Catching Up With Regina Music News

Here’s the latest fix for all the rabid remix fans out there: Regina’s own Library Voices recently posted Vancouver artist Teen Daze’s take on “Traveller’s Digest” from the Voices most recent album, Summer of Lust. You can listen to it over here, but don’t go in expecting something lyric heavy. In fact, forget the words thing almost entirely. The most you’ll get from that department is a bit of a sampled line around the 3:30 mark, as far as I heard.

Library Voices have also announced a slew of shows, taking them down to the U.S. and also including a stint supporting Yukon Blonde that will take them through the Riddell Centre Multi-Purpose Room on April 20. It’s not our city’s best venue by any means, but it’s great to hear that Yukon Blonde will be making a stop here in support of their latest full-length, Tiger Talk, coming out on March 20.

Vancouver’s Said the Whale played that room when they came through opening for Tokyo Police Club, but are going some place new next time they’re through. Really new. Not the Creative City Centre or the Artesian, two of venues that have come around in the past while, but the Artful Dodger, a new performance venue/art space/whatever else that’s opening in the warehouse district in the spring. You can take a look at pictures of the space at their website. Forgive them the web design; it looks like they’re really busy right now.

Said the Whale are playing there on April 23, a show that will no doubt include some songs off their new album, Little Mountain, out March 6. Also scheduled to play the Artful Dodger: Rococode on March 29. I’m pretty sure Greg “G-Beat” Beatty will be telling you all about them in his review of their latest album, Guns, Sex and Glory, in tomorrow’s prairie dog.

Finally, Rah Rah’s Erin Passmore is opening for Chic Gamine tonight at the Exchange. It’s part of the Regina Folk Festival Concert Series, which run on time and draw out a big audience, so be punctual if you’re planning on going. Passmore’s gearing up to put out her debut solo release, Downtown EP, late in February. Expect to hear on that from the prairie dog closer to then.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up With Regina Music News”

  1. Understatement of the year (so far): the suggestion that the Multi-Purpose Room in the Riddell Centre is “not our city’s best venue by any means …” Indeed, the facility would be put to better use if it were the designated site of a rigorous game of floor hockey at noon hour, or perhaps a dodge ball tournament during study week. In terms of live music, alas, it is fit only as a meeting place for public discussions on where else to hold a concert. I’ll pass, thanks.

  2. I don’t know, I remember seeing a Weakerthans/Rheostatics show there that still stands out as a memorable, great show. It’s not the Casino Show Lounge–the best sounding room in Regina as of 2006–but then the Weakerthans aren’t exactly, um, a Rod Stewart tribute act.

  3. Good point, Emmet. There’s a lot more pressure on the tribute acts that play the casino, because of higher expectations. In the Multi-Purpose Room, where the none-tribute types hang out, pretty much anything goes, and who’s the wiser?

  4. Exactly. If no one’s ever heard your sings before, how can they know if you play them wrong? The indie rock scene is just one big racket like that. That’s why hipsters are so against getting their songs played on the radio. Could you imagine if one of them accidentally wrote a catchy song? The whole scam would come crashing down!

    In all seriousness, the preview track from the Erin Passmore EP is great. has it for download.

  5. I think I stepped in for a few songs when Social Distortion played the multi-purpose room. It sounded like a roaring game of floor hockey.

  6. That Erin Passmore EP is phenomenal. I don’t know if it will do big things for her but it should.

    I’m sure the Dog will be reviewing it, but more importantly I WILL BE.

    Also, what’s a “Library Voices.”


  7. Last time I checked, 11th Avenue wasn’t in the Warehouse District (location of the Artful Dodger), probably the Core (or is it called Heritage now?). But… the building does indeed look warehouse-y!

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