To help you prepare to vote in the October 24 city election, we once again sent out prairie dog’s Very Serious And Very Incisive Candidate Questionnaire. We asked the people running for council and mayor such hard hitting questions as, “What’s your favourite restaurant?” and “What are you reading lately?” We forced them to pick sides on such heated conflicts as “Vampires vs Werewolves” and “Giant Grasshopper vs. Stegosaurus”. We even let them ask and answer a question of their own devising.

Oh, and we also asked them things like “What’s the most important issue facing the city right now?” and “What was the current council’s biggest mistake?”

Already, several sets of responses have come in and in a few minutes, the first of our Candidate Profiles will start to appear on the blog.

But before they do, a couple notes….

First, these profiles are straight from the candidates and are like 99 per cent unedited. I’ve formatted them for presentation here but I haven’t cleaned up anyone’s spelling or grammar. So, if there’s something wrong in a question, that’s my fault. If it’s in an answer, well, that isn’t.

Second, I’ve disabled comments on the profiles. There will be plenty of posts about the election and if you want to discuss the pros and cons of the various candidates, please do so there.

Third, you may notice that we aren’t really covering the school board races this time around. We agree that this is a Very Bad Thing. Unfortunately, there are just waaaaaaay too many people running for council and mayor this election and too few people at the prairie dog. We’re going to be run ragged just getting everything together on the city hall side of things. Taking on the public and separate school board races, as important as they are, would leave us crazed, shivering wrecks. So, if you’re looking for info on those, you can find candidate profiles for everyone running for trustee on the city’s website.

And that’s it. Expect to see excerpts from these profiles appear in the October 18 print issue of prairie dog. And keep up to date with all our online election coverage by checking out our Regina 2012 City Election page.