Name: Bill Gray

Ward You’re Running In: 5

Current Occupation: Chief Engineer

Voter Information: Tel: 352-1898 or

I was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan in 1954, and my family relocated to Regina in 1969. In 1974, I enlisted in our Canadian Forces (Navy) and served our country. After seeing all I needed to see in the world, I was honourably discharged and I returned to Regina. Now a proud father and grandfather, my immediate family includes my life-partner Laura, my son Nathan, his wife Leah and their daughter, Kennedy (and Levi the dog), my son Sheldon, his wife Michelle and their twins Emerson and Alexa (and Mac the cat). I have been employed at a local linen supply company as Chief Engineer for the past 34 years. First elected to Council in 1985, I am proud to say that I will bring 24 years of municipal experience to serve your expectations from Council.

My partner and I attend and volunteer at Holy Child Roman Catholic Church. I have been a member of the Knights of Columbus for 26 years in Council 8896, and have also been a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles for 7 years. I currently am the Chairperson of the Accessibility Advisory Board for the City of Regina and a Board Member of Regina Thunder Football Club. As a community volunteer, I was elected for a second term as Chairperson of the Queen City Eastview Community Association and one of their representatives on the Central Zone Board.


1. Briefly, why are you running for council?
I have always had a real interest in Civic Politics, and to be completely honest, I have truly missed being a member of Regina City Council because it is the closest political persuasion for influencing the quality of life for residents.

2. What is the single most pressing issue facing Regina? How would you solve it?
I don’t believe that there is only one most pressing issue for Regina. I believe taxation/assessment, traffic and infrastructure are some of the areas that require constant attention from elected officials and civic administration. The only solution to these is to dedicate one’s self to thoroughly exploring all options and making sound decisions in adopting the opportunities that will only make the City of Regina an even greater leader in our country.

3. Imagine the Regina Of The Future that you want to help build. What will it look like?
I truly believe in the vision of Regina and the direction in which we are currently heading. We have to be open and ready to accept opportunities to grow and prosper and not lose sight of the quality of life for our residents. We must continually improve the way we do business and attract businesses that create employment so that we attract families which will allow our developers to continue to build Regina.

4. Beyond immediate concerns like housing, the stadium and infrastructure renewal, what “big idea” project do you want to work on that nobody seems to be talking about?
There is a real need to move ahead by finding solutions for traffic control which, to me, equates to a bypass for the traffic around Regina. Regina also has to expand and enhance public transit. Paratransit must be improved to meet the needs of our disabled and aging community along with addressing the necessities of persons with disabilities by removing and eliminating barriers to access.

5. Name something the last council got right.
Council got a number of things right, but it wouldn’t be in my best interest to acknowledge them because of my current desire to be elected.

6. Now, point out their biggest mistake.
I prefer not to comment on this because that is not the way I run my campaign.

7. What are you reading these days?
Focus on the 90% by Darci Lang. Really helps change one’s perspective to one’s own personal focus on day-to-day things. By focusing on the positive, you do gain a greater appreciation for those things that improve the quality of life for not only yourself but also for others, and it also makes you more receptive to new opportunities that may present themselves.

8. Beyond your residence, do you own any property in Regina or in the immediate area?
Our garage has its own address and tax bill.

* * * * *


1. What is your favourite Regina restaurant?
Perkins Restaurant and Bakery (and soon to be Fortuna when it opens – got to love true Italian pasta).

2. Who is your favourite Regina artist?
Darci Lang as an author and motivational speaker and Jack Semple as a musical influence.

3. What actor would play you in the gritty cable drama, Queen City Hall?
Nick Nolte

4. How would your character die?
I would prefer it happen at a very old age or else while saving a bus full of children.

* * * * *


Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Vampires or Werewolves? Neither

Boxing or Roller Derby? Football

Steak or Sushi? Steak, of course!

Hill Towers or Legislative Building? Legislative Building

Quance Street or Dewdney Avenue? Both

Artesian or Wascana Park Gazebo? Wascana Park Gazebo

Prairie Dog or Richardson Ground Squirrel? Neither…they are both rodents

Giant Grasshopper or Stegosaurus? Stegosaurus

Saskaboom or SaskAdvantage? SaskAdvantage

Bike or Sports Car? Sports Car

Le Macaron or Five Guys? Five Guys

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? The Beatles

* * * * *

BONUS QUESTION: Make up your own question (And answer it, of course!)
Why would the Saskatchewan Roughriders pick a rodent to be their mascot?
Answer: Unfortunate choice on someone’s part. Although the character is funny and gets the crowd going, a football team needs a strong mascot to portray muscle and strength and not a menace to agriculture, sports fields and our parks. (I know, I am a big meanie to a cute little part of the food chain).

* * * * *

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