order to prevent inbreeding (apparently Marius’ genes are overrepresented in the captive giraffe population), despite a petition and offers from other zoos to shelter the genetically unremarkable animal. The dissected carcass was then fed to lions – again, in front of an audience. The article contains some fairly graphic images.

THE LAST BEST WORD (SO FAR) ON THE NEAR-FUTURE DYSTOPIAN HELLHOLE KNOWN TO THE WORLD OF SOCHI. See if you can figure out whether these images are Sochi hotel rooms or contemporary art installations (It’s actually not too difficult to figure out which is which, especially since the bizarre hotel pics have been circulating for a few days now, but it’s fun to think of Sochi as a gigantic Russian art piece work that people ended up inhabiting because it was no worse than anywhere else in Russia).


Friday Afternoon Kitty: Cat Engineering 2.0

“The purpose of this presentation is to expand an earlier tutorial for the general public and engineers about cats. These days, cats remain as popular as ever. They have nearly taken over the interwebs and are amongst the most distracting forces of productivity the world has ever seen. Many of of viewers have expressed the joy of bringing a cat into their life, and T.J. has joined the cause by adopting a cat named Sweet William The Furst.”

Much more, including details on Sweet William’s “unique optical anatomy”, below.

More fun from these guys here.

Exciting Times In The World Of Paleontology!

Tiktaalik_BWThere’s a journal out there called Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences. Apparently, it published a paper recently discussing the fossilized remains of a prehistoric fish that scientists discovered at Ellesmere Island in northern Canada in 2004.  The species was Tiktaalik roseae. 2.7 m in length, it looked like a cross between a fish and a crocodile and hunted in shallow fresh-water environments around 375 million years ago.

It was heralded at the time as a significant find — a key bridge in the evolution of land-based animals from the sea. And after six plus years of scientific study it’s turned out to be precisely that.

In fact, the fossil has caused scientists to rethink the process by which the fins of fish type species gradually evolved into the legs necessary to permit movement on land. You can read more on what the scientists found here. But in a nutshell, when they examined the tail-end of the fossil they discovered a pelvic girdle and ball-and-socket hip joint.

Previously, scientists believed that the front fins of fish had developed first enabling the animals to drag themselves out of water and on to land. Now, it looks like the mechanism may have been more of a “rear wheel drive”.

Important Cute Animal News Catch-Up

First up, an adorable, frosty kitty was found under the patio of a Big River couple earlier this week. From CBC:

Warriner thought there might be a porcupine under the deck and was concerned his dogs would mix it up with the animal and get some barbs. So he put the dogs in the garage and when his wife came outside he asked her to go and investigate. Her report was that she saw a “catlike” creature. “So I got the flashlight and went over there,” he said. “It had a big head and it was a cougar.”

Did they kiss it and love it and squeeze it and hug it and name it George, or did they, uh, do the boring, no-fun thing and call wildlife officials to haul it away? Find out here.

IN OTHER CUTE ANIMAL NEWS: That cougar was adorbs but this is DEFINITELY the animal story of the week:

A Manitoba woman has an unusual new pet after a South African scorpion hitched a ride home in her luggage when she returned from a vacation. Theresa Arnott noticed her stowaway — which she has since named Harold — on Monday, shortly after coming back from her Christmas visit to see family in South Africa.

Harold! We love you too! And look! There’s the happy ending to the story.

Hooray for cougars and scorpions! I love animals! And in conclusion: